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th1atvon|x31: Hi.21:05
tvon|x31th1a: howdy21:06
th1aDo we need to make more changes/clarifications to the work plan?21:06
tvon|x31I don't think so, let me read it over one more time21:08
tvon|x31It looks good21:14
tvon|x31one q: do we need to maintain compatability with schooltool in the codebase prior to the schoolbell release?21:14
th1aIn what sense?21:15
tvon|x31should schooltool be runnable and completely functional off of the same codebase as this schoolbell work21:15
tvon|x31then we'll make a schoolbell-0.9-ui branch for this work21:16
tvon|x31after this release we can merge the ui changes into schooltool and make things work together again21:16
tvon|x31Does that sound right?21:16
th1aThis is _just_ a SchoolBell release.  But ideally the only difference between SchoolTool and SchoolBell is page templates, in the medium-term.21:16
th1aAre you guys going to get a start on this today?21:17
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th1aGood.  Are you going to start with the calendar layout?21:17
tvon|x31We'll start by rewriting the main page macro and move to the main calendar views from there21:19
th1aWhat will the main page macro do?21:19
tvon|x31restructure the page divs/classes/whatnot21:20
tvon|x31it will provide a left column for navigation as well21:20
th1aSo you mean the main page macro is the top bar and side navigation?21:21
bskahan_it provides the space for the calendar boxes - legend, month cal, etc21:21
th1aOK.  Right.21:21
tvon|x31Creating the schoolbell-ui branch...21:24
tvon|x31th1a: What browsers are we targetting?21:49
th1aWe're not worrying about Netscape 4.21:49
tvon|x31okay, good21:49
th1aYou can assume a recent browser.21:49
th1aBut this should work on IE.21:49
tvon|x31Okay, cool21:52
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tvon|x31th1a: Can you send me the Gimp XCF for the site logo?22:57
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