IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2004-01-16

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-dmwaters-{global notice} hi all! we just lost one of our main eu hubs, which is also the hub where services is, we're looking into the situation currently, and any further information will be given in wallops14:23
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SteveAalga: so, do you want perhaps two 128s if we can't get a 256?14:48
algamm, no14:55
algaI'll get 256 here in that case14:55
SteveAok, 256 or nothing :)14:55
SteveAmgedmin: Jim has an SD card that he no longer needs. Want to buy it from him?14:59
SteveAIt is a 266 MB card, $50 ?14:59
SteveAJim also has a CF wireless card for sale!15:00
*SteveA pings mgedmin and alga15:00
algaI'm working!15:04
*mgedmin wakes up15:04
SteveAI need to go soon, but want to get an answer about jim's stuff15:05
SteveAso we don't buy them twice15:05
mgedminyes yes yes yes yes15:05
algawith a signature!15:05
SteveAwant the CF wireless card too?15:06
algaprobly not15:06
algawe don't have handhelds with CF slots15:07
SteveAI'll leave you to your regularly programmed silence :)15:07
algahow's your trip?15:07
SteveAit is ok15:08
SteveAit has become very cold here now15:08
algais Aiste happy?15:09
SteveAmostly, although getting frustrated with me working at ZC with jim during the day this week15:09
SteveAshe was happy riding some horses. we have photos of the horses15:09
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