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replaceafillhey th1a17:34
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th1ahi replaceafill.17:35
th1aSo, always something else from Fran.17:36
th1aWhich is good if we want to stay in business.17:36
th1aOK, I guess we should go through this mail...17:40
th1aOK, point 1?17:40
replaceafillthis is what we discussed on Friday17:41
th1aBasically, we could estimate this.17:41
th1aI got confused there for a minute.17:41
th1aLike .5 day or something?17:42
th1aI basically gave Fran the "we can fix this for free, perhaps sometime in 2016" answer.17:42
replaceafillwe're talking about the group index view, right?17:43
replaceafillwhat should be the change?17:43
replaceafillor are we talking about the temp relationship views?17:43
th1aLet's assume she's thinking both.17:45
th1aWell... we can't do "added in error" properly quickly enough.17:45
th1aThat is, as a fundamentally different category.17:45
th1aSo we could move all inactive.17:46
th1aWhich would be ok with me, especially if you had a check box.17:46
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replaceafilla checkbox makes sense to me for the group/section index views17:47
replaceafilli think changing the relationship views is more than 0.517:48
replaceafilla checkbox should be 2 hours probably17:48
th1aA day for changing both with checkbox?17:49
replaceafillyeah, something like that17:49
th1aDoes that include relationship views?17:51
th1aI agree we don't need a checkbox for the relationship view.17:51
th1aJust move them down for everyone?17:51
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th1aSo "This looks like a day to add a checkbox to the relevant group and section indexes indicating if you want to see only actively enrolled students; and to move all inactive students out of the enrolled list when you are editing groups and sections."17:52
replaceafillsounds fine17:53
replaceafillso here17:55
replaceafillthere can be students enrolled in the group or sections17:55
replaceafillbut with no level set17:55
replaceafilla couple of hours probably17:57
th1aIn that particular report.17:57
replaceafilljust for that report17:57
th1aIs there some reason that's complicated?17:57
replaceafillit's like 1-2 hours i think17:57
replaceafilljust change the logic to gather the students17:58
replaceafillthere's an if there iirc17:58
replaceafillthat should be removed17:58
th1aI'm not second guessing you but I'm a little curious.17:58
replaceafilland test of course17:58
th1aI mean, that's just kind of the minimum for any bug fix.17:58
replaceafill1 hour?17:59
replaceafilli'd say17:59
replaceafillin this case i thought about including everyone since the beginning17:59
th1aLike 1 hour to set up, look at something for 10 minutes, make the fix, test it, etc.17:59
replaceafillthen i thought about what she mentions17:59
th1aThen another hour just in case.18:00
replaceafillthat's usually the way i estimate :S18:00
th1aThat's fine.  I'm not saying it doesn't take that long.18:00
th1aI'd just do it for free then, but let's see what else we have.18:01
replaceafillif i understand her last sentence in #218:01
replaceafillshe knows the totals of the levels won't match the school total18:01
th1aIt depends on if we can group these more.18:01
replaceafilli know18:01
th1aYeah, I think she just wants those two number to match.18:01
replaceafillif there's another 1-2 hour bug18:01
replaceafillthe two should just be 2 hours both18:02
replaceafilli was thinking of making this an option in the request dialog?18:03
replaceafill[ ] Use assessment sheet weighting18:03
replaceafillor something18:03
th1aOh, that might be best.18:04
replaceafillthe problem here is "detecting when all terms have been graded"18:04
replaceafillif i understood her correctly the last time18:04
replaceafillshe said the workaround would be to use 0s18:05
th1aA checkbox would be better.18:05
th1aHow long would that take.18:05
replaceafilllet's suggest that18:05
replaceafill2-3 hours18:05
th1aSo, .5 days for 2&3 perhaps.18:06
th1aThe dreaded #4.18:08
th1aI just read a little about using the system clipboard with Javascript, which was my first brilliant suggestion, but that seems way too cryptic.18:08
replaceafillare we really doing that one?!?!18:09
th1aWell... we can discuss it.18:09
th1aIt could just be copy/pasting a string of comma separated values.18:09
replaceafilli think it should be a new view "Copy this grades somewhere else"18:09
th1aDoesn't SEEM like it should be hard.18:09
th1aYes, I'm sure you're thinking about the RIGHT way to do it.  ;-)18:10
replaceafillclick column header18:10
replaceafillCopy these grades...18:10
replaceafillselect target worksheet -> select target activity18:11
replaceafillassumming the same section of course18:11
th1aCouldn't you just stuff the values into a session variable (or something)?18:11
replaceafillprobably not the same section18:11
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replaceafilli don't see that view too complicated18:12
replaceafilli mean, to code18:12
replaceafillprobably doesn't have good usability?18:12
replaceafillto me it's just dangerous18:13
replaceafill"oh no, i pasted to the wrong activity!!!"18:13
th1aJust delete them.18:14
th1aFill down with 0.18:14
