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mgedminth1a: I just emailed you our proposal for the zope 3 transition phase 122:14
th1aDoes this take into account what you expect to be doing in Spain?22:15
mgedminin a way22:16
th1aI know you don't know exactly what you're going to be doing.22:17
mgedminit takes into account that next week I will not be able to work on what is included in our proposal22:17
mgedminhowever I hope that my next week's work will be useful in the longer run22:17
mgedminfor the separation of calendaring into a standalone library 22:18
th1aOK.  If there ends up being some overlap with this contract we'll have to make adjustments, so Mark doesn't pay you twice for the same work.22:18
th1aI haven't looked at what you sent yet, so that may be irrelevant...22:19
mgedminI think that overlap is very unlikely, but I don't know exactly what I will be working on22:20
mgedminI think that I will extract the calendaring parts from schooltool/schoolbell and make them into a library usable by launchpad22:20
mgedminand if there is enough time, I will also remove those bits from schooltool and make them use that library22:21
mgedminbut I do not know if there will be enough time22:21
mgedminit might be that launchpad needs features that are not present in schooltool's calendaring now22:21
mgedmin(e.g. all day events)22:21
mgedminso I might have to work on those instead22:21
th1aSure.  I imagine it will be useful one way or another.22:28
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