IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2016-01-20

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replaceafillhey th1a20:45
th1ahi replaceafill.21:10
replaceafillhey th1a21:49
th1ahi replaceafill!21:50
replaceafilli saw your email this morning and decided to run a few errands21:51
th1aI figured.21:51
th1aI ran some too.21:51
replaceafilli started extracting the code for the dashboard parts21:52
th1aI have to go in about 20 minutes though.21:52
replaceafillah ok21:52
replaceafillquick report21:52
th1aHow's it coming?21:52
replaceafillgood, some pieces are already in a couple of reports21:52
replaceafillwere already*21:52
replaceafilland i decided to start with 3 separate views21:53
replaceafilland optimize until something (for showing) is done21:53
th1aBy "views" do you mean literally 3 web pages or "views" in Zope terms?21:53
th1a(just to be clear)21:53
replaceafill3 web pages21:54
replaceafillone for each tab (attendances, assessment, enrolment)21:54
replaceafillbut getting just a single page takes time to load21:55
th1aOK, sure.21:55
replaceafilland i added a "table" that allows you to insert custom rows21:56
replaceafillseems to work21:56
replaceafillbut i need to test it with peas integrated21:56
replaceafillso, we're making progress21:56
th1aOK, great.21:56
replaceafilland i guess that's it21:57
th1aI'm helping Dan along -- seeing what he doesn't understand about Rising without any docs.21:57
replaceafillah ok21:57
replaceafillwere the commands ok?21:57
th1aHe couldn't find the behavior slider -- I think he was looking for a tab.21:57
replaceafillthe slider is in the student's person page, right?21:58
th1aWe don't actually expect schooltool.ark without one of the other school-specific packages to work, right?21:58
th1aYes, it is righ there.21:58
replaceafillyou mean rising, isli or peas?21:59
replaceafillark has some shared functionality on its own21:59
replaceafilllike assessment sets21:59
replaceafilland reports21:59
replaceafillit does depend on the ark-specific branches for the gradebook/journal though21:59
th1aYes, but does it actually run by itself?21:59
th1a(I think it didn't for him)21:59
th1aAnyhow, this is not a problem.22:00
replaceafilli'm trying to remember if the package setup includes it...22:00
th1aEh, don't worry about it.22:00
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillok, thanks th1a22:01
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