IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2015-11-02

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:32
th1aOK, we should review Glenda's current issues quickly today before talking to her tomorrow.17:32
th1aAnything you have to report first?17:32
replaceafillno, nothing17:33
th1aOK, so then there's a mail in the CanDo manager password thread.17:33
th1aOctober 26.17:33
th1aHm... probably not much to do here without getting more details from her.17:34
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th1aOne thing I'm considering recommending is making db backup/packing an automatic first step in some of these big import procedures.17:35
th1a(or maybe packing as a last step...17:35
th1aBut I guess looking at this we mostly need to discuss with her.17:37
replaceafilldo you know what she means by this: "trying to figure out how to track credentials!"17:38
replaceafillin the verso_skills paragraph17:38
th1aThose are probably sets of skills that add up to a certificate/badge/credential.17:38
th1aDon't we have something like that already?17:38
th1aOr is that by course?17:39
th1aDouglas has completed web programming 101...17:39
replaceafillhhmm i don't think so17:39
replaceafillbut at this point i'm blank on cando entirely17:39
th1aI think it might be by course.17:40
th1aHer idea about deprecating by spreadsheet might work.17:40
replaceafillyeah, probably17:41
th1aOK.  So I don't think there is anything for you to do to get ready.17:42
th1aOK, so it is 9:42 for you now?17:42
th1aI'm one our ahead now?17:43
replaceafillyeah, it's 9:4317:43
th1aOK, so 1:00 your time ok for the meeting?17:43
th1aOh, we got our Henrico County check!17:46
th1aSo that's good timing too!17:46
th1aOK, I'll email glenda.17:48
th1aThat's all I have.17:48
th1aI have to get the paper finalized today -- this bilingual story pushed us over the deadline.  :-(17:49
th1aBut it is worth it I think.17:49
th1aAlso, for reference, Thanksgiving is November 26th here this year.17:50
replaceafillah ok17:50
replaceafillwill you be away that week?17:51
th1aAnd I'll try to pay you today -- tomorrow at the latest.17:51
th1aThat week.17:51
th1aSo you're going to do API work today?17:52
replaceafilli'll create a separate package17:52
replaceafilli don't want to use rising for it17:53
th1aOh, so are we saying 1 week?17:53
replaceafillquestion, when you registered your device with the app17:54
replaceafillor, enrolled your device17:54
replaceafilldid it say "Douglas"?17:54
th1aI updated the blueprint.17:55
th1aI'll take care of the dashboard images and blueprints for Fran tomorrow.17:56
th1aShe's off 'til the 4th iirc.17:56
replaceafilli'll need to chase the Uganda guys in Skype it seems17:56
th1aOh, right.  Sorry.17:57
th1aDon't know what's going on with that.17:57
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:58
replaceafillok, thanks th1a17:58

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