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replaceafillth1a, you around?00:15
th1ahi replaceafill.00:42
replaceafillth1a, still there?01:42
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replaceafillhey th1a16:44
th1ahi replaceafill.16:51
th1ajust a sec...16:52
th1aGood work on the script.16:53
replaceafilli just replied to Fran's email16:54
replaceafillcan we talk about the 2nd point?16:54
replaceafillwhat do you think about my "advanced view" suggestion16:56
replaceafillto edit level history16:57
replaceafilli think it'd solve some related issues16:57
th1aI'm not sure what you mean in terms of editing the history at will.16:57
th1aYou mean, add changes in arbitrary points in the past?16:58
th1aSure, yeah.16:58
th1aWhat is Fran's bug exactly?16:58
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replaceafilli think it's related to the edge cases i mentioned yesterday16:59
th1aI mean, does her suggestion also make sense?16:59
th1aUsing an earlier backup?16:59
replaceafillmost of the unenrolled students they have16:59
replaceafillhad weird history like16:59
replaceafilllevel 2, inactive, 2015-10-2717:00
replaceafilllevel 2, active, 2016-01-1117:00
replaceafilland they were unenrolled17:00
th1aOK, so it is really a problem with their data.17:01
th1aNot the script.17:01
th1aAnd we should say we don't want to start trying to programmatically correct these errors.17:02
replaceafillthat's why i suggest that view17:02
th1aMaybe I can explain that point a little more then.17:02
th1aWas that weird behavior possibly caused by the graduation view?17:03
th1aThat wouldn't have reactivated their level.17:03
replaceafilli don't think so17:03
replaceafilli think, and i haven't checked yet17:03
replaceafillthat the promotion view took unenrolled students into account17:04
replaceafillif we are really interested on how they got there... i could dig17:04
th1aOK, but the script did not cause the issue.17:05
replaceafillthis is not the first problem rising has had with dates17:05
replaceafilli don't think so17:05
replaceafilloh another thing17:06
replaceafillif we add this new view17:06
replaceafilli think it should allow you to DELETE status/dates17:07
replaceafilllike if you have a relationship like:17:07
replaceafilllevel 1, 2016-01-01, enrolled17:07
replaceafilllevel 1, 2016-02-01, inactive17:07
th1aI was thinking the same thing.17:08
replaceafilllevel 1, 2016-03-01, inactive17:08
replaceafillthe 3rd status is redundant17:08
replaceafilland rising data has had this problem17:08
replaceafillin any case, the script should have taken a snapshot of the db17:09
replaceafillin case Fran wants a different solution17:09
replaceafill(comparing from a different date, etc)17:09
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replaceafillthat's all i got th1a17:19
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replaceafillth1a, you around?17:51
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th1ahi replaceafill.19:05
replaceafillcan you take Fran's last email19:05
replaceafillnow i understand what she meant from the beginning19:06
th1aWhat then?19:06
replaceafillbut this is your area of expertise19:06
th1aI don't know the problem.19:06
replaceafillso, students were promoted19:07
replaceafillbeginning of year, right?19:07
replaceafillthen they were unenrolled from the END OF LAST YEAR19:07
replaceafillthat part doesn't make sense to me19:08
th1aAre we talking about this scenario:19:08
th1a level 2, inactive, 2015-10-2719:08
th1a level 2, active, 2016-01-1119:08
replaceafillFran's argument is that people didn't know they were not coming19:08
replaceafillso, the unenrolled view took the active level19:08
replaceafilland set it inactive19:08
replaceafillbut from the date of unenrollment19:08
replaceafillunenroll view*19:09
th1aI don't understand the sequence of events.19:09
replaceafillok, student enrolled in level 119:10
replaceafillstarting 2015-01-0119:10
replaceafillbeginning of 2016 comes19:10
replaceafillthey promote the student19:10
replaceafillstudent old level data is deleted19:10
replaceafill(by the bugged promote view)19:10
replaceafillthen level 2 is set from the start of the new year19:11
replaceafilllevel 2, 2016-01-01, active19:11
replaceafillthen school realizes student won't come back19:11
replaceafilluses unenroll view with date 2015-12-31 (or whatever last day is)19:11
replaceafillthey used october iirc19:12
replaceafillget it?19:12
th1aSo, the fact of the matter is they promoted a student who had already withdrawn.19:13
replaceafillthen script runs19:13
th1aOK, what does the script do?19:13
replaceafillbut Fran's argument is that they didn't know19:13
replaceafillso, script runs19:13
replaceafillsees level 1, 2015-01-01, active19:13
replaceafilland sets it back19:13
replaceafillthen see the student is unenrolled, no more states for level 1 in old data19:14
replaceafilland sets level 1 as inactive19:14
replaceafillimho the script did the right thing19:14
replaceafillbut the student should have been set as graduated19:15
replaceafillfrom level 119:15
th1aWhich has no actual practical significance at this point?19:15
