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th1ahi replaceafill.18:28
replaceafillhey th1a18:29
th1aDid you make any progress on the bugs... I'm sure it isn't very motivating at this point...18:29
replaceafilli checked the date "issue"18:30
replaceafillit's caused by the unenroll view18:30
replaceafilllet me try to explain...18:30
replaceafillwhen the student is unenrolled they get inactive from their sections/groups18:31
replaceafilland their level, also inactive18:31
replaceafillbut re-enrolled only sets the level and students group membership back18:32
th1aBecause you wouldn't know the stream.18:32
replaceafillbecause we just didn't i guess18:33
replaceafilli mean18:33
replaceafillthere could be a lot of ways of doing it i guess18:33
th1aIt would be another step.18:33
replaceafillactivate everything from the reenroll date, etc18:33
th1aBut basically, adding someone to a stream (and thus sections) is always a different step than enrolling them in the school.18:34
replaceafilli mean, some complex date logic on their old memberships18:34
th1aWell, ok, but it is not part of this feature.18:34
th1aThere is no difference between re-enroll and just enroll.  Does it say "re-enroll" on the link?18:35
th1aSo the answer is that they just need to manually put the person back in the stream.18:35
replaceafilli think so18:36
replaceafillthe streams would fire the handlers to enroll the person back into their sections18:37
th1aYes, I can handle that reply.18:37
replaceafillbut i haven't tested it yet18:37
th1aI don't think it is complicated.18:37
replaceafillthe other "problem"18:37
replaceafillis the reports18:37
replaceafillso, the student is not appearing back in the reports18:37
replaceafillwell, Piyali has reported two different issues18:37
replaceafilli was able to understad the "student not appearing" after being reenrolled18:38
replaceafillit's because the student has been removed from their SECTIONS18:38
replaceafillso, the report thinks they're inactive students18:38
replaceafilleven if their level is set18:39
replaceafillagain, adding the student back to the stream, and assuming the stream is correctly linked to the sections18:39
replaceafillwould fix it18:39
th1aI suspect this whole thing is something Fran might have filtered out.18:39
th1aI can answer these.18:40
replaceafilli think the leave school, come back thing was designed mainly for peas18:40
replaceafillbut now isli and rising have used/tested it18:40
th1aI'm going to say the main thing is that the main use case is not, oh, I pressed the wrong button, undo that.18:41
th1aIt is for a student who has actually left for a potentially longer period of time.18:41
th1aIt is really just one more step anyhow.18:41
replaceafilli think "a" bug is18:43
replaceafillunenrolled should make your streams inactive18:44
replaceafillit doesn't18:44
replaceafillbecause we didn't have streams at the time18:44
replaceafilland the "feature" was never updated18:44
th1aSo, the person isn't added to the sections because there is no stream change event.18:45
th1aAnd they'll have to remove the person from the stream and put them back in.18:45
replaceafillbut let me try that18:46
replaceafillbefore suggesting it18:46
th1aOK, so can you make a change to the unenroll to take them out of the stream.18:46
th1aLet me know when you're settled on that.18:47
replaceafillgive me a moment18:49
replaceafillth1a, no, it won't work18:55
replaceafillremoving the student from the stream and putting them back18:55
replaceafillyeah, sigh18:56
replaceafillthey need to put the student back in their SECTIONs18:56
th1aDo you have any idea why it doesn't work?18:57
replaceafillremember the relationship views have Current and Available tables18:57
replaceafillareas, or whatever18:58
replaceafillthe current assumes "we're removing items"18:58
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replaceafilland available assumes "we're adding items"18:58
th1aThis may be a lower level aspect of relationships than I actually know about, or at least remember.18:58
th1aKeep going.18:59
replaceafillwell, it's like "add this student to this section, when the student is already there"18:59
th1aAh, the stream doesn't know they've been removed?19:00
replaceafillthe view should just update19:00
th1aFrom the sections?19:00
replaceafillthe status19:00
th1aOK... I guess we should fix that?19:00
replaceafillwhen the stream goes through all its sections19:00
replaceafillit first checks the student is not there, before adding them19:00
replaceafillyes, it's a bug19:01
replaceafillbut, this whole thing stinks19:01
th1aWell, I'm not worried about the whole thing.19:01
th1aI think the whole thing is fine, but we have two small bugs.19:01
th1aAs long as I can say "You have to add them back to the stream after you re-enroll" and it works, that's fine.19:02
th1aRe-enroll should *not* try to guess which stream the person belongs in.19:03
replaceafilli guess we could tell Francisco just to add the student back to their sections individually19:04
replaceafilla work around obviously19:04
replaceafillthe student hasn't been removed from their streams (because the other bug)19:04
