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SteveAschoolbell is pretty similar15:29
th1amgedmin & SteveA:  Is it reasonable to think that the first phase of the Zope 3 transition -- moving to Zope 3 libs -- will be done by the beginning of March?16:12
mgedminI think it will be done long before that (although I've been known to be too optimistic with my estimates)16:15
th1aOK.  I'm writing up a new roadmap.16:16
th1aHow much work do you think it will be to split off the standalone Zope 3 calendaring component?16:17
mgedminpartially it depends on the scope of the calendaring component16:20
mgedmindo we want it to come with a nice set of default browser views?16:20
th1aI imagine we do if we want people to use it ;-)16:20
mgedminis our limited recurrence model (which is equivalent to mozilla's, palm's, ical's limited recurrence models) enough, or do we need full iCalendar spec support16:20
mgedmindo we need all-day events that we currently don't have16:21
th1aI'm assuming that the goal is first to make available what we've got.16:21
mgedmingood point16:21
th1aThen other people can start adding the missing pieces :-)16:21
mgedminwhat we've got is tied into the core of schooltool, so we need to decide where the split should occurr16:21
mgedmine.g., do we need timetabling in the zope3 calendaring component?16:21
th1aI'd say not.16:22
mgedminI think the timetabling that we have now is very school specific16:22
mgedminiow I agree16:22
th1aSo are we probably looking at a couple weeks work?16:26
mgedminless, I think16:26
mgedminperhaps a week16:26
mgedminbut then again -- I've already said I'm sometimes too optimistic16:27
th1aOK.  I just want to make sure I'm not off by orders of magnitude.16:28
mgedminI strongly suspect that after next week (during which I'll be integrating calendaring to canonical's launchpad) we will have a zope3 calendaring component -- or at least an approximation of one16:32
th1aAh.  Do you expect to be using SchoolTool code in that?16:34
mgedminI think that was the idea16:38
th1aI would imagine.16:38
th1amgedmin:  check this out:
th1aI'm not sure how much is really there yet...17:46
mgedminhow is it licenced?17:46
th1aDoesn't say.17:46
th1aFound out about it here:
th1aIt's not clear if it is official OSAF work or a side project.17:50
mgedminso, how many half-finished ical libraries for python are there now?17:51
th1aI guess at least three, counting ours.17:52
mgedminit would be nice to have just one17:52
SteveA"there can be only one"18:11
SteveAwe should aim to become the canonical calendar library18:11
SteveAwe may have to switch it to the lgpl to achieve this.  I'll talk to mark about this.18:12
SteveAwhat do you think about the licence issues?18:12
th1aI'm in favor of using lgpl in this case.18:12
th1aWill making a standalone Zope 3 library also create in effect a standalone Python library?18:13
th1aOverall, though, I think we need to collaborate with OSAF.18:14
mgedminI think the iCal/vCal parsing/generation bit can be a standalone Python library18:16
mgedminbrowser views will definitely be Zope3-specific18:16
th1aBut we'll be able to release a Zope 3 library and a generic Python library at the same time, right?18:18
mgedminI think so18:20
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SteveAI think we should not be afraid of a dependency on zope.interface19:47
SteveAfor the stand-alone calendaring stuff19:47
th1aThat sounds reasonable.19:47
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bskahanth1a: should all users be able to book resources in SB?21:13
th1aI'm not sure how it works now beyond needing to be a teacher.21:14 in browser21:14
th1aIn SchoolTool, that is.21:14
bskahantests isTeacher21:14
bskahanisTeacher is in schooltool.security21:14
bskahanbasically checks if your in the group managers or teachers21:15
th1aSo when you actually do the booking it doesn't check anything?21:15
mgedminoriginally only teachers could book resources21:15
mgedminI think that has been changed so that everyone who has write access to a particular resource's calendar can book that resource21:15
th1aThat's what I want.21:15
bskahanmgedmin: I went through and tried to catch the i18n attributes from last nights commit21:16
bskahanthey're not easy enough to find to leave for later21:16
th1aIt is hard for us Americans to get it into our head that there are languages other than English in the world.21:17
mgedminthere are two ways to find untranslated strings:21:17
mgedmin1) just read all .pt files and look for them21:17
bskahanthat's what I was doing21:18
th1aDespite the fact that most of the people in my neighborhood don't speak English as their first language.21:18
mgedmin2) build a fake .po file with msgen + msgfilter that adds, say, brackets around all strings, then try to use schoolbell with that .po file and watch out for strings that are not bracketed21:18
bskahanmgedmin: thanks21:18
bskahanthats much better21:18
bskahanth1a: live in a latin american neighborhood?21:19
th1aMostly Dominican.21:19
bskahanwhen I lived around DC I always lived in Salvadoran and Caribean neighborhoods21:20
bskahanbaltimore has a much smaller and more concentrated imigrant population21:20
th1aThere are also lots of West African immigrants.  Liberian, etc.21:20
th1aBaltimore is more like Pittsburgh.  Not many immigrants because nobody has wanted to move there for forty years.21:21
bskahanyeah, exactly21:21
bskahangoing to get some coffee, back online shortly21:22
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