IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-11-26

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th1amobert: ayt?04:07
mobertth1a: yep04:26
th1acan you ping
mobert--- ping statistics ---04:27
mobert3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2002ms04:27
th1aI found a perl script that works with my DNS host for dynamic dns.04:28
th1aI feel like the script is missing the part where it sends the IP address, but... somehow it works.  I guess they can just get that from the packet or whatever?04:28
th1aThat's my router.04:29
mobertI don't know how it works, but it looks like it works.04:29
mobertThere's nothing happening on port 80 yet.04:29
th1aGonna try some port forwarding now...04:30
mobertCool, I'll stay up a while to help you test it out.04:30
th1aaGH... if I could log into the router...04:32
mobertHey, I had a question. In gradebook-toc.rst it says "SchoolTool is designed to be modular and allow customized gradebooks for specific needs. One example of this is the CanDo competency tracking gradebook, which is not currently included in the standard distribution of SchoolTool." Is that still true?04:32
th1aTake out the whole last sentence.04:33
mobertI'll just take out the word "not"04:33
mobert"... which is currently included ..."04:33
mobertBetter yet, what SchoolTool version number was the first to include CanDo?04:34
th1aWho cares.04:35
th1aWe don't need to be pedantic here.04:35
mobertI was just thinking I'd say "... which has been included in the standard distribution of SchoolTool since version 2.6" or whatever04:36
mobertI took out the "not" for now.04:36
th1aOK, try now from a browser.04:38
mobertWell, that was quick04:38
mobertApache2 Ubuntu Default Page04:38
th1aWould have been quicker if I hadn't been trying to log in to the admin interface with the wifi password.04:38
mobert"It works!"04:38
mobertPort forwarding, fun!04:39
th1aI'm psyched I don't ahve to go with some kind of janky dynamic dns setup.04:39
mobertYay, Perl04:39
mobertIs that your CuBox?04:41
th1aThe script is
th1aOK, thanks mobert.04:44
mobertNo problem th1a.04:46
mobertI looked at the cron job -- it's a bash script, but it does use Perl to encode url strings04:48
mobertThe it uses curl to pass those strings to
mobertI agree that it doesn't apparently pass your IP address to their servers, but they can probably get that from the HTTP request somehow. Cool beans04:51
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:25
replaceafillhey th1a16:25
th1aTry cubox.sielibre.com16:25
th1a(I don't think it quite works yet)16:25
replaceafillit does16:26
replaceafillCubox High16:26
th1aI think my browser is caching.16:26
th1aAh, got it.16:26
th1aThat's coming from the little box on my desk.  ;-)16:26
replaceafill+ usb?16:27
th1aOne thing that is especially funny about it is that the cubox has almost no blinkenlights16:27
replaceafillor still sd?16:27
th1aUSB en route.16:27
th1aYou can try out the performance.16:27
th1aSo it really looks like it is just sitting there doing nothing.16:27
replaceafillexporting school16:28
th1aI get a second or two of lag usually.16:28
replaceafillare you running it behind apache?16:28
th1aI just set that up.16:29
th1aOur instructions work.  ;-)16:29
replaceafillwe need to fix that in the book16:29
replaceafillrequest dialogs keep spinning16:29
replaceafillwith no progress bars16:29
th1aFix what in the book?16:29
replaceafillhold on16:29
replaceafilli've been using mod rewrite to fix the issue16:30
replaceafillyou remember the issue, right?16:30
replaceafill     ProxyPreserveHost on16:31
replaceafill     RewriteEngine On16:31
replaceafill    RewriteRule ^/quiz_demo/schooltool.task_results(/?.*) http://localhost:4444/schooltool.task_results/$1 [P,L]16:31
replaceafill    RewriteRule ^/quiz_demo(/?.*) http://localhost:4444/$1 [P,L]16:31
replaceafillit's the schooltool.task_results part what is missing in the book16:32
replaceafilland the request dialogs use it16:32
replaceafillit's still exporting16:33
th1aIT rings a bell.16:33
th1aI'm also packing the database now...16:33
replaceafillpoor cubebox16:33
th1aProbably not a good idea.  ;-)16:33
th1aThat's what happens when you have multiple users.16:33
th1aIt has enough memory and cpu but probably is io bound.16:34
th1aIt is not warm at all.16:35
th1aI'm installing sysstat.16:35
replaceafilli bet the ark folks will be interested in your experiment16:36
th1aLooks like your report is done?16:38
replaceafillaround 7 minuts16:39
