IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2016-09-22

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th1a_hi replaceafill.18:28
replaceafillhey th1a_18:28
th1a_How's it going?18:28
replaceafilli don't know how to answer that question anymore th1a_18:29
replaceafilli mean18:29
replaceafillit feels like "it's just one week left..."18:30
th1a_Well... the only thing you really need to progress on are these reports.18:30
th1a_I would like to have them done.18:30
replaceafillusing your words: i'm not sweating them18:30
replaceafilli know i should18:30
th1a_btw, after that, I think the only thing I'll need from you is consolidating servers.18:31
replaceafillwhat's your plan for that?18:31
th1a_There is no plan yet.18:31
th1a_Consolidate them onto one, presumably.18:31
th1a_Well, and maybe just move onto a web host account.18:32
th1a_Now rather than later.18:32
th1a_I don't want to be hitting you up for things like that in six months.18:33
replaceafilli hope to be recovered in 6 months :/18:33
replaceafillso np there :)18:34
replaceafilland it's not like i'm going to die on sep 30 or something...18:34
replaceafillit's just ST development that brings me down18:34
replaceafillsysadmin stuff looks nice and shiny!18:34
th1a_Well, we can both use the money so I'd appreciate you trying to grind through as much of these reports as you can.18:36
th1a_That's pretty much all of the words of inspiration I have... :-S18:40
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.18:40
replaceafilli know you're not good at that th1a_ ;)18:40
replaceafillthanks th1a_18:40
th1a_ It is definitely late in the game for inspiration.18:41
replaceafilland useless18:41
th1a_Let's CHANGE THE WORLD, replaceafill!18:42
replaceafillwe can't together th1a_ :)18:42
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