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th1aHere is my attempt at explaining and arguing for our basic platform decisions --
mgedminstbanner.jpg is not wide enough for 1024x76819:13
th1aYeah.  I guess there is a CSS trick I can use to extend it dynamically.19:14
mgedminI think you want another 1-pixel wide image repeated horizontally to fill up the extra space19:15
mgedminI do not think you can do that purely with CSS only19:15
th1aA friend of mine was explaining it to me, but I wasn't completely following him at the time.19:16
th1aI guess I can just make it wider.19:16
th1aBut yeah, it was a repeating 1 pixel image in the background.19:17
mgedminthe current design has a repeating 18-pixel wide image19:20
mgedminand the SchoolTool logo is overlayed on top of that in the top-left corner19:21
mgedminanyway, I was going to read the architecture page and got a bit distracted19:21
th1aSo it does.  OK.  I'll figure it out.19:22
mgedminI mean, 'robust' is misspelled in the architecture page19:24
th1aI use it twice, too.19:24
th1aDoes it seem ok overall?  I wanted to explain these decisions to the average PHP/MySQL developer.19:26
mgedminI think so19:36
th1aThanks.  Maybe someday I'll take on component architecture...19:36
mgedminmaybe a link to some explaination about Representative State Transfer would be nice19:37
mgedminto explain what sort of "XML web service" SchoolTool has19:37
th1aYeah.  If not in that paragraph somewhere else.19:37
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algaah, also I see a great need for a doc explaining the whole stuff with groups, persons, relationships, facets, valencies etc.21:36
algawe really made it up, and as Eugene pointed out it's not obvious to an average programmer21:36
algaSteveA had some plans to write an example extension that would explain all that stuff, but it never came to life.21:37
th1aYeah, there are lots more developer docs that need to be written.22:06
th1aWhich I will continue to work on.22:07
th1aBut we really need an example extension.  A "Simple Product" for SchoolTool.22:08
th1aDoes anyone other than SteveA even have a clear idea of how it would work?22:08
SteveAboth albert and marius should be able to do so22:14
th1aOK.  Just checking...22:21
th1aWe'll need to fit that little project in somewhere.22:30
algaonly that is getting less important in the light of our concentration on calendaring22:31
th1aI know.  But while you guys are writing the calendaring app, I want to be putting together the timetabling and assessment bounties.22:32
th1aSo we need to be able to show those folks how they're going to write an extension of SchoolTool.22:32
th1aI should be able to do a lot of work on the docs, but that's one subject I don't know anything about.22:36
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