replaceafillok, i'll file these bugs19:04
th1aI'll send an update.19:05
th1aAnd let you get to it.  It doesn't seem like I'm going to resolve where Dinwiddie is going myself, so I'm just going to email them about our closing and point them to Glenda.19:06
th1aThanks replaceafill.19:06
th1aAll set?19:12
replaceafilli wish i just could drop this shit and leave...19:20
th1aWell, you are going to.19:20
replaceafillsyncing all of this crap this way just doesn't make sense19:20
replaceafilli mean, now!19:20
replaceafillgreat, streams work now (HOPEFULLY!)...19:21
th1aOK, I'll write the email.19:22
replaceafillthere are so many things i hate about all of this19:25
replaceafill(venting time)19:25
replaceafillbut the one i think i hate the most is: me (the developer) has no fucking idea how this should work...19:26
replaceafillthere's no a single blueprint/doc/txt file with a spec about any of this19:26
replaceafillgranted, this was a dumb bug19:27
replaceafill"easy" to track19:27
replaceafillbut it's the same issue over and over19:27
replaceafilli guess we can tell Piyali to try "her issues" in the testing instances now that streams are supposed to work19:28
replaceafillthe issue she raised about the streams list and the gradebook not being the same was caused by the same bug19:29
replaceafill(i think...)19:29
th1aYeah, I mean, we knew this would be a problem without Fran.19:39
th1aOK, so I can tell her to test on the instance, manually adding the person to the stream.19:40
th1aOK, I assume you've tried putting unenrol / re-enrol / re-streaming on the demo instance?19:57
th1aYes, I'll tell them to try it.19:57
replaceafillth1a, hm?19:57
th1aI'm just repeating myself.19:57
replaceafillyou mean if i updated it with the stram bugs fix19:58
replaceafillah ok19:58
replaceafillthe remaining bug is about unenroll not removing streams19:58
replaceafillbut i guess that's not a priority...19:58
th1aOh, uh, well, it depends on "how hard it is."19:59
replaceafillit's like everything, you can fix it in an hour19:59
th1aBut what else have you broken... ?19:59
replaceafillbut it'll probably break under heavy testing19:59
replaceafillnot that "invasive" though20:00
replaceafillit's just adding logic20:00
replaceafillnot modifying20:00
th1aYeah, it SEEMS straightforward enough.20:00
th1aI'd rather you fix that then so we can at least give them a clean version without a hacky workaround.20:00
th1aThey're all done for the day anyhow.20:01
th1aremove this person from the stream and immediately re-ad them?20:01
replaceafillwhat's your "dream" solution to their current situation?20:02
th1aPretty much just making sure they're removed from the stream when they're un-enroled.20:02
th1aOtherwise it is behaving correctly.20:02
th1aYou really DON'T want re-enrol to act like 'undo.'20:02
th1aYou should just be mad at me for not wrapping my head around that immediately.20:04
th1aIt is easy to cruise along with the users's interpretation of the functionality.20:05
replaceafillno, i'm mad at us (developers of this crap) not having a stinky document about any of this20:06
replaceafill"where's the user doc for streams..."20:06
replaceafill"never done..."20:06
replaceafill"how's supposed to work"20:06
replaceafilli'm 100% clear *YOU* know how all of this should work20:07
th1aWell, the users didn't really have a clear idea either when we did the first implementation.20:07
th1aThe problem is that as I programmer I just figure out shit as I go.20:07
th1aSo if I try to think like a programmer I just think "Oh, just wade in..."20:09
th1aOK, so if you'd like to clean up the unenrol and ping me I've got the email written.20:10
replaceafillgive me a couple of hours20:10
replaceafilli have to go get Camila now20:10
replaceafillit *should* be quick... :/20:11
replaceafill(fixing it)20:11
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.20:11
replaceafillthanks th1a20:11
replaceafillth1a, fixed20:15
replaceafilldo you mind doing some QA...?20:16
replaceafillunenroll *should* remove streams now20:16
* replaceafill gone for a bit20:17
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zwelchi've installed schooltool on my server (ubuntu 16.04), and I have noticed a couple of discrepencies between the docs and the version i have installed. If I had to guess (and IIRC), I think the docs cover a slightly newer version which contains a couple of new features. Which begs the question, how do i get said latest version?  i'm also asking because i seem to have hit a bug trying to delete a timeline.21:14
zwelchmore ambitiously, i expect to be able to contribute new features, so i'll want to run/deploy a custom version at some point21:15
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* zwelch slowly realizes that joining IRC from a laptop that autosuspends probably wasn't the brightest idea of his day21:48
zwelchincidentally, well done on the ubuntu integration and documentation. aside from the minor mismatch (above), i've been seriously impressed with what i've seen so far, and i'm still working my way through the tutorial. :)23:08

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