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th1ahi replaceafill.18:29
replaceafillhey th1a18:31
th1aHow are you feeling?18:31
th1aOK.  Trying to get down to brass tacks about how these releases would work.18:32
replaceafilloh, it seems like the rising report card finally works...18:32
th1aI have been thinking the past day about how we all kind of forget how inherently hard this task is.18:33
th1aGetting something like a complex report card sorted for schools in Uganda, on software running locally.18:33
th1aOn a short deadline...18:33
th1aThere is a reason people avoid this kind of thing...18:33
th1aIt is hard!18:33
replaceafillperspective i guess18:34
th1aThere is pretty much nobody who is going to come along and say, "Oh I did it and it is easy."18:34
th1aExcept maybe the guy who was in the Peace Corps somewhere and did it all in Excel once...18:34
th1aSo... I don't think I can write this including NO new development.18:35
th1aIt just takes us in an impossible direction rhetorically.18:36
th1aLike "Well, actually this is all SO FUCKED UP we don't dare spend four days on new development..."18:36
replaceafillok, what are you willing to change on your initial proposal?18:36
th1aI'm willing to literally say 32 hours of small fixes.18:36
th1aSmall improvements.18:37
replaceafillof existing features18:37
replaceafillnot new things18:37
replaceafillhhmm that might work18:37
th1aThey're essentially paying for 13 weeks, so we can say 4 weeks for each release plus one for new dev in the middle.18:38
replaceafill2 releases?18:38
replaceafilli think the more releases the better18:39
replaceafilllike 418:39
replaceafill2 week releases?18:39
replaceafilloh wait18:39
replaceafilli'm dumb18:39
th1aNo, I mean 3 releases at four weeks each = 12 plus 1 for new stuff.18:39
replaceafillwhy not 3 week releases?18:40
replaceafilli mean, it'd be nice to test things quickly on the ground18:40
th1aI'm looking at August 18, October 20, Dec. 15.18:40
th1aWith the new "enhancements" being in the October 20 cycle.18:41
replaceafillwhat about the support period?18:42
replaceafilli'm still worried about that18:42
th1aI would try to just have it say through Jan 31 for all.18:42
th1aSo Peas would expire.18:42
th1aI don't know if they'll go for that.18:42
replaceafillwell, we've lost a lot at this point...18:43
replaceafilli mean, of our intended initial goal18:43
th1aWell, yeah.18:43
replaceafillso i'd shorten (is that a valid word) the period support as much as possible18:43
th1aI mean... it is perhaps only a big deal if we're worried that Peas is going to be generating bugs the others are not.18:44
th1aBut yes, I understand.18:44
th1aI feel pretty strongly that this is 13 weeks of work.18:44
replaceafillpeas has the downside that its assessment part is different from the other two18:44
th1a(at least).18:44
replaceafillit has its own report card18:45
replaceafilland that crazy UCE exam part18:45
replaceafillso a lot of liabilities18:45
th1aYeah, I mean, I could argue that we need that to force them to find and report the issues now.18:45
replaceafillwell, peas finishes their school year around october18:46
replaceafillso that might be a good time18:46
replaceafillbut that point they'd be starting their 4th year iirc18:47
replaceafillwell, some schools18:47
replaceafilland if we are able to put the current bugs to bed by then18:47
th1aMaybe mentally we just need to think of this like "OK, we have six months to give them something that is going to continue working," not "Six months until we drop this shit and walk away."  ;-)18:47
replaceafillthere shouldn't be those many new18:47
replaceafillthe word in my head is "stabilize" for some reason18:48
replaceafillwhat you do with people in critical conditions who are about to die18:48
replaceafillparamedic lingo :P18:48
th1aI don't think that's what stabilize means.18:49
replaceafilldamn you >:(18:50
th1aYou'd stabilize someone in hopes they'd get better.18:50
th1aI mean,18:50
th1aMaybe that's what you meant.18:50
replaceafillanyway :)18:50
th1aIf someone was "about to die" you'd try to stabilize them, I suppose.18:51
th1aYou'd try to keep them alive, then stabilize them.18:51
replaceafillour situation!18:51
th1aDrastic measures to keep them alive, then try to stabilize.18:51
th1aShoot some adrenaline into their heart!18:52
th1aOK, now stabilize...18:52
th1aSo I think these cycles would be like: 1 week deferred general BUGS;18:53
th1aA bit more than a week reviewing, refactoring, merging;18:53
th1aWell, I guess there is not much more than another day of actual "packaging" at that point.18:54
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th1aAnd a week anticipating helping with some issues, rough spots.18:55
replaceafillsounds fine18:56
