IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2016-02-03

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replaceafillhey th1a18:14
replaceafillsorry i'm late18:14
th1ahi replaceafill.18:14
replaceafillinternet people were here fixing my cable modem18:14
replaceafilli'm at full speed again18:15
th1aThat is a valid excuse.     ;-)18:15
replaceafillso, not news yet about the db, right?18:16
replaceafillanything about niswonger?18:17
replaceafillok, just checking18:17
th1aMark McDougal is asking how much sending emails to groups would/might cost.18:18
th1aI think the main thing is we'd need a compose form and we'd need a screen for each mail that showed if any errors came back for any of the mails.18:19
replaceafillreading the looong thread...18:22
th1aNot really necessary, except to fully appreciate how much I've inadvertantly strung people along on 3.0.18:23
replaceafill"An email list from any group?"18:24
replaceafillwhat does that mean?18:24
th1aCreating email lists...18:25
th1aI'm not worrying about that.18:25
th1aI'd stick with just "Send an email to this group."18:25
th1aWell, the contacts associate with people in this group.18:26
th1aI mean, it seems 3 days-ish to me.18:26
replaceafillwriting it in a blueprint would be nice18:26
replaceafilli mean, reading the thread is confusing18:27
th1aDon't read the thread.18:27
replaceafill"send an email to a schooltool group"?18:27
replaceafilllists, groups, what are we talking here?18:27
th1aYou want to send an email to the contacts associated with each person in the group.18:27
th1aForget the lists part.18:28
th1aThis is just, go to group, select Action: Send emails18:28
th1aWrite email, hit send.18:28
th1aYou need another screen to see any errors/statuses associated with the email.18:28
th1aSo when people say "Hey, I didn't get that email," you have some idea of what's going on.18:29
th1a"The system says you got it..."18:29
replaceafilli don't remember how our email system works at this point...18:29
th1aIt just acts as a client.18:30
replaceafillare we really going to estimate this?18:30
replaceafilli'd need to check18:30
th1aWe are going to vaguely estimate it.18:30
replaceafillsay 1 week then :)18:30
replaceafillor 3-5 days18:30
th1aYes, ok.18:31
replaceafillat some point i assumed, based on some bugs or questions, that the email functionality didn't work anymore18:32
th1aSo I guess to replicate the report bugs you'd have to do the rollover the same way you did.18:32
th1aIt is finicky.18:32
th1aI mean, it is finicky in the same way getting any email client configured is, I think.18:33
th1aGet the wrong port number or whatever.18:33
th1aSo people are naturally going to have some problems with it.18:33
th1aI think it is kind of a moot point because for one school to shell out for something like group emails does not look like a very good deal.18:34
th1aWhich is why I'm not beating the bushes for single school clients...18:35
replaceafillone thing i remember i realized after i understood zope + schooltool better was that our email system is not transactional18:36
replaceafillthe system can get blocked by a email waiting to be sent18:36
replaceafilllike old reports18:36
replaceafillmaybe we could make sending emails a background task18:37
replaceafillnot for this contract18:37
th1aAh, yes.18:37
replaceafill4.0 ;)18:38
th1aIn general it is something that a number of potential users would like, but not a high priority.18:38
th1aOnce you started pulling on threads, there would be more to do.18:38
th1aiirc, aelkner added that for SLA.18:38
th1aIn intervention.18:38
th1aLike everything in intervention, it has been an orphan for a long time.18:39
th1aIs there anything you can reasonably do without a database from Fran?18:41
replaceafilli think so18:41
replaceafilli'll try to reproduce some of them18:41
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th1areplaceafill: does that database work for you?21:38
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replaceafillth1a, i can extract it, yes22:12
replaceafillhaven't checked it yet22:12
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replaceafillth1a, found the issue, sigh...22:30
th1aAh... was it just one thing replaceafill?23:00
replaceafilli mean, the problem she just reported with the students group23:01
replaceafilli also fixed the attendance filter23:01
replaceafilla couple of reports will take longer to be fixed23:02
replaceafillthey're working off the active year23:02
replaceafillnot taking into account level dates, but just the current level23:02
th1aOK, yeah.23:03
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