IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2016-01-19

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th1areplaceafill:  I'm still chatting with Dan.17:55
replaceafillth1a, ok17:56
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th1aOK, ready replaceafill.18:16
replaceafillhow was the chat?18:17
th1aHe wants a preview of the latest and greatest, which is Rising, right?  Do they have the discipline system?18:18
th1aI know I've gotten the commands for installing that wrong recently...18:18
replaceafilldo you need them?18:20
replaceafillthe commands18:20
replaceafillif we only had some documentation mechanism....18:23
th1aFran documents this.18:23
th1aIt is nice we seem to be in a phase where we're making things easy for Fran.18:24
th1aGood work on the stream migration.18:24
replaceafilli don't understand her question though18:24
replaceafill"as soon as we then link these new streams to subject sections, the student enrolment will also follow right for the subject sections?"18:24
replaceafillthe follow right part confuses me18:25
th1aJust, does linking streams to sections still work?18:25
replaceafillbut my other question is18:25
replaceafillgroups -> streams was a one time thing, right?18:25
replaceafilljust for moving isli/peas18:25
replaceafillto streams18:25
th1aI don't think there is another reason for it.18:26
replaceafillwhy would she want to add sections to these "old" streams18:26
th1aI think you're overthinking it.18:26
replaceafillso, i should just answer, "yeah, stream enrollment should work as usual for these new streams too"18:27
th1aThey aren't "special."18:27
replaceafillso, since i was too curious18:28
replaceafilli started the dashboard18:28
replaceafilldon't giving a f**k about the other stuff :(18:28
replaceafillfortunately, my ajax approach works18:28
replaceafillthe "panels" (parts of the dashboard) load in the background18:29
replaceafillnow i'm thinking:18:29
replaceafill1. how can i make the view to share stuff with the "panels" without blocking18:29
replaceafill2. how can i reuse the calculations in the print view if necessary18:30
th1aWith d3, we should be able to output svg for a pdf, if it comes to that?18:30
replaceafillcan we?18:31
replaceafilli don't know18:31
replaceafilli have never done it :(18:31
replaceafill(inserting svg in a pdf)18:31
th1a ?18:32
replaceafillwell, i know that tiger is svg :D18:32
replaceafillso it's possible :D18:33
th1aAnyhow, we'd prefer not to.18:33
replaceafill3. currently the three tabs (enrolment, assessment, attendance) are separate views18:34
replaceafilli was thinking the whole dashboard thing should be calculated just once18:34
replaceafillso the tabs (in flourish sense) should also share the data18:34
replaceafillmy next step is to create the enrolment table18:35
replaceafillthat should allow to insert custom rows18:35
replaceafillfor peas specific things18:35
replaceafillunfortunately we have some nice patterns in ST code, but nothing like this18:35
replaceafillalthough proximity/journey helped with the ajax loading approach18:36
replaceafillanyway, that's it from me18:36
replaceafillshould i leave the dashboard for later?18:36
replaceafilland focus on something else18:36
replaceafilli want to explore really18:36
th1aI don't think so, right?  It isn't a lower priority than anything else at this point?18:37
replaceafillah ok18:37
replaceafilli'm just not sure about the scope of this "iteration"18:37
th1aI think it is everything we've quoted.18:37
th1aDon't worry about going over the pre-paid hours.18:37
replaceafillah ok18:37
th1aJust track them.18:38
replaceafilli am18:38
th1aOK.  Cool.18:38
replaceafillok cool, i'll show you something once i have nice tables and charts :)\18:38
th1aSo Dan will probably give us useful feedback if we ever have time to implement it.18:38
replaceafillimplement it?18:38
th1aImplement his feedback.18:40
th1aRandom improvements...18:40
replaceafillah ok18:40
replaceafilldoes he work for a school network or something?18:41
th1aHe works for a independent private school.18:41
th1aSavvy user though.18:41
replaceafillah cool18:41
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.18:51
replaceafillthanks th1a18:51
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