replaceafillto finish16:39
replaceafillnot bad16:39
th1aWhere do I add that text?16:39
th1aI'm more worried about interactive performance than big tasks.16:40
replaceafillwhat text?16:40
replaceafillare you using the default site config?16:40
th1aActually, something appears to be down... :-(16:40
replaceafillkeeps working from here16:40
th1aOK, my dns flipped back again.16:40
replaceafillwe can record selenium tests16:41
replaceafilland run them from several places ;)16:41
th1aCan you just update the book?16:41
replaceafillyes, branching16:41
th1aOK, cool.16:41
th1aTake out the middle man.16:41
replaceafillsorry, i forgot to do it when i started using mod rewrite16:42
th1aSo here's a question.16:47
th1aDo you think we could use zrs in a production cubox to make the primary Data.fs on the external drive failover to a copy on the sd?16:48
th1aIf it got yanked?16:48
replaceafillcan't just a script do it?16:49
replaceafilland i guess you could use zrs, but you'd need two schooltool instances ofc16:50
th1aTwo schooltools or two zeos?16:51
replaceafillcurrently we don't have zeo without schooltool16:52
replaceafillunless you create something additional ofc16:52
replaceafilllike what we've discussed for ark16:52
replaceafillyou only need the zeo client16:52
th1aWhat do you mean we don't have zeo without schooltool?16:56
th1aI thought zeo was just like an abstraction layer in front of the zodb?16:56
replaceafillthat the zeo client + configuration is embeeded in the schooltool instance16:56
replaceafillyou modify schooltool.conf + zeo.conf INSIDE schooltool16:56
th1aWe welded them together at some point for convenience?16:57
replaceafilli guess16:57
replaceafillremember when Gediminas was working on supervisor16:57
replaceafilli think that was the task16:57
replaceafillso all i'm saying is16:58
replaceafillCURRENTLY you can't run just the zeo client BY DEFAULT16:58
replaceafillofc you can turn things off in the supervisor configuration16:58
th1aThis is a little like my conversations with Steven.17:00
th1aI can't tell if it is somewhat inconvenient or impossible.17:00
th1aLet's just step back a sec.17:01
th1aSo in theory, if you had a standard zope/zeo setup.17:01
th1aAnd you wanted to failover using zrs from one Data.fs to another.17:01
th1aThat's not EXACTLY what zrs is designed to do.17:01
th1aYou're really failing over from one zeo server to another.17:02
th1aThat's what it does?17:02
replaceafilli'd say from one zeo server to one zeo "client"17:03
replaceafillthe second server is a client of the primary17:03
th1aSo in theory, the primary zeo server, using one port, would suddenly have its Data.fs unmounted, say "OH, SHIT" and die, and then another zeo running on the same machine, different port would take over with the sd card data fs.17:05
replaceafillsee the last part of your comment17:05
replaceafillwhen primary goes down17:05
replaceafillthe oh shit part17:05
replaceafillthe second zeo keeps looking for it17:06
replaceafillit has the data sync'ed17:06
replaceafillbut in our setup it can't act as primary just because17:06
replaceafillthat's what the dashboard does17:06
replaceafillchanges the configuration17:06
replaceafillof the zeo17:06
replaceafillfrom client to master17:07
replaceafillso it can serve the db17:07
th1aWell, yes, but essentially setting this stuff up is changes in configuration.17:07
replaceafillit's not impossible17:07
th1aNot new programming.17:07
replaceafillthat would be one "reliant?" cubox :D17:08
th1aAnd in fact, you'd need to manually switch the sd zeo to primary if you didn't want to lose the changes when you plugged the external drive back in.17:08
th1aSo it would still require a bit of care.17:09
th1aMight be easier in that respect to just have a script that switches to "OH SHIT, we lost our database, put it back in!" if someone yanks the drive.17:10
th1aEasier insofar as you don't have do deal with re-syncing changes to the sd card version.17:10
th1aHm... you could try RAID mirroring.17:11
th1aThat would probably be best.17:11
replaceafilldont you think the sd is enough?17:12
replaceafilli mean, i guess the use case are small schools, right?17:13
th1aI guess you need special hardware for the RAID mirroring to be hot swappable.17:13
replaceafilli thought you needed identical hardware for raid17:14
replaceafillnever done right17:14
th1aIt is probably not practical.  ;-)17:14
th1aI guess just rsyncing every 5 minutes is probably best.17:15
