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mgedminis still used for anything (e.g. irc logs)?11:42
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th1amgedmin:  I think so.16:30
th1aAlthough perhaps just irc logs, which we use.16:30
th1aThank you!16:36
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replaceafillhey th1a17:53
th1ahi replaceafill.17:53
replaceafillsome issues from rising17:54
th1aI just sent a quote to Dinwiddie.17:54
th1aOh, the CanDo site that was having problems.17:54
th1aFor hosting.17:55
replaceafillthe ones we thought were running X?17:55
replaceafillah ok17:56
replaceafillok, on my end17:57
replaceafillthe only missing part on the app integration blueprint is the task/sync management page17:57
replaceafilli mean, we have it17:57
replaceafillbut it needs some improvement17:57
th1aHave you been testing it against their test server?17:58
replaceafillwe're not going to sync at a specific time, right?17:58
replaceafillalthough there's not much issue between my connection and their test server17:59
replaceafilli mean, connectivity issues17:59
th1aWe're going to need to pull the attendance at scheduled times.17:59
replaceafillhhm ok18:00
replaceafillhow do we set those up?18:00
replaceafillschedule times18:00
replaceafillsome preference?18:00
th1aEventually, yes.18:01
replaceafillso we could start hard coding it18:01
th1aIf we're running short on time, yes.18:01
replaceafillproblem is at this point i have no idea how to do it18:02
replaceafillbut i'll find out :/18:02
replaceafillhopefully the uganda guys will be able to share their assessment database soon18:03
replaceafillso i can start working on the report card18:03
th1aIs that a pre-requesite?18:03
replaceafillyeah, i asked Fran for it18:03
replaceafillso i can test it with real data18:03
th1aWell, again, it isn't like Fran has never flown away with some loose ends.18:04
th1aRegarding adding teachers, that just uses the current date?18:04
replaceafilli think so18:05
replaceafillit's just add student that has an explicit enrollment date18:05
replaceafilli'll check18:05
replaceafillyeah, current date18:09
replaceafillfwiw, it can be modified from the Teachers group18:09
th1aDon't worry about the Rising stuff now, finish the integration and report card first.18:10
replaceafillwell, i just triaged the two potential bugs18:12
replaceafillfirst is indeed a bug18:13
replaceafillfor the second, according to the database i have, the student is still enrolled (from september 27th) in sections18:13
th1aUnenrolled from students?18:14
replaceafillyeah, she's withdrawn from the students group18:14
th1aIs the first just a mistake in the score system?18:14
replaceafillno, it's a bug18:14
replaceafillthe score system is out of sync with the teacher attendance states18:15
replaceafillwe need to remove that now that they can set their own score systems18:15
replaceafillit only made sense for the hard coded version when we started with that view18:16
th1aI can reply to Fran.18:17
th1aI'll let you get to it then.18:21
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:21
replaceafillthanks th1a18:21
th1areplaceafill, The Ibrahim problem was more complicated than just not being removed from the sections, right?18:25
replaceafillyeah, he was still linked to a level18:25
th1aOK. she's not?18:26
replaceafillwhich made the un-enroll view unavailable18:26
replaceafillshe just needs to be set as withdrawn from her sections18:26
th1aSo we don't really have a theory about what happened here?18:26
th1aJust that she wasn't withdrawn for some reason.18:26
replaceafillhold on18:27
replaceafillfor some reason i cannot share images today18:29
replaceafilli just sent you the sections picture18:29
replaceafillmy theory is that she was un-enrolled on august 31st18:30
th1aAnd then added to the sections by import or manually?18:30
replaceafillprobably before being un-enrolled18:31
replaceafillbut with a bad date18:31
replaceafillsep 27th18:31
replaceafillbut who knows18:31
th1aJust do Added in error as of sept 27th the best fix?18:31
replaceafillyeah, that would do it18:31
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