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ChrisWdon't suppose you guys are using ZConfig for configuration by any chance?14:26
SteveAindeed we are14:26
ChrisWooo, does that mean you understand it? ;-)14:26
SteveAwe have code and tests14:27
SteveAthat's all :)14:27
ChrisWyou have tests for you config?14:27
ChrisW(config engine, sorry...)14:27
ChrisWI'm lost on what the difference between a section and a multisection is...14:28
ChrisWand the difference between a section, a sectiontype and an abstracttype14:28
ChrisWand lastly, what's "hander" used for?14:28
ChrisWhandler, even...14:29
SteveAI can't remember, even if I knew once14:30
SteveAI can point you at schooltool code14:30
ChrisWFred and Chris aren't as good at documentation as the twisted guys :-S14:31
SteveAi found zconfig ok, but then again, we're not doing anything complex with it14:31
ChrisWI think I may need to do a dynamic equivalent of:14:32
ChrisW<import package="zodb"/>14:32
ChrisWto import config schema's for all available pluggins...14:32
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ChrisWhey, you guys got SVN up under viewcvs anywhere?17:27
ChrisWanonymous svn access?17:27
mgedminwe have anonymous svn access over http/webdav/deltav17:31
mgedminno viewcvs17:31
mgedminyou can use any browser to get the latest revision of any file17:31
ChrisWcan't track changes though ;-)17:32
ChrisWwhere is it, anyway?17:32
ChrisW(doesn't appear to be linked from
SteveAtrack changes?17:32
ChrisWwell, diff files, etc17:33
ChrisW(without having t odrag out a svn checkout...)17:33
SteveAthat's what svn is for17:33
mgedminit is mentioned on, but not directly on for some reason17:34
ChrisWI said without having to drag out a whole svn checkout ;-)17:34
ChrisWviewcvs is good for that, and creating tarball snapshots ;-)17:34
mgedmindoes viewcvs support subversion?17:34
ChrisWpretty sure it does17:35
mgedminPackage: viewcvs17:36
mgedminDepends: python (>= 2.3), python (<< 3), cvs | subversion (>= 0.29)17:36
mgedminSuggests: ..., python2.3-subversion17:36
mgedminI think I'll try to install it on over the weekend17:37
ChrisWbtw, what kind of tests did you write for your configuration code?17:39
ChrisW(well, where can I find them might be a better question :-) )17:39
mgedminclass TestServer17:42
SteveA SteveA|Home Mar 05 17:42:37 <SteveA>class TestServer(RegistriesSetupMixin, unittest.TestCase):17:42
mgedminSteveA: you beat me by 0.5 second17:42
ChrisWooo... schooltool is GPL'ed17:44
ChrisWdidn't know that...17:44
SteveAthere is some longterm plan to use a different licence17:44
SteveAbut noone has gotten around to sorting that out yet17:44
SteveAso GPL it is17:44
ChrisWschooltool is threaded?17:44
SteveAin the same way that Zope is17:44
ChrisWodd... I thought is would have been more twisted-like...17:45
SteveAit uses the zodb17:46
SteveAschooltool uses the zodb17:46
SteveAtwisted generally doesn't 17:46
ChrisWso? apps don't have to be multi-threaded to use ZODB...17:46
SteveAit helps17:46
SteveAwhen you're disk bound17:46
ChrisWhehe, I thought twisted provided all the gubbins to make that not matter...17:46
ChrisWdeferred's and all that...17:47
mgedminyes, as long as your functions do not block17:47
ChrisWwhich functions block?17:47
mgedminwith zodb any attribute access might block17:47
mgedminif you have to unghostify a persistent object with ZEO over the network, say17:47
mgedminthus threads17:48
ChrisWso, ZODb doesn't perform well in a single threaded environment?17:48
SteveAit performs just fine17:48
SteveAjust not concurrently17:48
ChrisWyou know what I mean ;-)17:48
ChrisWso you use the threaded reactor, right?17:48
mgedminI don't know, what is a threaded reactor?17:49
mgedminwe do all the HTTP traffic in a single thread17:49
mgedminthe twisted way17:49
mgedminbut the actual request processing is deferred to separate worker threads17:49
mgedminreactor.callInThread and reactor.callFromThread come in handy17:50
ChrisWtwisted has a threaded reactor, for people who want threading17:50
ChrisWit has lots of big warning about how evil threading is slapped all over it...17:50
ChrisWyou guys not use a reactor then?!17:50
ChrisWand all the reactors support those, right?17:51
mgedminI'm not sure17:53
mgedminthe standard one does17:53
ChrisWyou use twistd?17:53
mgedminafair from reading the docs, all you have to do is call twisted.python.threadable.init() before entering the main reactor loop17:54
mgedminwe do not use twistd17:54
ChrisWhow come?17:54
*mgedmin shrugs17:54
ChrisWwhat's the difference between callFromThread and callInThread?17:55
mgedminthe first one is called in a worker thread asks the main thread to execute a function17:56
mgedminthe second one is called in the main thread and asks a(ny) worker thread to execute a function17:56
ChrisWright, so you do callInThread to chuck out to bits which fiddle with ZODB17:57
ChrisWand callFromThread to do HTTP?17:57
ChrisWbtw, have you seen:17:58
mgedminI do not remember if I have17:59
ChrisWhow come ya don't use that then? ;-)17:59
SteveApatches accepted17:59
mgedminhow is it better than using callInThread/callFromThread?18:01
ChrisWonly the one call18:01
ChrisWI am merely a tortured conduit between #twisted and #schooltool ;-)18:01
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