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th1aI'll be back online in a half an hour, replaceafill.19:40
replaceafillth1a, ok19:40
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th1ahi replaceafill.20:07
replaceafillhey th1a20:07
th1aAh... I thought I'd forwarded Denise's email.20:10
th1aOK, just forwarded it.20:11
replaceafillyou forwarded the one with the new design20:11
th1aOh, ok.20:11
replaceafilla couple of things in the new design20:12
replaceafillcolleges are not: type + name anymore20:12
replaceafillthere's some classification i didn't expect20:12
replaceafillTechnical School20:13
th1aThere's a hierarchy?20:13
replaceafillTCAT-Elizabethton, etc20:13
th1aIt isn't clear whether this is one flat list including categories and specifics.20:14
th1aI can ask.20:14
replaceafillmy biggest headache about it is that we have no "standard" way of creating related dropdowns20:14
th1aDropdowns that are uh related?20:15
replaceafilllike, say you have the Choice 1 widget20:15
replaceafillyou select Community College20:15
replaceafillmaybe there should be a second dropdown with the Community College names20:16
replaceafillunless we create long values20:16
replaceafillCommunity College - Northeast...20:16
replaceafillCommunity College - Walters...20:16
th1aThat's probably not necessary because people aren't really going to be confused.20:16
th1aThey know Northeast is a Community College.20:17
replaceafilli was even thinking of using disabled items in the dropdown20:17
replaceafilllike we do in some filters20:18
replaceafillthose that are grayed out and you cannot select them20:18
replaceafillTrade or Industry Certificate20:18
replaceafill[Techcnical School] <- disabled20:19
th1aIt just isn't clear what she needs so don't overthink it yet.20:19
th1aAnything else I need to ask about?20:19
replaceafillother part that was added is20:19
replaceafillScholaraships Awarded20:19
replaceafillshe's requesting 10 fields like:20:19
replaceafillname + award $20:20
replaceafilli'm thinking of handling those as lists20:20
replaceafillinstead of having 10 fixed fields20:20
replaceafilland on documenation of contacts20:20
replaceafillshe mentions:20:20
replaceafillWould show up on the screen like the following:20:21
replaceafilland a table20:21
replaceafilli guess that's just for display?20:21
th1aWell, yeah.20:21
replaceafillshould we have options to handle parts of this information on individual forms?20:22
th1aIn the slider.20:22
replaceafillor everything should be done through the edit view?20:22
th1aI was thinking different forms -- I guess we were unclear on that?20:23
th1aI guess there's a difference between separate forms and separate sections/sliders.20:23
th1aThe latter is easier.20:23
replaceafillby sliders you mean jQuery UI accordions?20:23
replaceafillor do you mean form *fieldsets*?20:24
th1aBoth though, really.20:24
th1aI mean, we can divide demographics that way, but fieldsets/accordions, but it is still one add/edit form, right?20:25
replaceafillthat's what i'm asking20:25
replaceafillif you want to add documentation of a new contact20:25
replaceafillwe could have an option just to display that20:26
th1aYou would prefer a separate form.20:26
replaceafillwith just those 3 fields20:26
replaceafillinstead of presenting everything in edit mode20:26
replaceafilland having to scroll down20:26
th1aYes, but also *ideally* for Post-Secondary Intentions, etc. you'd have a separate form.20:27
replaceafillis it ok if we just have fieldsets for A through E in the *add student* view?20:28
replaceafilland then have options for the rest20:28
replaceafillas separate forms20:28
replaceafillmakes sense20:28
replaceafilli was just thinking it'd depend on their workflow, etc20:28
th1aSorry I that attendance history took a bit longer than I hoped.20:28
replaceafillhow much info they have available, etc20:28
replaceafillpackaging was hell because of different versions20:29
replaceafillbetween isli and peas20:29
replaceafilli just moved peas like 2 versions forward20:29
replaceafilland if we add a new deployment...20:30
replaceafillthings are going to be trickier20:30
th1aOK.  We may need to take a few days for reorganization.20:30
replaceafillok, so you're going to ask about the college choices20:31
replaceafill(and their hierarchy)20:31
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