IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-10-30

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replaceafillhey th1a17:52
replaceafillmy parents are visiting17:53
th1aMine arrive later today.17:55
th1aJust a sec...17:55
th1aDid you see the proximity email?17:57
replaceafillyou were right17:58
replaceafillthey're swamped17:58
th1aYeah, they turned up about exactly when I thought they would.  ;-)17:58
th1aSo, he doesn't seem to know at all where we left off.17:59
th1aMaybe we just need to resurrect our last emails?17:59
replaceafilli think our last mail was the url to the testing instance18:00
replaceafillAugust 31st18:00
th1aOK, I'll forward that with some comments.18:01
th1aIs that still up?18:02
th1aYou probably just need to restart that.18:02
replaceafilli just did18:02
replaceafillit works18:02
th1aI'll ask about a meeting early next week.18:03
th1aAny preference?18:03
th1aTuesday morning?18:03
replaceafilldid Glenda answer your email?18:03
th1aYeah, she's good with Tuesday afternoon.18:04
replaceafillTuesday morning is fine18:04
th1aAny progress on the API?18:07
replaceafilli checked the production data yesterday18:07
replaceafill1 week seems reasonable at this point to me18:07
replaceafillfor the things described in the blueprint18:07
replaceafillone thing i think we need to improved compared to the canvas work is messages18:08
replaceafillthe messages users see in their Home page18:08
replaceafillin the Messages accordion18:08
replaceafillalso, we probably need an "Update" button?18:09
replaceafilli mean, to force the sync18:09
th1aI'm not sure we need messages.18:10
replaceafillthen we need to improve the Schedule Tasks page18:10
replaceafillto include message information18:10
replaceafilli mean18:10
replaceafillwhen things started, when they ended, etc18:11
th1aYes, I think that's fine for this case.18:11
th1aI mean, with Proximity, we're dealing with technical users.18:11
replaceafillproblem with the current schedule tasks page is that after the task finishes, all logging is gone18:11
replaceafilland my biggest finding yesterday18:11
replaceafillwe don't log enough celery info18:12
replaceafillin sandboxes we set the level of logging to INFO18:12
replaceafillwhich is useful18:12
replaceafilldeb packages use default logging18:12
replaceafillso you don't see much18:12
replaceafillabout when things are schedule, failed, etc18:12
replaceafilli'm not sure how to deal with that yet though :(18:14
replaceafillbecause that's supervisor configuration18:14
replaceafilli mean, even if we change supervisor templates in the packages18:15
replaceafillthat won't affect existing instances18:15
replaceafilljust the new ones18:15
replaceafillit's not a big deal yet i guess18:15
th1aOK, why don't we send the estimate Monday and just get down to it?18:17
th1aOK, great.18:17
th1aAnything else?18:17
replaceafillno, i think that's it18:17
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.18:18
replaceafillcool, thanks th1a18:18
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