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th1ahi replaceafill.17:04
th1aCan we make this quick.17:04
replaceafillnothing much to report, checked the database, found nothing17:04
th1aI have to finish this somewhat massive bilingual! story on these Guatemalan workers.17:04
replaceafilltried journey credentials again17:05
th1aI'll send you a copy when it is done.17:05
replaceafillit as the typical problem between an lower case "l" and an upper case "I"17:05
replaceafillah cool17:05
replaceafillit was*17:05
th1aah so you're in?17:05
replaceafilland Steph wrote Teena about the attendance codes17:06
replaceafillguys in Uganda also wrote about the backups17:06
replaceafilli'll try to nail the estimate17:07
replaceafilland write questions if necessary17:07
replaceafillPiyali also sent the other ISLI database17:07
replaceafillso i can check the other issue17:07
th1aOn that question, we just won't be able to sync back the detailed absence status, right.17:07
th1aWe'll have to send everything back as unknown.17:07
th1aBut it is not a problem.17:08
th1aAbsent - Unknown17:08
replaceafillah right17:08
th1aOr present.17:08
replaceafilla "default state"17:08
replaceafillfor present and absent17:08
replaceafilli guess that's it from me...17:09
replaceafillFran won't be around for a couple of days17:09
replaceafillit's like my boss is out of town :D17:09
replaceafill"take it easy Douglas"17:10
th1alol.   OK, cool.17:10
th1aI'm distracted too.  ;-)17:10
th1aBut I guess I'm not the real boss.  ;-)17:10
replaceafillon paper :P17:11
replaceafillotherwise i'd be fired by now ;)17:11
* replaceafill done17:11
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th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:12
th1aI can send that reply, btw.17:13
replaceafillthanks th1a17:13
th1areplaceafill, ayt?18:29
replaceafillth1a, yeah18:29
th1aCan you do a little proof-reading for me in about 15 minutes?18:29
th1aI'm doing a lot of copy/pasting in Spanish right now...18:30
th1aThanks.  ;-)18:30
th1aOK, shared.18:42
th1aSubheads are in English still, numbers show how much this is resequenced from the talking interview, replaceafill.18:43
replaceafill"el rompimiento de las uniones en los puertos"?18:44
replaceafilldo you mean unions?18:44
replaceafillworker unions?18:44
th1aIs that in the "Lisa Knauer" part?18:45
replaceafillyeah, first paragraph18:45
th1aOK, yes.18:45
th1aDo we want syndicat... ?18:45
replaceafillok, the right work for union is "sindicato"18:45
th1aCan you just change that?18:45
th1aMost of this is transcribed.18:45
replaceafillhow much does the paper pay reviewers...? :D18:46
replaceafillthis is not in english somewhere?18:46
replaceafillsomewhere i can read?18:46
replaceafilli'm not sure what the paragraph means by "compañía" in this context18:47
replaceafilldo you want me to edit it to my "liking"?18:48
replaceafillthe english version says "It starts..."18:48
th1aWell, if you're willing.18:48
replaceafillin spanish it makes more sense to start "It all starts..."18:48
th1aThe translated part, sure.18:48
th1aThat's translated by my mother in law, who is pretty fluent but not a native speaker.18:48
th1aThe Adrian Ventra parts are transcribed.18:49
th1abtw "El organizar de Bob’s Tires" Means "Organizing Bob's Tires," right?18:51
replaceafilldo you intend this to be read by native spanish speakers?18:53
replaceafillor is it just like18:53
replaceafill"oh we have this story in spanish in case someone is interested"18:54
replaceafillmy point18:54
replaceafillthe tense doesn't make much sense when you read it18:54
th1aOh, Jesus.18:54
replaceafilli'm not sure what's the exact name for the tense18:54
th1aOK, so, how extensive is this bug?18:55
replaceafillbut in spanish it's more usual to this kind of thing to be in past18:55
replaceafillfor instance the "once you have somebody here..."18:55
replaceafillit's someone telling you the story in the US18:55
replaceafillsomeone who's in the US speaking18:56
replaceafilli'm not sure how to explain18:56
replaceafillif i read this from El Salvador18:56
replaceafilli scratch my head trying to understand the "here" part...18:56
th1aOK, I can bounce this off Prof. Knauer, and the CCT people and see if they want to tweak it.18:56
replaceafillit sounds "forced"18:56
replaceafillit's a decent translation18:57
replaceafillbut for a native speaker it may be confusing18:57
th1aCan you read over the rest and see how it reads.18:58
th1aI don't need you to fix it.18:58
replaceafilli showed a couple of paragraphs to Marcela19:00
replaceafillfrom 1-10 she says 719:00
th1aYeah, I mean, this was a little bit of a rush job.19:00
th1aI have other people here who can help.19:00
th1aJust not available on IRC.  ;-)19:01
replaceafilli understand the idea behind it19:01
replaceafilljust some parts sound forced as i said19:01
th1aYou're convenient replaceafill.  ;-)19:01
replaceafillsadly, the article is about the history of the place where i live...19:02
replaceafillso i feel "identified"19:02
replaceafill4th paragraph is almost perfect19:03
th1aSo the translation is a little too literal, especially tense-wise?19:04
replaceafillit's the same case i have when i translate or the book :)19:06
replaceafilli usually change the literal translation to make more sense in spanish19:06
replaceafilleven if i add/remove words19:06
th1aOK, yeah, I think she was more worried about accuracy at the expense of readability.19:06
replaceafill2nd paragraph in about the CCT is really off though19:07
replaceafill5. Our people....19:08
th1aIn what sense?19:08
replaceafilli think it needs a whole rewrite19:08
replaceafillit adds words that are not in the original idea19:09
th1aWell, that should be what he *said*.19:09
replaceafilland they don't help19:09
