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th1aDoes anyone have a problem with having the channel logged for the website?18:14
mgedminI don't18:14
mgedminin fact I'm very happy that you set up a logbot18:14
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th1aCool. If we're happy with how it works perhaps we can move it to a more reliable server.18:15
th1aMine is just behind home DSL -- dynamic IP with port 80 blocked.18:16
mgedminWhy does it say "Timestamps are in GMT/BST"?  I thought BST differs from GMT by 1 hour during summer.18:17
mgedminFri Jul 16 16:17:32 BST 200418:17
mgedminTZ=UTC date18:17
mgedminFri Jul 16 15:17:37 UTC 200418:17
th1aWhat is BST? Baltic Standard Time? British?18:19
th1aI may need to adjust that manually.18:19
th1aIn the template.18:19
th1aHm. I'll check what's up. It appears to be my local time.18:20
th1aI mean, the timestamps match my local time.18:20
mgedminright, I hadn't noticed that18:22
th1aYeah, that's just hardcoded into the template. Fixed.18:26
th1aI felt like yesterday's chat went well enough that we should try to do some more "special guest chats."18:30
th1aI asked Oren Sreebny, who works at the University of Washington, where they seem to have lots of different calendaring stuff going on.18:31
th1aHe's also on an advisory board for Chandler, the open source PIM project that Mitch Kapor started.18:32
th1aI know him from his weblog at
th1aI was thinking of trying to do it next Thursday or the following Monday, same time as yesterday (he's also on the west coast, too).18:33
th1aAny preferences as to day?18:33
mgedminAlbert is now on vacation, he comes back next Wednesday18:33
mgedminI think it would be useful if he could participate as well18:33
th1aI'll see if that works for Oren.18:34
th1aBy the way, in Europe you don't really refer to AM/PM very much, right? It is standard to say, for example, 19:00.18:43
mgedminhonestly I don't know ;)18:45
mgedminin Lithuania we usually say "seven o'clock" or "seven in the evening"18:46
mgedmin(when it is ambiguous)18:46
mgedminbut "nineteen hours" is also universally understood18:46
mgedminwhen writing down dates as numbers I always use 24-hour notation18:47
mgedminbesides, that's what ISO 8601 recommends <wink>18:47
mgedminit just so happens that ISO 8601 matches the traditional Lithuanian order of year/month/day18:48
mgedminonly the separator character is different YYYY-MM-DD instead of YYYY.MM.DD or YYYY MM DD18:48
th1aOK. Just wondering.18:48
th1aI don't want to be too much of an ugly American here.18:49
mgedminI can parse AM/PM times without problems18:51
mgedminbut when you add three different timezones to the mix, then just 07:00 becomes a bit confusing ;)18:52
th1aI'm sure you can :)18:52
mgedminexpecially when there's no chance that I can be up and alive on IRC that early in the morning ;)18:52
th1aYes. I understand.18:55
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