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ChrisWwhat version of SVN you guys using for SchoolTool?15:34
SteveA|Homewhatever is in debian15:35
ChrisWfair enough15:35
ChrisWjust noticed they have 1.0 out now...15:35
SteveA|Homesteve@fridge:~$ apt-cache policy subversion15:36
SteveA|Home  Installed: 1.0.0-115:36
SteveA|Home  Candidate: 1.0.0-115:36
SteveA|Home  Version Table:15:36
SteveA|Home *** 1.0.0-1 015:37
SteveA|Home         80 http://debian.lan unstable/main Packages15:37
SteveA|Home        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status15:37
ChrisWdid you have to upgrade you repository?15:52
SteveA|Homemgedmin or alga did it15:53
ChrisWcan they be physically poked by you to check? ;-)15:53
SteveA|Homethere are 1/4 mile away just now :)15:54
SteveA|Homemy poker doesn't reach that far15:54
SteveA|Homedespite rumours to the contrary...15:54
ChrisWnever mind pregant, she'd be dead if that was the case ;-)15:55
*ChrisW pokes mgedmin15:55
ChrisW. o O ( slacker, probably on a fag break, or pr0n'ing ;-) )15:56
ChrisWoh, you might also be able to help with something else :-)15:56
ChrisWknow of a good way to do producer/consumer lists in twisted?15:56
ChrisWwhere the producer dumps files into a folder, and the consumer opens them and consumes them?15:57
SteveA|HomeI do that, but I didn't use twisted15:57
ChrisWwhat'd you use?15:58
SteveA|HomeLook at the transactional mail stuff in zope315:58
SteveA|Homeuses the maildir locking scheme to do that kind of thing15:58
ChrisWCVS url?15:58
SteveA|Homeno idea further15:58
SteveA|Homegotta go, be in the office in 15 mins15:58
ChrisWokay, but how'd you write the directory watcher so that it doesn't block _and_ doesn't race?15:59
SteveAwhy would it block?16:29
SteveAwhy would it race?16:29
SteveAhave you read about how maildir workd? 16:29
SteveAhave you read about how maildir works? 16:29
ChrisWblock: as in a normal for... next... loop would block the rest of the twisted app16:29
ChrisWrace... a for ... next loop races if there aren't any files in  the dir16:30
ChrisWas for how maildir works: nope, have no idea, where are good docs?16:30
SteveAI poll every N seconds to see if the directory has changed16:30
ChrisW(or is that no longer revelent?)16:30
ChrisW*sigh*, nothing more graceful that that possible with filesystems?16:30
SteveAthere are OS calls and services that let you be notified when a directory changes16:31
*mgedmin wakes up16:31
ChrisWcross-platform wrapping anywhere?16:31
SysTray Integration Plugin unloaded16:31
ChrisWhi marius: did you have to upgrade you svn repositorty to move to 1.0?16:31
ChrisWwas it painmful?16:32
ChrisWphew :-)16:32
*mgedmin makes the mistake of cding to /usr/share/doc in mc16:32
mgedmin"Migrating a repository"16:34
mgedminbasically it's svnadmin dump /path/to/repo > dump.txt16:34
mgedminmv /path/to/repo /path/to/repo.old16:34
mgedminsvnadmin create /path/to/repo16:34
mgedminsvnadmin /path/to/repo < dump.txt16:34
mgedminthat's it16:34
ChrisWthat's gonna be one big fucker of a text file, right?16:35
mgedminok, if you had any hooks/scripts you'll have to copy them manually as well16:35
mgedminthe dump file is not as big as you could expect16:36
mgedminthat, or perhaps it compresses extremely well16:36
ChrisWhehe, I take it it's binary?16:36
mgedminno, it's plain text16:36
mgedminour repo eats 13 megs of disk space16:37
mgedminand gzipped dump file eats 6 megs or so16:37
mgedminok, it gunzips to 38 megs16:38
ChrisWhmmm, that include berkley log files?16:38
ChrisWexlcuding log files, my db folder is 1.81 Mb16:38
ChrisWincluding log giles, it's 170Mb!16:39
ChrisWI wonder how many of those log files I need to keep around...16:39
mgedminyes that includes log files (I assume those are /path/to/repo/db/log.*)16:40
mgedminand they do not take much space here for some reason16:40
ChrisWI wonder why mine are so big?16:41
mgedminmany anonymous checkouts perhaps?16:42
*mgedmin has no idea16:42
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ChrisWho hum, worries for #svn me thinks...16:43
*ChrisW returns to trying to find file access stuff in twisted...16:44
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