IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2015-06-02

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:33
th1aJust had a haircut & am reading Fran's email.17:35
th1aOK, I guess go ahead and do 2,3,4 and change the count for the groups on the School page?17:36
th1aI'll accept counting inactives as a minor bug.17:36
replaceafillchange the count?17:38
replaceafillto include inactive also?17:38
th1aOh, sorry.17:39
th1aWhat is the problem then?17:39
th1aOh, uh, something specifically with unenrollment?17:40
th1aDo you understand what she means?17:40
replaceafillshe means the listing of the group members17:41
replaceafillif i understand correctly17:41
replaceafill"when you click on the student list then there are multiple students listed as “withdrawn” as I thought this was only supposed to be current students (with everyone else under people)"17:41
replaceafillwhen you unenroll a student17:42
replaceafillthe student gets inactivated in the group17:43
replaceafillshe's expecting people you enroll to "disappear" from the lists17:43
replaceafillyou unenroll*17:43
th1aOK, well, there is not really an intermediate fix then.17:43
replaceafillall i can think of is the checkbox :S17:44
th1aAs long as they aren't showing up in more functionally important areas like reports and gradebooks.17:45
replaceafillthey shouldn't17:45
th1aI guess I should say that trying to hard-code a specific exception in there temporarily would be a big waste of time.17:47
replaceafilli don't understand her comment on the copy/paste functionality17:48
replaceafillabout the "entire gradebook"17:48
th1aWell... at least the way I'm thinking of it is, we're storing a list of values SOMEWHERE and they'll hang around as if in the clipboard until you try to paste them somewhere else.17:49
replaceafillbut it's always on a single activity, right?17:49
replaceafillnot group of activities at the same time17:49
replaceafillok, so i'll work on these today17:50
replaceafillif i understand correctly, they want these fixes ready for their Thursday (Uganda) meeting17:51
replaceafillso i think we're ok17:51
replaceafillmove to proximity?17:51
replaceafillmove on17:51
replaceafilldid you see my email?17:52
th1aOh.  Ah, yes.17:53
th1aYes, I need to send you the files.17:53
th1aI generated them on my machine.17:54
replaceafilloh cool17:54
replaceafillyou have it17:54
th1aI'm just pondering a reasonably secure way to send them.17:54
replaceafilli was afraid we were going to need to ask someone...17:54
th1aCan I scp them somewhere.17:55
th1aAlso, i think making a CNAME for was incorrect.17:55
th1a(by them)17:55
replaceafilli noticed the same17:55
th1aNeeds to be what, a host record?17:55
replaceafillnot sure17:56
replaceafillbut those that display "A"17:56
replaceafillwhen you use dig :D17:56
replaceafilli don't remember bind so well...17:56
th1aAh, yes A.17:57
th1aOK, I'll tell them.17:57
replaceafilladdress record17:57
replaceafilldo you want to scp to sielibre?17:57
replaceafilli mean to17:57
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th1aQuestion from Fran about Ubuntu updates.20:49
th1aCan we limit them to security updates, replaceafill (for non-schooltool updates)20:50
replaceafilli think so20:51
th1aOK, I'll check.20:51
replaceafilli remember you can edit apt settings20:51
th1aYeah, I got it.21:01
replaceafillpining or something, right?21:01
replaceafilli remember searching for "i want to update only this ppa packages"21:02
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h21:04
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