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th1ahi replaceafill.18:31
replaceafillhey th1a18:31
replaceafillgive me a few minutes, i'm in the middle of something18:31
replaceafillok, ready th1a18:37
th1ahi replaceafill.18:37
replaceafilli was testing the report card fix18:37
th1aSo what is the late/tardy difference?18:37
replaceafillsince they want the "present but late" counted as present in some reports18:38
replaceafillthey haven't set it as a Tardy in the score system18:38
replaceafillinstead they use the feature we added for timestamps18:38
replaceafillfor late arrivals or early18:38
replaceafilli forgot about that :/18:39
replaceafillbut i just published a fix for it18:39
th1aSo... at this point, are we lacking a kind of middle layer in these reports to get some of this data in a standard way.  That is, is it mostly kind of ad hoc for each report?18:40
replaceafillyeah, basically18:40
replaceafillthere's a base report class18:41
th1aCompounded by the fact that each report doesn't necessarily want the same data in the same way.18:41
replaceafillthat's the problem really18:41
replaceafillon some reports level students means one thing18:41
replaceafilland some other (like attendance) means other18:42
th1aIn what way?18:42
replaceafilli guess we need a base "assessment report"18:42
replaceafill"attendance report"18:42
replaceafill"level report" etc18:42
th1aCould we conceivably do that in the 3.x process?18:42
replaceafillthat's my naive hope18:42
replaceafilli try to do it along the way18:43
replaceafillbut it's not enough18:43
th1aWell, I suppose it is also the kind of thing I can say we will do and if it doesn't happen, nobody is going to know.18:43
replaceafillfor example, that look up i added for the rising report card is way better than the old approach for detecting students in a level for a period of time18:43
replaceafillnote the "period of time" part18:44
replaceafillthat's really important18:44
replaceafillwhen you take school years into account18:44
replaceafillwhich is the problem of most reports/bugs18:44
replaceafillwe are not asking the level about dates18:45
th1aIt is a good example of the kind of cleanup needed -- essentially a long sequence of complex reports were added one by one -- on tight deadlines -- without ever having an overall plan for managing the complexity.18:45
replaceafilljust "give me your students"18:45
replaceafilland the system has evolved too18:45
replaceafillwe've added features and haven't updated every single part in every single package accordingly18:45
replaceafill"students now can graduate..."18:46
replaceafill"oh i need to ask the relationships differently in this report"18:46
th1aOK.  I think I can explain that.18:47
th1aDo we have "dozens" of Ark reports at this point?18:47
th1aAbout 15?18:47
replaceafilli think i need to upload something somewhere18:48
replaceafillhold on18:48
replaceafillcan you upload folders to google drive?18:49
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replaceafilli'm not sure if what i'm doing will make things more confusing for you...18:51
replaceafilli'm uploading a few report samples i generated a couple of months ago18:51
replaceafillok, shared18:51
replaceafillgot it?18:51
replaceafillthose are most of the ark reports18:52
replaceafillprobably missing project specific ones like the report cards18:52
replaceafillbut it'll give you ideas about how many and how "generic" those are18:52
th1aOK, dozens then... over 35.18:52
replaceafillwell, some are repated18:53
replaceafillfocus on the folders only18:53
replaceafillthere are a few!18:53
th1aIt isn't like we haven't done a lot.18:53
th1aYou can see the problems with the model here.18:53
th1aSure, we can add one more...18:54
th1aWhen can we say, "Look, we have to stop now and you pay us $5,000 to reorganize things."18:54
replaceafillif they're interested in long time survival...18:55
replaceafilleither us or some other dev18:55
replaceafillthis needs to be cleaned18:55
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replaceafilltriple digit rankings :|20:16
replaceafill"this report card is for small schools only!" :D20:17
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