IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2016-06-20

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th1aHi replaceafill.18:27
th1aHow was your weekend?18:27
replaceafillhey th1a18:27
replaceafilli have a weird back pain18:28
replaceafillsince saturday18:28
replaceafilllike a stiff neck, but in the back :S18:28
th1aHm.  Happens when you get older.18:28
replaceafillfortunately it seems to be slowly fading away18:28
th1aHeating pad can do wonders.18:28
replaceafillthanks for the tip18:29
th1aThat can be enough a lot of times.18:29
th1aSometimes takes me a week to remember that.18:29
th1aDid you read Fran's reply?18:30
th1aOne way of looking at this negotiation is that it is just leading to Ark figuring out what they'd like to have.18:30
th1aLike, ok we'll give you $40,000 and if we discuss it long enough we'll figure out what we want for it.18:31
th1aThe advantage of the API approach is less concern that someone on the board is going to say "Wait, why are we paying for THAT?"18:31
th1aSix months from now.18:32
th1aWhat idiot signed off that?18:32
th1aSo, it doesn't feel like we actually have any loose ends trailing from last week.18:33
replaceafilltime to start with the blueprints she just approved18:33
th1aOK, so I'm entering a bit of a personal minefield, schedule-wise.18:34
th1aJennifer is leaving for a week in Scotland tomorrow evening, right after the last day of school.18:34
th1aThe plan was to send the kids to Maine with their grandparents, but Jennifer's mom is sick, so I've got them.18:35
th1aThis doesn't have any specific implication other than I might be a bit scattered, especially as I have to get the paper ready this week.18:35
th1aBut it actually makes my evenings free for writing, so that shouldn't be too bad.18:35
replaceafillwill you still be able to meet on Wednesday?18:36
th1aIn fact, I won't be going to get the girls from school, etc.18:36
replaceafillah ok18:36
replaceafilli guess i just have one thing to ask18:36
th1aSo... yes, there is no particular change other than I might get a big crazed.18:36
th1aa bit crazed18:36
replaceafillcan you send me the last invoice we sent to ark?18:36
replaceafilli want to update the hours sheet18:37
th1aDo you want me to wire you $1,000?18:37
replaceafillbut i'm not sure about the fee-tables story18:37
replaceafillnah, let's wait18:37
replaceafilli think i can get to end of july18:37
replaceafillhopefully the cando issue won't come back soon18:38
replaceafillso i can focus on these stories18:38
replaceafilli guess that's it from me18:38
th1aOK, forwarded.18:39
th1aIt didn't come up for a long time.18:39
th1aAnd I gather it was an existing user so...18:39
th1aYeah, I don't know.18:39
th1aI mean, we don't really have a theory at all.18:39
th1aSo... yes, hopefully it was a glitch in the matrix.18:40
replaceafillwell, we have the db18:40
th1aDon't sweat it.18:40
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:40
replaceafillwe can check the transactions if needed18:40
replaceafillthanks th1a18:40
replaceafillright, we haven't charged yet for that story18:40
replaceafilli'll add it to the sheet18:40
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