IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-02-06

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:26
replaceafillhey th1a16:26
* th1a has had an exasperating morning.16:28
th1aCouldn't get back to sleep last night and Julia arrived at school minus a shoe, which I can't find.16:28
th1aShe's wearing boots, ofc.16:29
th1aCatching up with these emails.16:30
replaceafilli was still up when Fran wrote16:31
th1aThat always helps.16:31
th1aI was up from 2:00 to 5:00 AM, but didn't really want to start working.  ;-)16:31
th1aDo you understand this: "Report card mark would be the Term average"16:33
replaceafillwe should display only that grade in the report card?16:34
th1aI can ask if she means for each term and total.  I assume you understand the calculation.16:35
replaceafillfor the average?16:36
replaceafillthe term average should be an average of the the BOT sheet average, the MOT sheet average and the EOT sheet average16:36
replaceafillif that makes sense16:36
th1aI'll follow up on that.16:36
th1aI didn't notice anything else confusing.16:37
replaceafillthat matches her example16:37
th1aAnything from your end?16:38
replaceafillthe only thing i have trouble remembering is some term equivalency16:38
replaceafillClass -> ST levels16:38
replaceafillSubject -> ST course16:38
replaceafillStream -> ST group16:39
replaceafilli think i got it right16:39
th1aI think a class moves from level to level as a unit, in general.16:40
replaceafillone thing that got my attention is16:40
replaceafillin the 1. Basic classroom report16:41
replaceafillher Subject filter example16:41
replaceafillS3a Maths16:41
replaceafillwhile the rest of the reports have Streams instead16:41
replaceafilli wonder if she really wants two filters there16:42
replaceafillSubject + Stream16:42
th1aIf it is easy, maybe just add it.16:42
replaceafilli tested more formatting options in xlwt16:43
replaceafilllike whole numbers16:43
replaceafillit'll make the reports more undertandable16:44
replaceafilland we're not spitting strings16:44
replaceafilli also started creating a sample data using Uganda's dates (terms, holidays, etc)16:44
th1aah ok16:44
replaceafilland subjects16:44
replaceafillshe got confused by the 12 grades...16:45
replaceafillmy bad16:45
replaceafillthat's it from me16:45
th1aWell, it is good she's detail oriented.16:45
th1aDid you see the mockups?16:46
replaceafilli checked your mocks16:46
replaceafillin the Assesment Sheets mock16:47
replaceafill1 minute, someone knocking on the door16:47
replaceafillso the three sheets16:48
replaceafillbot, mot, eot16:48
replaceafillthose will be empty16:48
replaceafillalso a custom optional sheet16:48
replaceafillalso empty16:49
replaceafillbut target16:49
replaceafillthat'll have an activity, right?16:49
th1aIs a one item report sheet, I think!16:49
th1aI can double check that too.16:49
replaceafillok, i'm not sure16:49
replaceafillbut the target may be different16:49
replaceafillaccording to the level16:49
replaceafillsome levels use %16:49
replaceafilland some use a score system16:49
replaceafilli remember you or Fran said something about it being just a number16:50
th1aOK, I'll ask.16:51
replaceafillsome of the assesment report ask MOCK to be created just for S4 level16:51
replaceafilli want to ask your opinion16:52
replaceafillshould we use level __name__s16:52
replaceafilli was thinking16:52
replaceafillthe level container is an ordered container16:52
replaceafillif the levels are created from 1-616:52
replaceafillwe could assume the forth is S416:52
th1aI guess we could.16:53
th1aIt isn't a priority for me at this point.16:53
replaceafilli guess my point is16:53
replaceafillhow much control we're going to have over level, subject creation16:53
replaceafilli mean16:53
replaceafilli guess they'll all use a spreadsheet, right?16:54
replaceafillfor setting things up16:54
replaceafilland we can influence/recommend on that16:54
replaceafillbut yes16:54
replaceafillit's not a big deal16:54
replaceafillat this point16:54
th1aYeah, we should assume we can control those things.16:54
replaceafilllast but not least on this16:54
replaceafillthe UCE sheet16:55
replaceafillwill it be a sheet16:55
replaceafillor a course16:55
replaceafillit's just that in the meeting yesterday i heard UCE + course, which got me confused16:56
th1aWhatever makes sense internally.16:56
th1aIt is just a separate form the clerk fills out, right?16:56
replaceafillbut teachers shouldn't be able to modify it, right?16:57
th1aBut it is associated with a section.16:57
replaceafilli guess we could adjust the gradebook view to display readonly activities16:58
replaceafillfor that sheet only16:58
replaceafillthat tweak seems easier to me16:58
th1aOK, that's fine with me.16:59
replaceafillteachers will see the tab sometimes though16:59
replaceafillfinally, student promotion16:59
replaceafillmy only comment here is about dates16:59
replaceafillperson levels are temporary relationships16:59
replaceafillwe could assume dates based on when the form is used17:00
replaceafilli guess17:00
th1aOh, right, well, we could add a single effective date.17:00
replaceafillor set some effective date next to the submit button17:00
replaceafillmakes sense17:00
replaceafillthat's it17:01
replaceafilloh wait, sorry17:01
replaceafillthere's one thing i can't remember17:01
replaceafilli mean17:02
replaceafilli can't remember why we decided to do it the way it is17:02
replaceafillit's about student attendance17:02
replaceafillat first student attendance was a single input, right?17:02
replaceafillthen they came up with this AM/PM request17:02
replaceafillat that point some of the existing reports were modified17:02
replaceafillto keep showing single days17:03
th1aNot AM/PM?17:03
replaceafilli mean a student was present or absent once17:03
replaceafillin a day17:03
replaceafillbut when i was working on the skip flag17:04
replaceafilli looked at that piece of logic17:04
replaceafilland doesn't make much sense17:04
replaceafillfor instance17:04
replaceafillfor a particular day17:04
replaceafillJonhy is present in AM17:04
replaceafilland Suspended (or ignored) in PM17:04
replaceafillthe current logic is: both AM and PM present count as present17:05
th1aYeah..., ignored isn't absent.17:05
replaceafillso AM/ignored will be marked as absent now17:06
replaceafilli guess for percentage reports17:06
replaceafillwe could separate the marks17:06
th1aWell, really, it is whatever they want.17:06
replaceafillwe should ask17:06
replaceafillas you can see17:06
th1aI think this kind of thing is what they want to confirm.17:06
replaceafilli have trouble explaining it :D17:06
th1aCan you handle that one?17:06
th1aIt just depends on exactly what the code says.17:07
replaceafillthe code says: you are considered present if both AM/PM is present17:07
replaceafilland skipped if both AM/PM are skip17:07
replaceafilli'll ask Fran17:07
th1aOK.  Thanks.17:07
* replaceafill writes that down17:08
th1aI don't want to be translating code.17:08
replaceafilli know17:08
replaceafillah th1a i created a account17:09
replaceafillthanks for sharing17:09
th1aGive you a confirmation this isn't all going into my Swiss bank account.  ;-)17:10
th1aOK, I'm going to see if I can figure out where this shoe went and then email Fran.17:11
replaceafillthanks th1a17:12
replaceafillgood luck with the shoe ;)17:12
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:12
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