replaceafillno, but all promoted students have been set as graduated19:15
replaceafilland the unenroll student graduated from the last level imo19:16
replaceafillthey just retired *this* year19:16
replaceafillin the regent school case19:17
replaceafillthis affected like 5 students19:17
replaceafillso imho manual fixing works19:17
replaceafill> And did the script pick them up because, I would have thought that19:17
replaceafill> student wouldn’t have had any level associated on the date the19:17
replaceafill> comparison was run?19:17
replaceafillthe student had history19:17
replaceafillon the third paragraph19:18
replaceafilli already published the dashboard fix19:18
replaceafillit seems like Fran is missing some of my emails19:18
replaceafilli'm not sure what she refers to with "and fixes to the other roll over pieces"19:19
replaceafillth1a, can you take that one, i need to go get Camila?19:19
th1aDo you have five more minutes?19:19
th1aOK, so it is the end of the year.19:20
th1aYou promote everyone.19:20
replaceafillno no19:20
replaceafillit's the beginning of the new year19:20
th1aOK, yes.19:20
replaceafillpromote works with new year's start date19:20
replaceafillgraduate works from last year end date19:20
th1aBut those can be reset.19:20
th1aThose are just the defaults?19:21
replaceafillyes, but promote uses a single date for setting last level graduate and new level active19:21
th1aI think as far as recommendations go, I would recommend schools *generally* try to actually have events happen on the *real* calendar date.19:22
th1aUnless they have a good reason otherwise.19:22
replaceafillwe're going back in time in my head :D19:22
replaceafillthis is where i recommended promote to have 2 dates19:23
th1aWell, yeah.19:23
replaceafillbut anyway19:23
th1aI mean, not so much even the promote/graduate views here.19:23
th1aBut the problem is unenrolling an individual in the past.19:23
replaceafillthat's what i don't agree with19:23
th1aLet's go with that.19:23
replaceafillyou just realized they're not coming back19:23
replaceafillset them as unenrolled the date you realized19:24
replaceafillok, i need to go19:24
replaceafillbrb in ~45-6019:24
th1aOK, I'm not going to answer this yet.19:24
replaceafilldo you need anything else from me?19:25
th1aI need to talk this through a bit more if I'm not just going to say "OK, we'll fix it."19:26
th1aI don't completely understand it.19:26
th1aI'll tell her you pushed the changes.19:26
replaceafillback th1a20:14
th1ahi replaceafill.20:15
th1aJust a sec...20:15
th1aSo, is this at least in part a question of how unenroll should handle existing future (next year) changes?20:19
th1aSo if you promote someone, they get a new level in the second year.20:20
th1aIf you unenroll them for the first year should that level be removed by unenrol?20:20
th1aIs that the underlying issue here?20:20
replaceafilli guess20:21
th1aI would say it is too aggressive for unenroll to try to undo a lot of future events.20:22
replaceafilli agree20:22
th1aOtherwise, the *but* part of it you're saying is just that potentially students who graduated a level ended up as just inactive?20:22
th1athe *bug*20:23
replaceafilli don't understand your question20:24
replaceafillwhat bug part?20:24
replaceafillone conclusion i've come to20:24
replaceafillwe need to document all this crap20:24
replaceafillin the book20:24
th1a so, script runs20:25
th1a sees level 1, 2015-01-01, active20:25
th1a and sets it back20:25
th1a then see the student is unenrolled, no more states for level 1 in old data20:25
th1a and sets level 1 as inactive20:25
th1a imho the script did the right thing20:25
th1a but the student should have been set as graduated20:25
th1a from level 120:25
replaceafillah right20:25
replaceafillthat's the bug part20:25
replaceafillbecuase the script is checking against their *current* enrollment/unenrollment state20:26
replaceafillso those 5 people were already marked as unenrolled20:26
th1aOh, what about her last email?20:29
th1aThis was your announcement: I fixed the issue (schooltool.ark 2.10.16) with the dashboard. The20:30
th1aproblem was that the weekly attendance chart was taking "future" dates20:30
th1ainto account and failing silently.20:30
replaceafillit's not an announchment20:30
th1aI mean, that's what she missed?20:31
th1aWe need a template for this...20:31
th1aDo you understand this question?20:34
th1aAlso can you tell me if the Uganda team should use the date for comparison of the level history before the end of term to account for anyone who has been unenrolled since then?20:34
replaceafilldate to use with repozo20:35
replaceafillto get the comparison database20:35
th1aOK, so we're saying that's not the problem?20:35
replaceafillok, question from me20:36
replaceafillwhat should the script do in those conditions20:36
replaceafillin the edge case i described earlier today20:36
replaceafillthe rising edge case20:36
th1aI terms of graduated versus inactive?20:36
th1aCan you tell which they are supposed to be?20:37
replaceafillthe script assumes you graduated20:37
