IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2015-01-27

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Alex_____ Hi01:34
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:32
replaceafillhow's the weather?16:32
th1aWell, it has stayed cold, so it is very dry powdery snow.16:33
th1aUnusual for around here.16:33
th1a(I don't know how much of a sense of snow variety replaceafill has)16:33
replaceafilleehhh... none? :P16:33
th1aWe often get very wet, heavy snow, because the temperature is close to freezing.16:34
th1aIt sticks to the tree branches, weighs them down, and breaks them over the power lines.16:34
th1a(also, sometimes you just get freezing rain, which coats the trees in ice.  That's the worst)16:35
th1aAnyhow, this is more like snow-sand right now.16:35
th1aAnd it is windy, so it essentially forms dunes quickly.16:35
th1aSo the top of our car is bare, but there is probably 2 feet plus blown up next to our fence.16:36
replaceafillhow long will it last?16:36
th1aWell, it is supposed to stay cold for a while.16:36
th1aSo... a while.16:36
th1aIt stops blowing around after a while.16:36
th1aThat's the other thing -- often we get a massive spring snowstorm of wet, heavy snow and the next day it is 50 degrees.16:37
th1aNot this time.16:37
th1aI guess now they're calling for a little rain Thursday night.16:38
th1aSo then you get freeze/thaw cycles which makes a hard icy crust on top.16:38
th1aThen you'll break through to a foot and a half of powder.16:39
th1aAll things you don't get to experience replaceafill, unless you move to Canada.16:39
replaceafillthe weather is a downer in that regard16:39
replaceafillSan Salvador is at 23 C today16:40
replaceafilland i'm already freezing :D16:40
th1aWe still have 10 hours of snow to go supposedly.16:40
th1aSo this should be interesting.16:41
th1aAnyhow, it seems unlikely the power is going to go out.16:42
th1aAnd we've got food.16:42
replaceafillah good16:42
th1aSo, any progress?16:45
replaceafilli started the teacher attendance reports16:46
replaceafilldone with the overall ones16:46
replaceafilli'm now working on two of the "persistant" reports16:46
replaceafillthey're very similar to the existing ones16:46
replaceafillso i think that'll go quicker16:47
replaceafilli also want to move the color coding out of peas16:47
replaceafill(report color codes)16:47
replaceafillso it's basically 5 "reports" (sheets) left16:47
replaceafilland then assesment16:47
replaceafillFran didn't answer your last email, right?16:48
th1aI think we should go ahead on assessment if we don't hear back.16:48
replaceafillah ok16:48
th1aOr at least start.16:48
th1aI mean, don't throw the brakes on.16:48
replaceafilldo we have any specific date for this to be done?16:49
th1aAh, regarding auto-populating the subjects.16:49
th1aI'd call it all asap at this point.16:49
replaceafillah ok16:49
th1aOne issue in data entry is if you have to look between the sheet and the screen.16:49
th1aSo that's one thing about auto-populating subjects.16:50
th1aYou might feel like you have to double check.16:50
th1aAs opposed to just keying in the string of numbers.16:51
th1aOf course, that depends on if you're actually touch typing, if you have a keypad, etc.16:51
th1aIf you have a separate keypad that's easy to learn, but they've become less standard.16:52
th1aDo you have any thoughts on this.  It is a good idea.  I'm just a little unsure.16:53
th1aBut basically taking your eyes off that sheet would be a no-no for fast entry, because it will be hard to find your place again.16:53
replaceafilli don't remember if you asked Fran this16:53
replaceafillbut are the UCE grades a 1:1 relationship with the schooltool courses?16:54
th1aYes, they are.16:54
replaceafilli mean16:54
replaceafillif the student is graded in a UCE course, he's supposed to be enrolled in a section of the same course in ST, right?16:54
replaceafilli was just thinking the course codes (in the mock) shouldn't even be textboxes16:55
replaceafilljust labels16:55
th1aWell, yeah, that's what I'm discussing.16:56
th1aWhether or not that is really better.16:57
th1aIt is fine if you trust it 100%.16:57
th1aWhen you're typing.16:57
replaceafilli'm fine either way i guess16:58
th1aAh, screw it.  Lets try it that way.16:58
replaceafillwe can always adjust ;)16:58
th1aSo we should set the subject ID's in the Alternate ID field of the courses.16:58
replaceafillah ok16:59
th1aIt is nice that we've been doing this long enough that most things are already accounted for.16:59
replaceafillwhat about the titles?16:59
th1a(you may need an extra ID here eventually...)16:59
th1aThat can just be hard-coded into PEAS.16:59
replaceafilli remember they don't match exactly, right?16:59
th1aThis is strictly PEAS custom.16:59
replaceafillah ok16:59
replaceafilli mean, it's the part where Fran mentioned Math vs Mathematics17:00
replaceafilla mapping will do for now17:00
replaceafillcode: title17:00
th1aOK.  I'm not sure how productive I'm going to be in the middle of a blizzard with the kids home.17:04
th1aI'll do my best.17:05
th1aThis may be the most snow I've ever seen in one go.17:05
th1a(by the time it is done)17:05
replaceafillgood luck th1a17:05
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:06
replaceafillthanks th1a17:06
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~3017:07
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