replaceafillok, let's discuss the javascript approach18:14
replaceafillcurrently, there's no way to select and copy just one table column18:15
replaceafillyou end up selecting whole rows iirc18:15
replaceafilli mean, in the browser18:15
th1aI don't literally mean highlighting.18:16
th1aI just meant, click column header, select "Copy"18:16
th1aThe values are stored *somewhere* as a comma separated string.18:16
th1aGo to another column, select "Paste"18:16
th1aIf it has the same number of values and they're valid, put them in there, otherwise throw an error dialog.18:17
replaceafilland paste would only give you edit inputs18:18
replaceafillor would it already save the changes?18:18
th1aIt wouldn't need to save them.18:19
replaceafillwe don't use sessions much18:20
th1aI don't know what they are really.18:20
replaceafillor i should say, we don't really use sessions18:20
th1aIt is just a word I use.18:21
th1aWe just need to store a string.18:21
th1aThere are more ways to do this with the browser than there used to be.18:21
th1aWhatever is the lightest weight implementation.18:22
replaceafilli rmeember the example of sesion data about not losing your comments18:22
replaceafillwe can try the browser and js18:22
replaceafillas you say18:22
replaceafillshouldn't take long18:22
th1a1 day?  .5?18:23
th1aWant to do a little research?18:23
replaceafillweb storage18:24
replaceafillthat's what i remember reading about18:24
replaceafilli don't think it's 1 day18:24
replaceafill.5 probably18:24
th1aI don't really follow #5, do you?18:27
replaceafillnot really18:28
replaceafillgroups are set per year (first part of her question)18:28
th1aI guess I don't know how the reports know which things are streams?18:33
replaceafillcurrently any non-default group18:33
replaceafillusually this only matters in the filters/request views18:34
th1aOK, so it probably doesn't matter?18:34
replaceafilli think so18:35
th1aSo I'll email her.18:35
th1aWell, what about 6,7,8?18:36
replaceafilli started on #818:37
replaceafillno wait, #718:38
replaceafilli started on #718:38
replaceafillthe demo report18:38
replaceafillissue was that level gathering uses today18:38
replaceafilli think  i can limit the date logic there to use schoolyear.last18:39
replaceafillif today is higher18:39
replaceafilli did in the new enrolment report18:39
th1aOK, so you're still working on those.18:40
th1aIn short...18:40
replaceafillfor #818:40
replaceafilli have the DB now18:40
replaceafilland i can pdb to see what's going on18:40
replaceafilli'd like to finish those 2 today18:40
replaceafillsorry i wasn't able to do it through the weekend i was expecting18:40
replaceafilllike i was expecting*18:41
replaceafillplease write "should be done today for #7 and #8" :)\18:41
th1aWe need to get proximity up today.18:41
th1aThat's first priority.18:41
replaceafilldid you get the ssl cert yet?18:42
th1aNo, I was going to do that now.18:42
replaceafillalso i have no experience setting that up18:42
th1aDid we get one for BAIA, no?18:42
replaceafilli mean, apache + ssl18:42
th1aIt is certainly a well understood and documented issue.18:42
th1aI can't remember if I've actually done it.18:43
replaceafilloh sure, i know it's documented and i kind of remember doing it for jelkner once...18:43
replaceafill2.8 is already set in www-ny18:44
replaceafillbut disabled18:44
th1aDo I need to upgrade the server?18:45
th1aOr did you do that.18:45
th1aI guess you probably have permission?18:45
th1aI need to do it?18:45
replaceafilli think...18:45
replaceafilldo you want me to?18:45
th1aI can, no problem.18:45
replaceafillyou do it :D18:45
th1aAnd then I need to give him the IP.18:45
replaceafillwww-ny is 1 GB at the moment18:46
th1aWhich I can get.18:46
replaceafillgive him?18:46
th1aHe needs to point at it.18:46
replaceafilloh ok18:46
replaceafillgot it18:46
th1aYes, you'll need to set that up.18:46
th1aIf you didn't.18:46
replaceafilli'll do it once we have the cert18:46
replaceafillit's the same configuration anyway18:47
th1aOK, so I'll work on that stuff now and I should be done in an hour or two, tops.18:47
replaceafilli need to assembly my laptop back18:47
replaceafilli'm on my netbook at the moment :S18:47
th1aYou know, btw, I was lying in bed this morning thinking about our security policies.18:47
th1aYou should probably encrypt the filesystem on your main laptop at some point.18:49
th1aI don't know that you can do that without starting over though.18:49
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.18:53
replaceafillok, thanks th1a18:53
th1aI'll get that stuff to you.18:54
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bapplaywho can I get to customize schooltool?19:56
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th1areplaceafill, What's the best way for someone to look at their SchoolTool access logs?23:22
replaceafillaccess logs are blank in 2.8.323:23
replaceafillth1a, ^23:24
th1aThat's a bug or something?23:24
th1aWhat about Apache?23:24
replaceafillapache doesn't log that23:25
replaceafillit's possible to hack it from apache logs23:25
replaceafillbut it's not trusty imho23:25
replaceafillbtw, we fixed this for Fran23:26
replaceafillif we ever get 3.0 out, it should get included23:26

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