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SteveAhello mgedmin16:51
SteveAthe batteries all arrived. they even sent a free crapy mouse17:24
SteveAmgedmin: do you think that voice over ip to the US would be possible to the office?17:54
SteveAaiste is chatting with Rob of ZC17:54
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mgedminI'm skeptic18:01
>alga<<SteveA> the batteries all arrived. they even sent a free crapy mouse18:01
mgedmin<SteveA> mgedmin: do you think that voice over ip to the US would be possible to the office?18:01
mgedmin<SteveA> aiste is chatting with Rob of ZC18:01
algaI've used SpeakFreely fine to Denmark18:02
SteveArob asked, as talking on the phone is a good idea for them18:02
mgedminI remember when we tried to make gnome-meeting work from behind a proxy and failed18:03
algah323 is hard18:03
algabut SF is relatively easy -- just redirect UDP ports18:03
mgedmin(I've heard that 2.6 has a proper conntrack/nat module for h.323)18:04
algaSteveA: we're done with security18:04
alganow only cleanups and more attributes remain18:04
mgedminand packaging18:05
SteveAwhat about upgrading the internet connection for better VOIP??18:06
algaOK, Steve, we've got a minor tech dilemma18:06
algaSteveA: won't help18:07
SteveAwhy not? latency?18:07
algalatency is acceptable now.  Our Internet connection is not an issue.18:07
algasoftware, NAT, and latencies between the continents are18:08
mgedmin(it would probably be nice to experiment a bit with voip when we have time)18:11
algaSteveA: do you think it's acceptable that if one wants to create a person, group, or resource, he'll have to PUT an <object> entity to /persons, /groups, or /resources?18:11
algais it fine not to have different entities <person>, <group> and <resource>18:12
SteveAalga: I think that any way that isn't *stupid* is fine for now19:07
SteveAif it works, and it allows a client to do the thing, and it is documented, then it is fine19:08
SteveAbtw, mark has arranged to pay the final payment while he is away19:08
SteveAwe need to make a good release, then I need to get Thomas in ZA to look at it19:16
SteveAthen Thomas will release payment19:16
SteveA(there's a little paperwork too, of course)19:16
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SteveAalso, I think aiste's sales chat went very well19:25
mgedminI've finished all my exams19:30
mgedminbut there are still a couple of papers I have to write19:31
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