replaceafillonly if you have an active level in the next year20:37
replaceafilland you're not unenrolled20:37
replaceafilland the script just restores old data20:38
replaceafilldoesn't change current year's level memberships20:38
th1aWell, I think it is correct and the date for the repozo backup should be as close to the date that the promotion was run as possible, right?20:39
th1aPlus, that's not really an issue that shows up anywhere.20:39
th1aCan you please take a look at how the unenrol link handles everything in the next year?20:40
th1aWhat, if anything, does it try to undo?20:40
th1aAlthough I guess level isn't tied to year anyhow...20:41
replaceafilllevel-wise unenroll only deactivates the active level20:42
replaceafillsection-wise it removes the student only if the date is in the term or it's before the term20:43
replaceafillfuture sections i believe20:43
th1afuture sections are...?20:43
th1aremoved or not.20:43
replaceafillsections which term start after the unenroll date20:44
replaceafilli mean, the student is removed (withdrawn) from the sections20:44
replaceafilland groups20:44
th1aAs of?20:45
replaceafillunenroll date20:45
th1aEven though it might be before the enrolment is active?20:45
th1aThat's a bug then...20:46
th1aOK, and level is different because it isn't by year.20:46
replaceafillwhat's the solution to the bug?20:47
th1aNot unenrolling them before promoting them.20:47
th1aThe thing is, you'd have to dump Added on Errors on top of future level changes, which would be ugly if the student came back.20:48
th1aOK, so... what about the student attendance report and gradebook view?20:49
replaceafilli'll try20:49
replaceafillbut i don't promise20:49
th1aI'd do the gradebook first.20:49
th1aYeah, no problem.20:49
replaceafillthe gradebook one20:49
replaceafilltell me what the tab should o20:49
replaceafilli was thinking20:50
replaceafillfrom that context makes sense20:50
replaceafillfrom the School context20:50
replaceafillto redirect dynamically20:50
replaceafillbut it's added complexity20:50
replaceafillwhat the tab currently does is take the active year20:50
replaceafilland run from there20:50
replaceafillsince the new year in rising didn't have sections20:50
replaceafillthe tab didn't know where to go to20:50
replaceafill"go to previous year sections"?20:51
th1aif there are no sections... do you not have a gradebook tab?20:51
th1aIs that why this came up?20:51
th1aThat is20:51
th1aIf you are not an instructor of any sections, there is no tab at all.20:52
replaceafillyeah, but this is for admins too20:52
th1aThe obvious thing would be to just redirect to a year with sections?20:53
th1aOr have a "This year has no sections (or whatever)."20:53
replaceafillwe kind of dropped that page in flourish20:53
th1aI don't have a strong feeling about it...20:54
replaceafillask Fran?20:55
th1aHow do you navigate to it in this case?20:55
th1aI don't really understand what we're talking about.20:55
replaceafillfrom the School tab20:55
th1aYou go to... ?20:56
replaceafillas admin20:56
replaceafillthis won't affect you if you're a teacher20:56
replaceafillfor admins the view tries to load sections in the active year20:57
th1aWhich view?20:57
replaceafillok, the "tab"20:57
th1aWHICH TAB?20:57
replaceafillthose things we have in the header navigation...20:57
replaceafillStudent Attendance20:57
th1aI thought this was from the School tab?20:58
replaceafillit's from anywhere th1a20:58
th1aWhat is the sequence of events which leads to the bug.20:58
th1aI'm on the School page.20:58
th1aThen I... ?20:58
replaceafillclick Gradebook tab20:58
replaceafillboom server error page20:58
replaceafillthat's it20:58
replaceafillthat's the sequence20:58
th1aOK, so I don't need to be on the school page.20:58
replaceafillnot really20:59
th1aDo we have a running demo of this?20:59
th1aI'm completely at sea now.20:59
th1aOK, hangout.20:59
replaceafillhold on20:59
th1aOK, working.21:03
th1aWell, slowly...21:04
replaceafillso, no sections in active year21:04
replaceafillCamila's youtubing...21:04
replaceafilli'll block the tablet ;)21:04
th1aI don't think it is the bandwidth.21:04
replaceafilltry again?21:04
th1aOK, so it has the year selector.21:06
th1aIf there are no sections this doesn't appear?21:06
th1aNo sections in the system = no Gradebook tab?21:07
replaceafillthe year seector?21:07
th1aThe gradebook view has a year menu.21:07
th1aOK, sorry.21:07
th1aStarting over.21:07
th1aIf there are no sections in the system, the Gradebook tab does not show up?21:08
th1a(for the admin?)21:08
replaceafillno, it always tries to show21:08
th1aOK, that's irrelevant anyhow.21:08
th1aSo yeah, just set it to the existing year.21:09
th1aIf the new year has no sections.21:09
th1aSorry that was so nuts.21:10
replaceafillST is nuts :)21:11
th1aNo... just me not looking at what we're talking about is nuts.21:11
th1aAlso me feeling like "Is there some reason why the obvious thing is not obvious here... ?"21:12
th1aI"ll email Fran.21:12
replaceafillcan i stop the instance now?21:13
replaceafillok, i'll go get lunch21:14
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