IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2016-08-18

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:48
replaceafillhey th1a18:48
th1aSorry about the delay.18:50
th1aI'm running the script ONE MORE TIME for Glenda...18:52
th1aI wrote the page on the interface guidelines.  I'll need to put the docs on the server.18:53
replaceafillah ok18:53
replaceafilli got stuck on flourish after explaining the basic templates18:53
th1aI put them on the drive for safe keeping.18:54
replaceafillnot sure how to approach the rest18:54
replaceafilli just started explaining pdfs18:54
th1aYou mean, the next step in the whole process?18:54
th1aNext step in PDF reports?18:54
replaceafillwell, it's not "reports"18:54
replaceafillit's more like how a pdf is composed18:54
th1aWhich doc is this?18:55
replaceafillwhere the base template is and what it means18:55
th1aIt is a strange sort of relief to read this page, because the data model stuff is actually straightforward enough that I was starting to wonder why we assume SchoolTool is so hard.19:01
th1aThis kind of thing is where I get lost.19:01
th1aI think the PDF section has to start talking about ReportLab and RML.19:02
th1aDo we have non-RML ReportLab PDF's at this point?19:02
replaceafilli don't think so19:02
replaceafilldid we ever have any?19:03
th1aWell, maybe pre-Stephan!19:03
th1aYeah, because I PoV already had extensive experience with Python ReportLab pdf's.19:04
th1aSo they were comfortable with that, but I thought RML was the way to go.19:04
th1aHoping it would allow PDF's to be at least a bit user-modifiable.19:05
replaceafillcan you restructure the pdf rendering part19:05
replaceafillall i wanted to say was that these templates have rml19:06
replaceafilland that they follow a predefined structure (reportlabs)19:06
replaceafilli really want to reference this doc19:07
replaceafilljust for the title :D19:07
replaceafillthat's how i've felt every time i need to check rml docs ;)19:07
th1aSure, throw that in there.19:07
th1aThis is still using ZPT, right?19:09
th1aSeems better.19:11
th1aOK, keep going with this and I'll continue editing the reports doc.19:12
replaceafillth1a, ping19:28
replaceafillah got disconnected19:28
th1aI have to test these line numbers.19:29
replaceafilland google wasn't saving my changes19:29
replaceafillah ok19:29
th1aOoh, shit.19:29
th1aSo did you lose work?19:29
replaceafillcan't tell19:30
replaceafillhave copied/pasted in a txt just in case19:30
replaceafilleverything is fine19:31
th1aWhat kind of thing is "schooltool.edit?"19:49
th1aIt is a... permission?19:49
th1aDoesn't have a different kind of name.19:50
th1aPermission something?19:50
replaceafillah, hold on19:50
replaceafilliirc and from a first glance it's an adapter19:52
replaceafillwhy do you want to go that low level?19:52
th1aI just wasn't sure of the terminology.19:52
th1aIt is not a "role."19:52
th1aOK, cool.19:52
th1aOne of my monitors temporarily dies in the summer, making writing complex documents slower...19:55
replaceafillyou got me digging ;)19:57
replaceafilland then we have:19:57
replaceafill  <permission id="schooltool.edit" title="Edit Info" />19:57
th1aIncidentally, when you use ... at the beginning of a code block, you need to also explicitly add  .. code-block:: python and only use one colon (not ::).19:57
th1aBefore the block.19:58
replaceafill6 years, and i didn't know we have a schooltool.add permission :S19:58
th1aSo you could call it a permission directive.19:58
th1aI don't think it is necessary though.19:58
replaceafillwell, the directive is <permission ...>19:58
th1aOK, cool.19:59
replaceafillth1a, ok, finished adding all i wanted to say about flourish20:10
replaceafillforms, ajax and tables20:10
replaceafilli stand correct, permissions are utilities :)20:26
replaceafilldamn ZCA!20:27
th1aCan you just stick that image of the report on the drive?20:30
replaceafilli did...?20:30
* replaceafill wonders why th1a keeps calling a folder "drive"...20:31
th1aWell, there are folders all over the place.20:31
th1ain the shared folder on the Google Drive(TM)?20:32
* replaceafill imagines th1a's file explorer with a sidebar access to the google folder somehow20:32
th1aI have that on the mac.20:32
th1aWell, it is just like a regular folder.20:32
th1aI'm sure they have it for Ubuntu too.20:33
replaceafilluntil yesterday i think, i read some news about someone publishing the "definite" one20:33
replaceafillthe existing ones are buggy and CLI only20:33
replaceafillthe best one!20:34
replaceafilli'll need your help on security20:34
replaceafillhow to approach it20:34
th1aOK.  I'm done with the Flourish.  That took some format tweaking.20:35
replaceafillsorry about that20:35
th1aDone with the reports.20:35
replaceafillit'd be nice knowing it beforehand20:35
th1aLet me look at the flourish now.20:35
replaceafilli'll check the format changes to start using them20:35
th1aDid you just add the first paragraph?  Seems clearer.20:35
replaceafillyou did!20:36
th1aAh.  No wonder.  ;-)20:36
replaceafillno wait!20:37
replaceafillah whatever!20:37
replaceafilli'll replay the history of edits ;)20:37
replaceafillth1a, did you test that your code edits work in sphinx?20:37
th1aThat's what I was doing.20:37
replaceafilldid you update any part of the web version?20:38
replaceafillto see how it looks20:38
replaceafillok, so what actually start the block is not the last paragraph, but the code-block directive20:39
replaceafillholy shit!20:40
replaceafilllooks nice20:40
replaceafillif only... :'(20:41
th1aWhat, we'd done this five years ago?20:41
replaceafillmaybe we could have created addittional devs20:42
th1aIt is going quicker than I thought it would.20:42
replaceafilladd image Report with grades? PDF sample report?20:42
th1aBut I can't imagine the other developers dealing with this.20:43
replaceafilli think if we have "time" we should add a gradebook report20:43
th1aWe'll see.20:43
th1aI'm thinking we should wrap this up next week.20:43
replaceafillwhen you estimated "two-weeks" did you mean ~80 hours?20:45
replaceafill(in our last meeting with Ayesha about doc writing)20:45
th1aWell, basically.20:46
th1aThe thing is we can't get stuck with a final coding deathmarch heading up to Sept 31.20:46
th1aThat's obviously not an option on any level.20:47
replaceafillit's not like i'm eager to get back to reports... but this change was definitely a good move for my mental state20:48
th1aOK, Flourish page seems fine to me.20:51
replaceafillhow do you think we should explain "security"?20:53
th1aThe main thing from my point of view is that it is both group and relationship based.20:54
th1aOther than that I can't really explain how it is implemented.20:55
replaceafillcrowd based from my point of view20:55
th1aIt is also both at the view and model level at different times.20:55
replaceafillcrowds was the concept i was going to explain20:55
th1aYou have to start with crowds.20:55
replaceafillah, good point20:55
replaceafillwell, i'll start with crowds20:55
replaceafilland we can take it from there20:55
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h21:32
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replaceafillth1a, crowds part is done22:37
replaceafilllet me know if we should add something else22:37
th1aOK, looking.22:38

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