IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-02-05

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:33
th1aDid you get any sleep last night?16:33
replaceafillhey th1a16:33
replaceafilli got up early16:33
replaceafillmerging the skip flag to the attendance score systems was more difficult than i expected16:34
replaceafillcolor coding works now in xls reports16:35
th1aWe haven't been having too many unpleasant surprises lately at least.16:35
* replaceafill is preparing his camera/headphones16:37
th1aI'm really just testing mine.16:38
th1aI don't remember how to properly test that...16:38
th1aDo you have any reports color coded beyond the ones you sent earlier?16:40
replaceafillno, not yet16:40
th1aCan you change the fonts with xlwt?16:41
replaceafillfont family?16:42
th1aWell, bold, etc moreso.16:44
replaceafilli just set backgrounds for now16:44
replaceafilland some cell merges16:44
th1aI'm just never sure what xlwt can do.16:45
th1aI should probably read up on it a bit.16:46
replaceafillso far the only thing it cannot do it's notes16:47
replaceafillor comments16:47
replaceafillor whatever that's called in excel16:47
th1aAh, ok.16:48
replaceafillthose could be useful for explaining what columns are, etc16:48
th1aI just get uptight because they want these to be visual reports, and it makes my skin crawl a bit to have to draw them in Excel.16:50
th1aOK, so what are we going over here...16:53
th1aSorry I'm feeling a little scattered.16:53
th1aAre we demoing the whole UCE thing?16:54
th1aDo we have a demo instance up?16:54
replaceafilli switched to the xls reports yesterday16:55
replaceafillmy main question for today16:55
replaceafillit's about the report sheets16:55
replaceafillare we going to use report sheets, course worksheets, regular worksheets, etc16:56
th1aOK, this is a progress report, not a demo, fine.16:56
th1aRight, we hadn't decided that.16:56
th1aCan we show here the UCE input on screenshare?16:57
replaceafillthey'll probably ask about packaging situation16:57
replaceafillhhmm sorry it's not fully usable16:57
replaceafilli can send a couple of screenshots with the reports16:58
th1aIt is fine.16:58
* replaceafill also feels scattered16:58
th1aI mean, basically on our end a number of things are coming together, almost done.16:58
th1aI think we're settling on creating BOT, MOT, EOT worksheets that we can pull the averages from, although she may want them calculated a little differently.17:00
th1aI guess they may want an average of the averages?  Not an overall point average.17:00
replaceafilli hope we get that decided today17:00
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th1aOK... so.18:03
th1aActually, let's take 10 minutes... when do you need to go?18:03
replaceafillin about 1 hour18:04
replaceafilli'll go get some coffee18:04
th1aI'm out of coffee!18:04
replaceafilli'm out of pressure pills!18:04
replaceafillbut not of coffee ;)18:04
th1aI'm back.18:17
replaceafillsorry th1a18:27
replaceafillwent to the bathroom18:27
replaceafillok, so18:27
replaceafillyou took some notes, right?18:27
th1aI'm mostly worried about how to approach the not-quite report sheets for BOT/MOT/EOT.18:29
replaceafilland how to link that to the report card...18:29
replaceafilli think we'll need a new report anyway18:29
th1aI guess it is partly whether they should be fully editable report sheets or just specially titled worksheets.18:30
th1aWhich is easiest & most robust.18:31
th1aI don't have a strong preference -- editable report sheets would probably be sturdier.18:31
replaceafilli don't see the benefit of report sheets18:33
replaceafillif you don't use layouts18:33
replaceafillreport card layouts18:33
th1aWell, mostly they can't be deleted, I suppose.18:33
th1aI guess there is also the:18:34
th1a1) undeletable worksheets identified by __name__18:34
th1a2) deletable worksheets identified by title.18:34
replaceafilltitles seem fragile18:35
replaceafilland we can control __name__ i guess18:36
replaceafilland the user can't18:36
th1aYeah, definitely.18:37
th1aI guess it is just a matter of how much of a pain making undeletable worksheets is.18:37
replaceafillare quick hacks allowed? :)18:38
th1aWell, how do report sheets do it?18:39
replaceafillthey carry an attribute18:39
replaceafilland the options are hidden iirc18:39
th1aI mean, if we can just deploy worksheets with the same attribute.18:40
