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*ChrisW pokes Steve16:23
ChrisWyou alive?16:23
ChrisWyou use twisted.web?16:24
SteveAat least, I think so :)16:25
ChrisWany idea what this means:16:26
ChrisWI'm going through the twisted tutorial right now16:26
ChrisWpretty impressed so far, and the syntax highlting in the error message is nice16:26
ChrisWjust not what I want to see ;-)16:26
SteveAthe resource is None16:26
ChrisWyo are a god16:27
ChrisWI think16:27
ChrisWhang on16:27
ChrisWthank you :-)16:27
ChrisWyou are much mroe deft at analysing problems than the twisted people ;-)16:27
SteveAI am still clueless :)16:27
SteveAI just read the traceback back to you16:28
ChrisWand my copy and paste skills leave a LOT to be desired ;-)16:28
SteveAthat doesn't mean I understand it :)16:28
ChrisWwhere did you find the bit that indicate resource is None?16:29
ChrisWaha, I see now16:29
ChrisWwow, so they have a seperate big chunk for each stack frame?16:29
ChrisWor, not stack frame... what are they?16:29
SteveAyeah, stack frame16:30
SteveAthat's what they look like16:30
ChrisWwell, ta for your help, back to the tutorial for me16:31
ChrisWyou have any joy with the Kirrio stuff?16:31
mgedminChrisW: it looks like tha traverse method of a resource somewhere returns None16:32
SteveAno reply from the yet16:32
mgedminit is not supposed to do that16:32
ChrisWah, remember now16:32
ChrisWwas going to say16:32
ChrisWthey only speak french16:32
SteveAdo you have a phone number from kirro?16:32
SteveAdo you speak french?16:33
SteveAJe parle francais un peut16:33
ChrisWNo, but the software's what you care about16:33
ChrisWsame as me16:33
ChrisWlemme see if I can find the number of the woman I spoke to:16:33
SteveAmerci bian16:33
ChrisWphone Tina With-Seidelin16:35
ChrisWher number's in there16:35
ChrisWmarketing manager or some such16:35
ChrisWvery switched on :-)16:35
ChrisWjust cehecked my maps though ,sadly no Lithuania :-S16:36
SteveAthe vectors are available for lithuania16:37
SteveAso it might just be a case of getting them into kirro's format16:37
ChrisWwell, ViaMichelin MapSonic format, but yes16:37
ChrisWKirrio make the hardware and sell the packages16:37
ChrisWViaMichelin do the mapping software16:37
ChrisWBTW, where's the twisted bug tracker?16:38
SteveA#twisted? ;_)16:38
ChrisWhehe, okay, the web based one?16:38
SteveAdidn't find any twisted bugs when we were using it,16:39
ChrisWoh, and I meant to ask you16:39
SteveAjust differences of opinion16:39
ChrisW"were using it"?16:39
ChrisWyou not using it anymore?16:39
SteveAstill using it16:40
SteveAbut that part is done16:40
SteveAno need to develop on it further16:40
ChrisWusing any bits of Zope 2/3 in it yet?16:40
SteveAnot really16:40
SteveAafter the z3 release, we'll probably use components16:40
ChrisWthat's what  Iwas going to ask you16:40
SteveAand use zope's events16:40
ChrisWlooked at twisted's components?16:40
SteveAnot really16:40
SteveAcallable interfaces, right?16:41
ChrisWvery close to what I remember Z3's being like16:41
ChrisWlooks like they grew a bit16:41
SteveAwell, they were forked from an earlier Z3 one16:41
ChrisWthey seem to have interfaces and adapters16:41
ChrisWand some other bit s and pieces16:41
SteveAz3 has / will have some very useful adapter things16:41
SteveAthat I haven't seen elsewhere16:41
SteveAsubscription adapters and partial adapters16:42
SteveAI have a vague plan of doing a Component Programming for Python Programmers talk or tutorial at EP16:42
ChrisWooo, that might be fun16:42
ChrisWhow about at UK python too?16:42
SteveAI won't be there16:43
SteveAI'm somewhat tired of my last several months of travelling -- time to get some actual work done :)16:43
ChrisWgoood point :)16:44
ChrisWcrap, twisted's roundup tracker is fucked16:46
SteveAhey... watch the language16:47
SteveAthis is a "school" channel 16:47
ChrisWoh, sorry...16:47
ChrisWwhere's the language policy advertised? ;-)16:48
SteveAit isn't, you just get expelled16:48
SteveAnowadys, "getting caned" means something different though16:48
SteveAthe viamichelein website knows about vilnius16:51
SteveAhmm, but not to any detail16:52
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ChrisWrighty, back to work for me..17:07
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mgedmina schooltool user experienced a strange problem on winxp17:13
mgedmin__file__ was not defined in and other runnable scripts17:13
mgedminany ideas?17:14
SteveAdo we need to use __file__ ?17:14
mgedminwell, sys.argv[0] would do as well17:17
mgedminthat top-level script inserts the proper source directory into sys.path17:17
mgedminand the proper source directory is discovered via __file__17:17
mgedminI thought __file__ was supposed to be available in all Python scripts since 2.317:18
mgedminthe user saw this problem with Python 2.3.317:18
SteveAthat sounds like a python bug20:03
SteveAnot really related:20:05

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