th1aThis was said in Spanish.19:09
replaceafillwell the english paragraph is very clear to me19:09
th1aTranslated live, so loosely.19:09
th1aWell, she's the professor...19:09
replaceafillbut the spanish one doesn't represent it (almost at all)19:10
replaceafilli don't touch it, since you dont want me to fix it :)19:10
replaceafilli'll just keep going19:10
th1aWhat is he saying in Spanish?19:10
replaceafillwhat do you mean?19:11
th1aI mean...19:11
replaceafillhe's talking about his people19:11
replaceafillthe K'iche'19:11
th1aIs he just way less clear than her?19:11
replaceafillhe's saying wha'ts in english :D19:12
replaceafillthe spanish translation just has noise19:12
replaceafilla lot of noise19:12
th1aIt isn't a translation.19:12
replaceafill"Esto es la idea"19:12
replaceafill"This is the idea"19:12
th1aThat's the original.19:12
th1aThe english is the translation now.19:13
replaceafillgot it19:13
th1a-- loose translation.19:13
replaceafillit's someone literal conversation19:13
replaceafillit's not edited19:13
replaceafillgot it19:13
replaceafillit's like "nosotros [somos] guatemaltecos"...19:14
th1aIn both cases, but obviously a professor sounds better that way.19:14
replaceafill"we [are] guatemalans"19:14
replaceafillit's the case where papers write things in [...]19:14
replaceafillto add missing words the person didn't say19:14
th1aOK, but I'm not going to do that at this point.19:14
th1aI sent them a copy of the transcription.19:14
th1aA few days ago.19:14
replaceafillwell, with all the context starts to make sense19:15
replaceafilli hope your readers have the same context explanation :D19:15
th1a"We conducted this interview on October 23rd at the Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores in a New Bedford storefront with Adrian Ventura, executive director of the organization, and Dr. Lisa Maya Knauer, Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, a longtime supporter of CCT.  Dr. Knauer translated questions and answers as Ventura responded in Spanish, and also provided extra h19:15
th1aistorical context to the discussion.  Many thanks to Anne Geller for transcribing the Spanish responses and doing additional translation of the English text into Spanish."19:15
replaceafillok, i want my named added here :D19:16
th1aYou'll have to do the translation of that part.  ;-)19:16
replaceafill19. ... spanish translation is missing19:18
th1aYes.  That is a known bug.19:19
replaceafilli didn't expect some much central american presence in that part of the us19:19
th1aI'd say the Central American community up here has grown since you've visited.  It is in the other side of town here, so I wasn't so aware of it.19:20
replaceafill"es bien costoso" a typical central american phrase <319:21
replaceafillfor something that it's hard to do19:21
replaceafilllearning ST es bien costoso19:21
th1aI like shopping at Costco?19:21
replaceafillProf Knauer answered in english, right?19:26
replaceafilland last three paragraphs are again [transcribed] from literal spanish conversation?19:31
replaceafillth1a, done19:36
replaceafillprobably you should just take my advice on the "union" to "sindicato"19:36
replaceafillbut i think you need to specify this is a transcript19:37
replaceafillor at least some parts of it19:37
th1aI'll try to make it a bit more explicit in the introduction.19:37
replaceafillsome parts make sense when you know that19:38
replaceafillthe noise is from the interviewee19:38
replaceafillcomes from*19:38
th1aI guess I can have different intros in each language.19:39
replaceafillinteresting story though19:39
th1a"Ventura's responses in Spanish have been directly transcribed; Professor Knauer's are translated from English."19:39
replaceafillsorry i couldn't be of more help19:40
replaceafillbut i'm glad your paper does this19:40
th1aNo no, I just needed that native sanity check.19:40
replaceafillsadly, i'm not sure how many people (in our countries) still care19:40
replaceafillbut well...19:40
th1aThis story hasn't been covered by any of the newspapers here.19:41
th1aIt is definitely the most interesting one I've done.19:41
replaceafilloh, Yakub found the files19:43
replaceafillthe bulk site?19:43
replaceafilli was expecting dropbox...?19:44
th1aSo... no data in the db but big logs?19:44
replaceafilli haven't seen the logs yet19:45
th1aIf they're too big to send.19:45
replaceafillI asked him about sendspace19:47
replaceafillI don't have an account and I'm not sure if I need it19:47
th1aI have to file our RI Annual Report now.19:47
th1aWhich mostly means "sending $50."19:47
replaceafillIs that tax related?19:48
th1aIt is just renewing our existence.19:48
replaceafillgot it19:48
th1aSo it is a "fee" not a "tax."19:48
th1aYou know... "No new taxes."19:48
th1aSo... fees.19:49
th1aStill kind of weird I/we are a small business owner.19:56
replaceafillyou want to own a big business? :D19:56
th1aIf you can train a staff of SchoolTool developers.  ;-)19:57
replaceafilli keep thinking ST will probably die when i leave :(20:00
th1aWell, you can't leave.20:01
th1aOr we may need to fly you to London for three months, or something.20:01
replaceafillfor ARK support?20:02
th1aIt will take a lot of planning.20:02
th1aI mean, if you did decide you were leaving in X months, it might make most sense for you to train someone there.20:02
replaceafillgood idea!20:02
replaceafilli hadn't thought of that!20:02
th1aIt might make the most sense *anyhow*.20:03
replaceafilli can *force* the issue!20:03
th1aWe'll know more about what ARK is going to do in six months.20:03
replaceafilli bet i can train someone remotely20:04
th1aI doubt entirely.20:04
th1aAnyhow, once we get 3.0 out, we may have more options.20:05

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