IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-11-04

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:32
th1aLooking at Fran's mails...17:32
th1aLearn anything about the missing data?17:33
replaceafillthere's only one weird thing in the logs17:35
replaceafillan asycio error17:35
replaceafilli'm suspecting of zrs17:36
th1aMaybe we have this set up wrong such that zrs overwrote the changes.17:38
replaceafillyeah, something like that17:38
replaceafilli'm thinking of asking Yakub for /etc/schooltool/17:39
replaceafillbut i'm not sure that'll help a lot17:39
th1aWell, there is a lot of manual setup needed there.  It could be an error in configuration.17:39
th1aOK, do that next then.17:40
th1aThat seems more likely than them manually moving the database.17:41
th1aDid you get Fran's demo site back up yet?17:43
replaceafillno, not yet17:43
replaceafilli'll do that after the next isli bugfix release17:43
replaceafilli guess i should spend today getting all these fixes out of the way17:43
replaceafilli need to package updates for both isli and rising17:44
th1aYeah, probably.17:44
th1aOK, what else...17:46
th1aI guess the dashboard & report estimates.17:46
replaceafillcan we do that tomorrow?17:48
th1aI know all these little Fran bits get overwhelming.17:48
th1aJust work through them.17:48
th1aI have a dentist appointment and then a press conference to cover this afternoon, so I'll be out from about noon to 4:00.17:49
th1aOh, yes, let's look at the api blueprint.17:50
replaceafillFran summary looks fine17:51
th1aIn theory celery should keep trying until it gets the attendance from Journey?17:51
replaceafillthat's an option17:52
th1aHow much faith would you have in that?17:52
replaceafillwe haven't done it, that's all17:53
th1aI guess we can't get around having some kind of status page for this.17:53
replaceafillbut there's a retry option17:53
replaceafillstatus page?17:53
th1aSo you can see if some days' sync is still pending?17:53
replaceafillwe have that already, right?17:55
replaceafillthe delayed tasks page17:55
th1aOK, yes.17:55
replaceafilli think we just need to improve it a little17:55
th1aWe might need a "Retry" button if we don't have one.17:55
replaceafilland more user friendly status messages17:56
th1aOK.  I can reply to Fran on that one then.17:56
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:59
replaceafillthanks th1a17:59
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