IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2016-09-21

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th1a_ hi replaceafill.18:26
replaceafillhey th1a_18:26
th1a_So it is kind of funny working with the various applications we're using to organize this conference.18:27
th1a_How they handle imports, roles, etc.18:27
th1a_They all have their warts.18:27
replaceafillwhat interesting things have you learned so far?18:27
replaceafillhave you started loving spreadsheets? :)18:28
th1a_I got confused yesterday because the scheduling app counts and displays each role a person has as a sort of but not quite different person.18:28
th1a_Like if you search for Douglas, and you're both an "attendee" and "speaker" you come up twice.18:29
th1a_But if you edit either instance, both are updated.18:29
th1a_I mean, it works well overall, but that's a quirk of implementation.18:30
replaceafillis it a custom tool for your org?18:30
th1a_No, it is http://sched.org18:30
th1a_Google contacts import is horrible if you aren't importing from another contact app (i.e., you've just got a spreadsheet).18:31
th1a_Highrise's contact importer is pretty much what we should have implemented in SchoolTool.18:31
th1a_There's a form to assign columns to demographic fields or create new demographic fields.18:32
th1a_Overall, each is good in some ways, bad in others.  Like SchoolTool...18:33
th1a_Sorry I missed you yesterday.18:33
th1a_I was running around.18:33
replaceafilli'm feeling kind of burned anyway18:33
th1a_By non-SchoolTool tasks?18:33
replaceafilleverything i guess18:34
th1a_Yeah, you had a rough weekend.18:34
replaceafillchange everywhere18:34
replaceafilli saw Patty's email18:35
replaceafillthey haven't packed it yet18:35
th1a_Right, yeah.18:35
replaceafillit's 2 GB right now18:36
th1a_Sounded like they weren't *really* ready anyhow.18:36
th1a_OK.  Worth packing then.18:36
replaceafilli was thinking we could just bzip it and send it to them, but they should pack it anyway at some point18:36
th1a_It is possible to trigger that externally if you really wanted to, right?18:36
replaceafillto make it smaller18:36
replaceafillyou mean that we could pack it for them?18:37
th1a_Not that I'm sweating it....18:37
replaceafilli remember there's a pack option in the command line somewhere18:37
replaceafillbut i haven't used it18:37
th1a_at this point, it is a good thing for her to be like "OK, we're DONE. It is packed, go ahead."18:38
replaceafilldo you know who's hosting their new server?18:38
th1a_Probably the Lionlike guy.18:38
th1a_But no, not really.18:38
replaceafillso i have not much to report unfortunately18:40
replaceafilli read a post by Jesse Noller yesterday18:40
replaceafillthat's me right now i guess :/18:40
th1a_Oh, I updated my laptop to 16.04, and now I can't get hardware acceleration to work right, so I finally switched to Xubuntu.18:41
replaceafillis it still alive?18:41
th1a_For old computers, yes.18:41
replaceafilli thought it died some time ago18:41
replaceafillbut it's based on 16.04?18:41
th1a_ Yes.18:41
th1a_My processor is no longer pegged just trying to display a half dozen chromium tabs.18:45
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th1areplaceafill:  Just replied to some interesting queries from Palestine and Iraq.23:28

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