IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-11-13

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replaceafillhey th1a18:09
th1ahi replaceafill.18:09
th1aHow's your brother doing?18:10
replaceafillsaw my email earlier today?18:10
replaceafillbetter, he was released? yesterday from the hospital18:10
replaceafillmy folks are coming on the weekend to visit him18:10
th1aOK, good.18:10
replaceafillso, a few updates on the api18:11
replaceafilli was thinking to check my current Data.fs for rising and see on which students i can fill the schooltool id18:12
replaceafillso they don't have to do it manually18:12
replaceafilli mean, students that already exists in the app18:12
replaceafillthat's not a priority for today though, i'll just propose it when i announce the update18:13
th1aSo we need to set up a demo and let fran try it against the test data?18:13
replaceafillyeah i guess18:14
replaceafilli was thinking to copy some or all their production db18:14
th1aI mean, I guess that's the next step, and we should have a chat with Journey.18:14
replaceafilli mean, app production db18:14
th1aI don't want to start writing to their production db until we've discussed it.18:15
replaceafilli was thinking early next week18:15
replaceafillmakes sense18:15
replaceafilldo you think we should sync the test database with the sync database?18:15
replaceafillimho the more real data we have the better18:15
replaceafillon both, journey and ST18:16
replaceafillor should we ask the journey guys to do it?18:16
th1aSync it through schooltool?18:17
th1aWait, what is the "sync database?"18:17
replaceafillsync journey production to journey testing18:17
th1aHow do you mean?18:17
replaceafilljourney testing has only dummy content18:18
replaceafillVenue A18:18
th1aBut by what mechanism to sync?18:18
replaceafillcustom script18:18
replaceafillit wouldn't be that difficult18:18
th1aUsing the API.18:18
th1aYeah, that's a good idea.18:18
replaceafillbut it's probably easier for the journey folks to do it18:18
th1aIt is already late Friday afternoon there.18:18
th1aI'd just script it.18:19
replaceafillbut i plan to focus on the report card for the rest of the day18:19
replaceafilli mean18:19
replaceafillnot test the api, etc until that's done18:20
replaceafillin my head the report card fully working by the end of the day is a must, the api fully working not so much18:20
th1aAnd she's going to Uganda, not Sierra Leone.18:21
replaceafillthe script is just to delete the current dummy content, probably after a backup18:21
replaceafilland to mirror18:21
replaceafilli guess we're on the same page on that18:21
th1aAnd with Fran, more importantly.18:22
replaceafilli'll need to do some of the annoying cleaning18:22
replaceafillto enable the peas instance back18:22
replaceafilli'll probably should just delete an old backup we have with Justas, Alan, Gediminas, You and me's home directories18:23
replaceafillfrom like 2 years ago18:23
replaceafillthat's a couple of GB18:24
replaceafill2 years is enough for home directories at SIELibre ;)18:24
replaceafillthat's it from me18:24
replaceafilli started the report card last night18:24
th1aI can just download some tgzs if you'd like to have some cold storage backups.18:24
replaceafillthere's just a couple of little things i need to add/change18:25
replaceafillah ok18:25
th1aProbably easier for me than you.18:25
replaceafillyeah i thought about moving the tgzs to www.sielibre.com18:25
replaceafilleasier from linode to linode too18:25
th1aI just had to get a 1tb drive for iMac backup, which frees up a 750g drive.18:25
th1aSo I've got plenty of space...18:26
replaceafillah cool18:26
replaceafilldo you have ssh access to dev?18:26
th1aI think so.18:26
replaceafilli'll ping/email you if i need you to18:26
replaceafillso the little changes in the report card18:26
replaceafillthere's a line for school information uganda still doesn't have18:27
replaceafilltelephone, address18:27
replaceafillthat's in schooltool.ark18:27
replaceafilland they don't use that yet18:27
replaceafilland the other change is that the report card is by term18:27
replaceafillso i need to add a term filter to the report request view18:28
replaceafillthe current report card (by person) has such a filter18:28
replaceafillthe rest is straigthforward and i already started with the rml template18:28
replaceafillit's fully custom18:28
replaceafillso it takes a little bit more of work18:29
replaceafillit doesn't use our layout, etc18:29
replaceafillok, i should start18:29
th1aMeanwhile I've been messing with for the paper.  I tried the Wordpress site we had put up and couldn't stand it.  So I'm messing doing trial and error messing around with newfangled CSS...18:29
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:29
replaceafillgood luck18:30
replaceafillthanks th1a18:30
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