replaceafillalso, we don't allow to delete worksheets18:42
replaceafilljust hide them18:43
th1aOh shit!18:43
replaceafillwe don't have to get into it right now18:43
replaceafilli've never understood18:43
th1aWell right, it isn't a problem at all then!18:43
replaceafillwhy we hid worksheets, but we allow to delete activities!18:44
th1aYou never understood what I was talking about?18:44
th1aYeah, ok, so this is a non-issue.18:44
replaceafilli've never understood why ST works that way18:44
th1aProbably a momentary expedient.18:44
replaceafilleven if they hide it18:44
replaceafillthe sheet it's still there18:44
replaceafilland the report can get to it18:44
th1aYes, ok, great!18:44
th1aWe're so smart!18:44
replaceafillyou're a genius!!!18:45
th1aSorry I spaced on that.18:45
replaceafill(quoting the css guy)18:45
replaceafillah np18:45
replaceafilli usually need to look at the code to remember how things work18:45
replaceafilli guess it's because we don't eat our own dog food...18:45
replaceafill(that's the right saying, right?)18:45
th1aI haven't been doing a lot of grading.18:46
th1aRecreational pretend grades.18:47
th1aOK, otherwise, my notes...18:48
th1aCourses need to be tranlsated as subjects?18:48
replaceafillwe said we're hardcoding that, right?18:48
th1aAs a translation or?18:49
replaceafillno, a dictionary18:49
replaceafillthat's for the UCE only?18:49
replaceafillUCE form18:49
th1aNo, I think in general.18:51
replaceafilloh right18:51
replaceafillwe need them as filters18:51
replaceafillfor some reports18:51
replaceafillwe just need to save the course code <-> subject mapping, right?18:53
th1aI thought she literally meant the word "Course" in the interface should be translated as "Subject" everywhere.18:54
replaceafilli'm talking about something different then, sorry18:55
replaceafillfor that we can use a translation18:56
replaceafilli thought it was the Math vs Mathematics situation18:57
replaceafillMath (as a course title) and Mathematics (as a subject title)18:57
replaceafillnever mind18:57
th1aWell, got that straightened out.18:58
th1aPEAS Regions...18:58
th1aCan we store that on the school level?18:58
th1aSchools still are metadata poor...18:58
replaceafillsame with the school code, right?18:59
th1aOh, school information.18:59
th1aIt can just go there.18:59
replaceafillextend the preferences18:59
th1aI have the report image to send.19:01
replaceafillreport card?19:01
th1aI think target can be a report sheet with one activity?19:02
th1aIt does not seem like it is a problem to invoice any final "extras" here, so we should keep track of that.19:04
replaceafillah yes19:04
replaceafilli was going to ask you about that19:04
replaceafillwhat are we going to consider extra?19:04
th1aIt seems like she has the budget for it.19:04
th1aWell, anything beyond that spreadsheet we were looking at.19:04
th1aAnd if we can say "Adding these 5 little things at the end took half a day" fine.19:05
th1aShe's not going to jerk us around, and if we're not billing for these meetings this time around, we're certainly not taking advantage.19:05
replaceafillso, can we sum up the sheets situation?19:07
replaceafillwe need 3 for BOT, MOT, EOT, right?19:07
replaceafillregular sheets19:07
replaceafillwith deployed attribute set19:07
th1aAh, so yes, maybe this is a simple form.19:07
th1aIt seems like we have to let the school make an initial choice for the year.19:07
th1aCheck BOT/MOT/EOT19:07
replaceafillah ok19:07
th1aMaybe it is sufficient to have and extra one that you can add the title to yourself.19:08
th1a(rather than an arbitrary number of additional ones)19:08
th1aRather than replicating the whole complexity of the report sheet system.19:08
th1aThe Target report sheet could be added here too.19:09
replaceafillas an option?19:09
replaceafillcould you make a mock for it?19:10
replaceafillso, we take averages from all of those sheets19:12
replaceafilland use them in the reports19:13
replaceafillwhat about the two MOCK variants and the UCE sheet?19:13
th1aTeachers won't get a UCE sheet.19:14
th1aWhat are the MOCK variants again?19:14
replaceafillMOCK - PEAS, MOCK - OTHER19:14
replaceafillok, i need to go get Camila th1a19:16
replaceafillwant to continue in the afternoon?19:16
replaceafillor wait until tomorrow?19:16
th1aI'll be around.19:18
th1aI'll catch you later if necessary.19:18
replaceafillsee you later19:18
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