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SteveAthat link doesn't work13:56
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SteveAI'm quoting links from the email albert sent13:57
SteveAthat link doesn't work13:57
SteveAI guess it was session based13:57
SteveAthey should use REST13:57
algaSteveA: I just pasted the wiki page13:57
SteveAok. so I want to get Jim to order the batteries today13:57
algaMarius should have sent you a separate email re. batteries13:57
mgedminI did13:57
SteveAoh, ok, I thought that the one latest email was the last word on it13:58
SteveAwhat I was hoping for was a prioritised list of retailers13:58
SteveAso that I don't have to do any searching myself, and just go through the list13:58
algaBasically, we don't care about retailers13:58
SteveAand ask the first "do you have a FOOBARbattery"13:58
SteveAand if they do not, I ask the second etc.13:58
mgedminthe titaniumsomething site had online ordering13:58
algaif that one doesn't work out, just froogle for those batteries13:59
mgedminI assumed Albert had chosen it as the best retailer13:59
algathat one just had both batteries at an acceptable price14:00
SteveAso, I'll try the one14:00
algayes, please14:00
SteveAbut, I don't want to froogle for them. that's your job.14:00
algabut all shops seem alike to me14:01
SteveAso, I'll tell you if titan doesn't have them14:01
algaI'll look for an alternative in the meantime14:01
SteveAyes, but it is your responsibility to choose the shop. my job is to try to buy the stuff.14:01
mgedmin(just a thought: perhaps people who live there know of a good local place to get these things -- although laptop batteries are not exactly a popular commodity I guess)14:02
SteveAAre the batteries made by IBM?14:04
mgedminI got the impression that the batteries offered by are made by a third party, but are compatible14:04
SteveAso that one?14:07
mgedminthat was the link I sent you, yes14:08
SteveAthat's a good price14:08
SteveAthat also14:08
SteveAis the other battery on titannotebok?14:09
SteveAthe easiest thing is if I can order all of the stuff from titannotebook. is that possible?14:09
mgedmindo you mean by "the other battery"?14:10
SteveAok, so are you both happy if I get jim to order those three things?14:10
SteveAthe flash memory etc. can come from a retailer14:11
mgedminI'm happy14:12
SteveAok, we'll do that14:12
SteveABM ThinkPad X20 Series Li-ion Battery14:13
SteveA#TTN-BATIBTPX   $91.00 USD14:13
SteveADigital Camera Li-ion Battery for Cannon NB-1L/1LH (black)14:13
SteveA#TTN-BDCCNS3004   $15.00 USD14:13
SteveAIBM Thinkpad T/T20 Series Li-ion Battery14:13
SteveA$63.00 USD14:13
SteveAThat will be the order14:13
SteveAlast chance to change your minds! ;-)14:14
alga[I Agree]14:14
SteveAwas it one of each you wanted14:14
SteveAthe only question left is whether they have the goods in stock14:15
algaprobably we want the order cancelled if they don't :)14:16
SteveAoddly, they use paypal as a payment agent14:18
SteveAok, there's a problem14:32
SteveAthe ordering page has no way to specify shipping options14:32
SteveAso it is not possible to order overnight shipping14:32
SteveAI'll need to phone them when they are open, in several hours14:32
mgedminnot very nice of them14:44
mgedminI noticed they have three shipping options: UPS ground, UPS air and UPS 2nd day air14:45
SteveAno way to choose14:56
SteveAI'll phone14:56
SteveAwhat debian package do I use to make USB modules get loaded on plugging them in?15:00
SteveAgot it15:02
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SteveAI had a phone call with mark16:33
SteveAhe is in brisbane, australi16:33
SteveAI'll be talking to him in about 8 hours, tomorrow morning his time16:33
algawe're attacking security17:16
mgedminwe're l33t h4x0rz!17:16
algaw00t w00t17:16
algaSteveA: when are you coming back?17:17
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