th1aSo mobert mentioned two things which had been nagging me too about the school page.17:16
replaceafillah great feedback!17:16
th1aPutting the numbers next to the Student/Teachers like People/Contacts17:17
th1a(not the other groups)17:17
replaceafillah ok17:17
th1aAnd just moving the School Report Year Report labels above the selector.17:17
th1aAs regular text, that is.17:17
replaceafillnot using the scrollable select?17:18
th1aNot integrating them.17:19
th1aJust a label above -- we just marched down the wrong path because of the widget I grabbed.17:20
replaceafilloh you mean the "School Reports" disabled option inside the widget17:20
replaceafillthat fakes a title17:20
replaceafillfor the select17:20
replaceafillgot it17:20
th1aThat we were fiddling with.17:20
replaceafillis it because it could be confusing?17:21
replaceafilli'm ok moving it out btw17:21
th1aYeah, he was like (is there an inactive choice there...?).17:23
th1aIt isn't a big deal.17:23
replaceafillwell, adding the numbers to the groups is really easy17:24
replaceafillmoving the title of the reports too17:24
replaceafillout of17:24
th1aYeah, nothing major.17:24
replaceafillshould i do both?17:24
replaceafillor just the numbers?17:24
th1aGo ahead and do both, sure.17:26
th1aWhat's up otherwise?17:26
replaceafilli worked on the catalog for section instructors17:26
replaceafillit works!17:26
th1aAh, cool.17:26
replaceafilli'm going to try it with group members now17:27
replaceafillsince it's also a relationship17:27
replaceafilli've been fixing most of the papercuts i found17:27
replaceafilli had one debug "console.log(...)" call in table.js17:28
replaceafillwhich incredibly broke IE817:28
replaceafilli need to merge the searches i showed you first on this task17:29
replaceafillthe ones we have for tables17:29
replaceafilllike /persons17:29
replaceafilland /courses, etc17:29
replaceafilland adjust them to the new catalogs17:29
replaceafillmost of them haven't changed17:29
replaceafillbut we added a couple more17:29
replaceafillother than that...17:30
replaceafilli don't think there's much left17:30
replaceafilland i've been asking Isaac for things to help him17:32
replaceafillnow it seems like they have the same question17:32
replaceafillwe were discussing yesterday17:32
replaceafillabout the biiiiig year17:32
th1aIt should work fine.17:34
replaceafillthey've requested a hangout17:35
replaceafilldo you want me to handle it?17:35
th1aYou can set it up.17:36
th1aI won't be around Thurs/Fri though.17:36
replaceafilloh it's a holiday in the US, right?17:37
replaceafillso they probably won't either17:37
replaceafillwell, i'll ask17:38
replaceafilli think that's it from me th1a17:38
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.17:39
th1aI'll try your revised instructions now.17:39
th1aShould the "on" after ProxyPreserveHost be capitalized?17:42
replaceafillit doesn't matter17:43
replaceafillit should for consistency :)17:43
th1aOK, dialogs seem to work.17:46
replaceafillimho that paste configuration will create problems for multiple hosted instances17:47
replaceafilli think the server *always* look for /schooltool.task_results17:47
replaceafillno matter what domain the site uses17:48
replaceafillah nm, i realized the user can modify the paste.ini :)17:50
replaceafilldon't know, have to try it17:51
replaceafillth1a, no meeting tomorrow, right?18:31
th1aOh, yes, nor Friday.18:31
replaceafillah cool18:31
replaceafillenjoy your holiday18:31
* replaceafill goes get Camila, bb in ~4018:32
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replaceafillth1a, a wiki?19:35
th1atbh, this isn't for SchoolTool...19:35
replaceafillah ok19:36
replaceafilli started to wonder ;)19:36
th1aSmallest Federated Wiki is pretty cool though.19:37
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th1areplaceafill: Flash drive arrived.20:53
replaceafillmore speed!!!20:53
th1aI'm going to have to come up with a benchmarking selenium script first.20:53
th1aI should be able to fill down a bunch of grades and attendance records and then run some reports.20:54
replaceafillload testing :)20:55
th1aWe just usually don't have a "try X, and if that is too slow, buy this for $20" situation.20:55
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h21:08
th1areplaceafill: Need this...
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replaceafillth1a, i remember fighting usbmount in my debian days :)22:54

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