IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2016-08-17

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th1a_hi replaceafill.18:28
replaceafillhey th1a_18:29
th1a_Had we run into the too many characters in a cell bug with Glenda when you were online yesterday?18:30
th1a_Or did I shield you from that, email-wise?18:30
replaceafilli haven't received any emails from her18:30
replaceafilli mean18:30
th1a_OK, so I added some code to identify which description had a giant chunk of word markup pasted into it.18:31
th1a_Glenda fixed that an a few other problems on her end, and I also took out the code which puts the description in the spreadsheet at all, since they don't use it it is really just bloat.18:33
th1a_task description.18:33
th1a_So you don't have to worry about anything.18:34
replaceafillgood! :)18:34
th1a_I decided I'd better just deal with it since two days earlier I interviewed for a job that is exactly that kind of thing all the time.18:35
th1a_Well, much of the time.18:35
th1a_I had a little "aha" moment just in terms of understanding R and statistical computing tasks.18:35
th1a_This morning, here's the key sentence: "R is designed as an in-memory application: all of the data you work with must be hosted in the RAM of the machine you're running R on."18:36
th1a_That sort of crystallizes the difference in approach.18:36
th1a_Yeah, I'm glad you find that slightly surprising too.  ;-)18:37
replaceafillhow good is your R?18:37
th1a_But really I was stuck on not fully understanding the point.18:38
replaceafilla couple of articles from yesterday in hacker news18:38
replaceafillthe RAM point?18:38
th1a_Well, yea.18:38
th1a_Why deal with a bunch of tables and no database?18:38
th1a_Why were they talking so much about "merging datasets" when we never say that?18:39
th1a_Why not use XML, etc.18:39
replaceafillwhat i learned about R yesterday is that its company was acquired by microsoft :O18:40
th1a_I think I would be more productive in Python Pandas, but if forcing myself to learn the basics in R would make me approach it with the right mindset instead of, say, trying to slip in an object model and why not pickle it while I'm at it.18:42
replaceafillzodb 2.0!18:43
replaceafillwell... 6.0 i guess18:43
th1a_Last point on the topic -- if I had the same problem I had last night -- one errant cell of data -- finding it by running a table through R or Python would have been much quicker than figuring out where to catch it in Justas's model.18:44
replaceafilloh yeah18:45
replaceafillthe way we coded that script is... complicated18:46
replaceafilleven your request yesterday18:46
th1a_Yeah... although at least the complicated parts have worked fine.18:46
replaceafill"can you just turn off the skills sheet"18:46
replaceafillyou need to comment like 10 lines to do that18:46
th1a_All the breakage has been elsewhere in the process.18:47
replaceafillbut it's like a working stone18:47
replaceafillsolid, but the day you need to debug/change it a bit...18:47
replaceafillgood luck18:47
th1a_Yeah, it is not optimal.18:47
th1a_OK, anyhow.18:47
th1a_Do you want to review the report doc?18:48
replaceafilli finished it last night18:48
replaceafillthe branch is up to date and works18:48
replaceafill(until someone breaks it...)18:49
th1a_Ah, cool.18:49
replaceafillthat report basically shows all the logic behind ark's attendance stuff18:49
th1a_I wonder if somewhere -- perhaps right at the beginning of the doc we should say something about ZCML in general.18:49
replaceafillhhmm it depends i guess18:50
th1a_I mean... not a ZCML tutorial, but, like, what kind of things do you do with ZCML in SchoolTool and broadly speaking, why.18:50
replaceafilli think the "Python package structure" may be better for that18:50
th1a_A short paragraph.18:50
replaceafillthere's a "configure.zcml" subsection18:50
replaceafillSchoolTool python packages are “plugged” in the Zope framework machinery through a ``configure.zcml`` file. Sometimes there are more top level ``.zcml`` files included from it.18:51
th1a_Let me look back at that.18:51
th1a_OK, sure, that's what I meant.  That's fine.18:51
replaceafilli actually tried to link some zope docs18:51
replaceafillbut the ones i found are somewhat broken :(18:51
th1a_Let's switch to doc chat.18:52
th1a_OK, back replaceafill.19:53
th1a_Back to the report sample chat?19:55
th1a_Do you see my question there replaceafill?19:58
replaceafillchat is unavailable19:58
replaceafilllet me close the doc19:58
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