th1aWe may have to push the first one back because we have to allow for some vacation plus if we're doing other work, it is probably then.18:56
th1aDuring the summer.18:56
replaceafillGlenda sent her summer schedule18:57
replaceafillit'd be before starting ark work18:57
th1aI guess it would have to be.18:58
th1aDepending on how quickly the rest of this goes...18:58
th1aThis last batch.18:59
th1aI mean, it would go first, but whether we needed to push the Aug. release back would depend on how quickly we get these last tasks done.19:00
replaceafilli think we need to be flexible when this would start19:01
th1aI'm not going to commit to dates with them in the proposal.19:02
th1aThey don't care.19:02
replaceafillmakes sense19:02
th1aI'd like to get this done before the end of the year, so we need to see if it actually fits.19:02
th1aOh, dealing with making sure we don't break the existing instances is probably several days in itself ieach iteration.19:04
th1aIt is going to take a month.19:04
replaceafillthat's the add tests part i guess19:04
th1aCan you look at the SchoolTool 3.0 thread with Fran with the spreadsheet?19:05
th1aFrom November 10?19:05
th1aI think that's the most recent version, or close enough.19:05
replaceafillgot it19:06
th1aOK, so we have teacher attendance and day student attendance.19:06
th1a1) teacher attendance;19:06
th1a2) day student attendance;19:06
th1a3) the assessment mess;19:07
th1a4) fees19:07
th1a5) streams;19:07
th1a6) behavior19:07
th1a7) custom reports19:07
th1a8) new school view19:08
th1a9) dashboard19:08
th1a10) incorporate new assessment stuff into report card layout19:08
th1a11) other new generic reports.19:08
th1aDashboard might be hard for assessment.19:09
th1aThat's going to take some thought and work.19:09
replaceafill10) ?19:10
th1atbh we should probably try to do assessment and attendance earlier rather than later.19:10
replaceafillah definitely19:10
th1aThe assessment sets.19:10
replaceafill10) is a new feature th1a19:11
replaceafilli'd leave it out19:11
th1aMaybe there are some issues I'm not thinking about.19:11
th1aAre they the same across courses?19:12
replaceafillyou want to touch a part we haven't deal with in a long time19:12
replaceafillwhich is also kind of broken19:12
replaceafillreport card layouts19:12
replaceafilli wouldn't dare to get near to it19:12
th1aWe'd mainly just need to make them discoverable by the report card.19:12
replaceafilli know19:12
replaceafillbut again, that's something WE DON'T HAVE19:13
replaceafillbecause ark doesn't need it19:13
replaceafillthey have their own custom report cards19:13
th1aWell... ...19:13
th1aWe should try.19:13
replaceafilli know why you want it19:13
replaceafilli want it too19:13
th1aIt is essentially just some kind of marker?19:13
replaceafillbut not this year19:13
th1aHow does the report card layout find the report sheets?19:14
replaceafillcan't remember from the top of my head19:14
replaceafillby year + term19:14
replaceafillif you think "it should be only a matter of changing the pointer from report sheets to assessment sets"19:15
replaceafillthat's not close enough19:15
replaceafillassessment sets use regular sheets for starters19:16
replaceafillthey can be different accross courses, etc19:16
replaceafillthe report card layout assumes some uniformity19:16
replaceafillis 10) in Fran's spreadsheet?19:16
replaceafillok ;)19:16
th1aSo alternately, do we have a sufficiently generic report of assessment sets now that there is any way to get that out?19:17
replaceafillnot as a pdf19:17
th1aAs XLS?19:17
replaceafillnot as per student one19:17
replaceafillth1a, for this you need to know how ark reports look like19:18
replaceafilli mean19:18
th1aI'm not looking at one... ;-)19:18
replaceafillfor this = if you want to make ark specific things generic19:18
replaceafillwhich i think will doom us19:18
replaceafillyou should refrain? from that19:18
replaceafilli know that's what something you're good at19:18
replaceafillbut we should do it as necessarily19:18
th1aI'll restrain my desires.19:19
replaceafill11) again "new"19:19
replaceafilli'd move 7) as top as possible19:20
replaceafillwe can prioritize this later ofc19:20
th1aI guess the bottom line here is that this is 13 weeks of work.19:21
replaceafillmaybe we could "sell" what the new dev should be19:22
th1aTo Ark?19:22
replaceafilland include the report card layout idea19:22
th1aI think that is probably not the right approach.19:23
replaceafillah :(19:23
th1aI mean...19:23
th1aAfter we spoke on the phone, I mainly just felt like I had a reminder that Fran's and Ark's priorities are just different.19:24
th1aI wasn't so much making a great sales pitch as feeling her out.19:24
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replaceafillhow different?19:25
replaceafilla lot?19:25
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