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th1aGood morning/evening guys.17:24
th1aThere seems to be a weird little corruption in the Plone site.  Specifically a couple of the epoz JavaScript files just seem to have some garbage in the middle of them, which is, not surprisingly, causing them to not work.17:26
th1aEr... wait that one is ok, I think... but it tries to call things which don't work... let me see.17:27
th1aIf you try to edit any page, with epoz turned on for you account, it doesn't appear, and if you're running Mozilla and you call up the JavaScript console, you'll see the errors.17:29
mgedminI have never used Plone before17:30
th1aOr that'll do it.17:30
th1aIt seems to be just flat out corrupted files on the filesystem.17:31
mgedminI see it17:31
th1aWell, or something.17:31
th1aI guess that is right in a quoted attribute.17:31
th1aThat is odd, but it seems to be the source of an error.17:32
mgedminhmm, the epoz_script_widget.js.dtml on the disk seems to be OK17:32
th1aLet me poke around a little more.17:32
mgedminit might be memory corruption17:32
*mgedmin smells a hardware problem17:32
th1aI'll just restart it.17:33
*SteveA groans17:33
th1aDoes this make any sense to you Steve?17:33
SteveAit might mean that a fairly new server needs yet more hardware replacing :(17:33
mgedminI ran a userspace memory testing tool for 2.5 hours without finding anything17:33
mgedminI wish I could run memtest86 without disrupting the server...17:34
SteveAwe could take it down for an evening, if that would help17:34
mgedminI can also run a kernel compile in a loop as suggested in
th1aHm.  Works now, so I guess that fits the memory theory.17:35
mgedminth1a: did you restart plone?17:36
th1aI restarted Zope.17:36
mgedminok, that explains why epoz_script_widget.js is now uncorrupt17:36
th1aIf it is a memory problem.17:37
th1aMy server at school shipped from Dell with a memory problem that could only be detected by memtest86.17:38
th1aOf course it passed all their diagnostics...17:39
mgedminmemtest86 is in the lilo menu on the server17:40
th1aIt appears to be the only way to find errors sometimes.17:46
mgedminkernel compilation is also not bad17:47
mgedminI had the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the GCC Sig11 FAQ17:48
mgedminwhen my desktop had flaky RAM17:48
th1aI've seen that, too.17:50
mgedminth1a: where can I find ATContentTypes?18:03
mgedminso far I've only managed to find the CVS repository and a couple of wiki pages18:03
th1aJust a sec...18:03
mgedminis it not released yet?18:03
th1aI think so.  Let me find it... I should have provided a link.18:03
th1aThis is what Alexander Limi (one of the creators of Plone) suggested to me on IRC...18:05
th1a... and it does appear to be only in CVS.  Well, let's give it a try.18:07
th1aThey're going to be the standard content objects in Plone 2.1, iirc.18:08
mgedminthe INSTALL.txt of ATContentTypes does not look pleasant18:24
th1aYeah, that's true.  I don't know if you want to make an account for me to mess with this myself.18:27
th1aThe alternative is to figure out a system to render the ReST docs into HTML in the filesystem and inject them into the Plone site.18:29
th1aI'm rather hazy on how that works, though.18:29
th1aThey don't really document how it works on
mgedminthere's /usr/bin/rest2html on my system18:31
mgedminit comes from the python-docutils Debian package18:32
th1aYeah.  What we'd need is a script that runs that and puts the results somewhere where Plone will insert them into the pages correctly.18:33
th1aI'll try to figure out the Plone half and get back to you.18:33
th1aHold off on the ATContentTypes stuff then.18:33
mgedminI'm about ready to upgrade Zope from 2.7.0 to 2.7.118:49
mgedminand also upgrade Archetypes, PortalTransforms, and install ATContentTypes18:49
mgedminhowever I am not confident that the site will work after the upgrades18:49
th1aIt is up to you.  I think it will work, though...18:51
th1aBTW, it is 18:52 in Lithuania, right?18:52
th1aI just installed a multi-city clock, but Vilnius wasn't a preset.18:52
th1aI just had to figure out another city in the same zone.  Bucharest seems to work.19:00
mgedminwhy does Zope claim it is an (unreleased version) if I use the source release of 2.7.1?19:03
th1aI don't know.19:03
*mgedmin shrugs19:05
mgedminOK, the ATContentTypes product is installed19:05
mgedminit looks as if nothing is broken on the site19:06
mgedmin(except that I see a 1-pixel wide white border on the right side of the Shuttleworth Foundation logo19:06
th1aCool.  I'll give it a try.  Sorry to put you through that.19:06
mgedminno problem19:07
mgedminIt will probably become useful in the future19:07
th1aIt appears to work...19:07
mgedminI need to become more familiar with plone19:07
mgedminBTW I did not perform the migration from existing CMF Types or CMF Plone Types to AT Content Types19:08
th1aThat's fine.19:08
th1aI'd be afraid to do that without a good reason.19:09
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