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th1ahi replaceafill.18:25
replaceafillhey th1a18:25
th1aJust finishing an article about another group of K'iche' workers that voted in the union in their workplace.18:25
th1aCCT is on a roll.18:26
th1aHow are you doing?18:28
replaceafillalmost done with the new pdf report18:28
th1aAny issues?18:29
replaceafilli've started thinking api-wise18:29
th1aFormatting surprises?18:29
replaceafilland fees is small enough to do that18:29
replaceafillat the moment it's just a table18:29
replaceafillnot much formatting18:29
replaceafilli'll try to keep it as simple as possible and show it to Fran18:29
th1aI liked the part on the Plone api where they point out they're going for the 80/20 API.18:30
th1aI think just working from their model is probably a good idea.18:30
replaceafillone of the core plone devs gave a really nice talk last month in pycon18:30
replaceafillmostly history18:30
th1aI just never really know where to start with an API.18:30
th1aI can't believe Plone still exists.18:30
replaceafilland how someone raised the api issue18:31
th1aBetter to just start with a good model than try to make all the decisions yourself.18:31
replaceafilland that they started documenting "how it should work" instead of coding it first18:31
replaceafillplone had like 3-4 different ways to get "users"18:32
th1aThat's why I wouldn't have us just start doing it as a SIELibre project.18:32
th1aIt would really be better to have real users.18:32
th1aBut if that's what Ark wants to pay for, I think we can do an good job if we keep it simple and follow a good model.18:32
replaceafillmy only concern at this point is if we should try to make it pluggable18:33
replaceafillit's like the selenium browser extensions we have18:33
replaceafillyou can define callables from the plugins18:33
replaceafilland everything gets called from the selenium browser ui attribute18:34
replaceafilland so on18:34
replaceafilleverything is under brower.ui18:34
replaceafillor gets registered18:34
replaceafillbut i don't mind having18:34
replaceafillfrom schooltool.gradebook.api import grade_activity18:35
replaceafillor whatever18:35
replaceafillfrom schooltool.lyceum.journal.api import xxx18:35
th1aDoes plone do it in the pluggable way?18:36
replaceafillit'd be nice to just call schooltool.api and somehow have all the plugin functionality there18:36
replaceafillthey just have like 4 main "components"18:36
th1aIt seems like it would be nice -- the pluggable way.18:36
replaceafillsimpler to learn18:36
replaceafillit bet it would be possible18:36
th1aWe should also probably think about what would make it easier to write external scripts on the zodb.18:36
replaceafillthis is zope 3 after all :)18:36
replaceafillto fix things?18:37
replaceafilllike the cando issue?18:37
th1aOr make reports.18:37
th1aImport/export themselves.18:37
replaceafilli wouldn't promise such low level access to ark though18:38
replaceafilljust some higher level like the plone one18:38
replaceafilli mean, for starters at least18:38
th1aIf you could write a script externally with a few imports at the top and then be able to do18:39
th1aor whatever...18:40
replaceafillproblem with low level access is that you need most of the "machinery" enabled anyway18:40
replaceafillbut that could be boilerplate i guess18:40
replaceafill(enabling the machinery)18:40
th1aIn terms of just a ton of imports?18:40
replaceafillimports and set up18:40
replaceafillfor adapters to be registered, utilities, etc18:41
th1aWe can discuss that in detail if the time comes.18:41
th1aIt'll be fun!18:41
th1aI can be the customer.18:41
th1aWhat would I need to write some scripts!18:41
replaceafillgood idea18:41
replaceafilland write examples in the book, etc18:41
replaceafillah dreams...18:42
replaceafilltomorrow they'll move the target again and i'll get pissed, etc etc18:42
replaceafill"i quit! (again..)"18:42
th1aMaybe you should just mute your headphones for that discussion.18:42
replaceafillor leave ;)18:42
replaceafilli guess that's all i have18:44
replaceafillah, i updated the hours sheet18:44
replaceafillwe have a name for the Salvadorean company we're creating with jelkner18:45
replaceafillrip off of "P-o-V" :P18:45
th1aThat works.  ;-)18:45
replaceafillsuch lack of creativity... ;)18:46
replaceafillok, done18:46
th1aProbably is not trademarkable either way.18:46
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:46
replaceafillok, thanks th1a18:47
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