IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2016-03-04

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replaceafillhey th1a18:20
th1ahi replaceafill.18:21
replaceafillsorry i'm late18:21
th1aWell... given our "process" with Fran, this has gone well...18:21
replaceafilli had an unexpected  parents meeting18:21
th1aThis may also get a bit less crazy once we have more full databases lying around.18:22
th1aI mean, even with an incredible suite of tests, we'd still probably have report bugs, etc.18:22
th1aWithout having the data.18:22
th1aAh, I didn't see Fran's email about the unenrolments.18:25
th1aI'd just say if they want to put the unenrolment in the previous term, they should manually remove the level.18:26
th1aprevious year.18:27
th1aOr, I guess this is fine: Could a quick fix be to set the unenrolment reports to only count unenrolled students if they occur after the first 10 days of term? That way anyone that doesn't come back to school can be unenrolled from the day after term begins? Should we avoid unenrolling on the first day of the new year or is that fine?18:27
replaceafillthat seems hacky18:27
replaceafilli mean the 10 days18:28
th1aOK, stepping back a bit.18:28
th1aActually in the US there is always a cutoff date partway through the year that is used for determining the school enrolment for the year.18:28
th1aSo I think it is a fairly common issue.18:28
th1aYou could set the date in the dialog.18:28
th1aI'll suggest that.18:29
replaceafillwhich dialog?18:29
replaceafillrequest view of the report?18:29
replaceafillwhat about the dashboard?18:29
th1aWell, it could be set on the term or year.18:29
th1aI mean, it is not an oddball issue, actually is my point.18:30
replaceafillwe need a setting18:30
th1aI'd say it is a year or term attribute.18:32
replaceafillwould it be different accross terms?18:32
replaceafillit could be even global?18:32
th1aI'll ask.18:33
th1aOK, so we should make a blueprint for the level edit view.18:33
replaceafilli was thinking of using exactly the same temporal relationship edit view18:34
replaceafillthat we use for everything else18:34
th1aYeah, not rocket science.18:34
replaceafillsections, groups18:34
th1aI guess you're going to switch the enrolment axis?18:37
th1aJust make sure you note those hours.18:37
replaceafilli'm not sure what she means there18:38
replaceafillyou haven't seen that issue, right?18:38
replaceafillgive me a moment18:39
replaceafillyou may have a better suggestion18:39
replaceafillif by switch the axis she means "vertical bars"18:41
th1aSo she's saying switch the rows and columns.18:41
replaceafillah ok18:41
th1aJust for the first one.18:41
replaceafillthe tables18:41
replaceafillgot it18:41
replaceafillshe sent an email before18:43
replaceafill"Switch the chart around so levels on the left and the demographics on the right? For PEAS there are 9 demographics but for everyone else there are just 5 (all students, girls, boys, unenrolled girls, unenrolled boys)?"18:43
th1aI think she meant switch the axis.18:44
th1aNothing else makes sense.18:44
replaceafillif we switch the tables, peas will have a similar problem18:45
replaceafillsorry, the table18:45
replaceafillbecause of the 9 columns she mentions18:45
th1aIsn't the number of demographics fixed?18:45
replaceafillthe solution for me is to expand the table entirely18:45
replaceafillbut look at the headers18:46
replaceafill"all students"18:46
th1aThose could be abbreviated.18:46
replaceafillwhy don't we suggest just moving the chart below the total number of students?18:48
replaceafillnext to the capacity table18:48
replaceafilland with so many streams, i'd also go with vertical bars18:49
th1aWhy don't you handle that email and I'll do the enrolment questions.18:49
th1aOK, so anything in particular for you to do today, coding-wise then?18:52
th1aI mean, that needs to be done today.18:52
replaceafillbesides all the pending issues?18:53
replaceafillthe assessment dashboard needs to be finished...18:53
th1aYou can't take a break until all the bugs are cleared from launchpad.18:53
th1aWell, it is pretty much up to you on that, time wise.18:54
th1aI'd lean towards just taking it easy today.18:55
replaceafillshe'll need the level edit view early next week18:55
replaceafillso i guess i should start with that18:55
th1aI don't have anything else...18:56
th1aHave a good weekend replaceafill.18:57
replaceafillthanks you too th1a18:57
th1aGood work this week.18:57
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