IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-11-25

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th1aOK replaceafill, let's see how long the cubox takes to import the large sample data...16:31
replaceafillit's using 14.04?16:31
th1aI found an image online.16:32
th1aIt has an arch kernel and wireless/bluetooth isn't working, but I don't need them.16:32
th1aSeems to work fine otherwise.16:32
th1aThere is one that is supposed to be "perfect," but it has a full desktop setup I don't want or need.16:33
th1aI'm just running it off a $10 micro-sd card atm.16:33
th1aSeems... fine.16:33
th1aPretty responsive, really.16:34
th1aNot going into swap on the import yet.16:35
replaceafill2 GB of RAM?16:35
th1a1793836 total.16:35
th1aThese tend to display less as accessible than advertised.16:36
th1aNot exactly sure what the whole deal is, but anyhow, that's enough.16:36
th1aThis seems like "the one."16:38
th1aOK, how are you coming?16:38
replaceafilli added search for students and teachers16:39
th1aSeems good to me.16:40
th1aI noticed the first time I hit students I got a spinner for a few seconds.16:40
th1aIs that what happens the first time after a restart?16:40
replaceafillthat happens while the view returns data16:41
replaceafillto the widget16:41
replaceafillit's waiting16:41
replaceafilland yes, i just restarted the instance16:41
th1aWhich is waiting?16:41
replaceafillthe widget16:42
th1aClient or server?16:42
th1aIs waiting for?16:42
replaceafilljson result from the server view16:43
replaceafillyou got results at the end, right?16:43
replaceafillstudents and teachers are less efficient16:43
th1aI mean, is it sending a giant pile of data over that is then cached in the client, or is it just that you're dredging the data out of the database?16:43
replaceafillbecause there are no catalogs for group meembers16:43
replaceafillthere's no caching16:44
replaceafillit always hits the db16:44
th1aOK, so it is just pulling the data into memory at that point.16:44
th1aOn the server.16:44
th1aOK, I figured.16:44
replaceafillcold something something :D16:44
replaceafillvs hot16:45
th1aThere's no easy way to use a catalog here?16:45
replaceafillit's possible16:45
replaceafillbut more complicated16:45
replaceafilli can try it if you want16:45
replaceafillwe have something like that16:45
replaceafillin interventions16:45
th1aNo... not yet.16:45
replaceafillfor people responsible of something16:46
th1aIt shouldn't be necessary.16:46
replaceafillbasically you set a subscriber on the relationship16:46
replaceafilland you update the catalog accordingly16:46
th1aBut if it is, we'll be informed.  ;-)16:46
replaceafillthe other searches are way more efficient16:46
replaceafillthey just go to the catalog16:46
replaceafillstudents and teachers check the relationship after the search16:47
replaceafillto know if the person should be included in the results or not16:47
replaceafillso, i'll go back to the term reports now16:47
th1aI'm going to have mobert start revising the docs to use this school page.16:48
th1aThat's going to be his last task.16:48
replaceafillah ok16:48
replaceafillhe can use the testing instance right?16:49
th1aDo you have any feelings about additional things you might like to change?16:49
replaceafilli mean, we don't have to package or merge this yet16:49
th1aYes, although I guess he should have an empty one if he's going to take screenshots.16:49
th1aOK, it is taking the cubox a while to grind through the section enrollments, but it isn't swapping.16:50
th1aIt is a bit startling how easy it is to get SchoolTool running on it.16:51
th1acopy the image onto a micro sd card.16:51
th1aapt-get install schooltool16:51
th1athat's pretty much it.16:51
th1aofc, if someone was deploying it, you'd already have it on the image.16:51
replaceafillthat'd be nice to see16:52
replaceafilli also need to work on the "no years" page16:52
th1aI'm going to use dynamic dns to put it online.16:52
th1aYeah, ok.16:52
replaceafilldid you see Isaac email?16:54
replaceafillhe wants users to test the questions16:54
replaceafillbut if i understand correctly he wants that out of quizzes16:55
replaceafilland we don't have that16:55
replaceafillanyway, i'll follow up16:55
replaceafillthat's it from me16:55
th1aI'm not sure what the distinction is.16:56
th1aSwapping 284KiB.16:57
replaceafillit's the whole logic to get the question to the student16:57
replaceafillwith quizzes16:57
th1aThat's good because now I know swap actually works.16:57
replaceafillyou deploy it to a section16:57
replaceafilland the student just gets it to answer16:57
th1aCan the testers just be added to a section?16:58
replaceafillthat's what i'll propose16:58
th1aAs far as SchoolTool is going to be concerned, this'll probably be one big school with one big section.16:58
th1aThat's why I was like "Well, if we are writing a phone interface it probably isn't too bad."16:58
th1aBecause just the "Oh, everyone is enrolled in this school and this section in this 10 year term part would be fugly."16:59
th1aIf you follow me...16:59
th1a3/4 of the way through Section Timetables...17:02
th1aC'mon cubox.17:02
th1aI mean, its doing pretty well for a micro-sd card!17:02
th1aI wish I had some benchmarks for this written down....17:03
th1aWe're only using 1 1/3rd of 4 cores too.17:03
th1aYou could complile a couple kernels at the same time.17:03
replaceafillah th1a17:05
replaceafillcourses and sections have descriptions right?17:05
replaceafillshould we include those in the search?17:05
th1aOh... what is in now?17:05
replaceafillbeside title (and course id for courses)17:06
replaceafillcourses: title and course_id17:06
replaceafillsections: title17:06
th1aI'd say for sections you could do, if you're feeling ambitious, instructor and course.17:06
th1aMake sense?17:07
replaceafilli think that's similar to the group discussion before17:07
replaceafillyou need to subscribe to the instructors or course relationship17:08
th1atbh, it would make that field more useful.17:09
replaceafilllet's go for it17:10
replaceafilli don't think i'll hit a wall or something17:10
th1aOK.  It is worth a bit of time.17:12
th1ahm, now into runzeo in top, so something is changing...17:12
th1aI guess we're writing the import?17:13
replaceafillcommitting the transaction?17:13
th1aHm... web interface not responding...17:14
th1aOK working now.17:14
th1aThere are 1049 people defined in Cubox High.17:15
th1aI'm going to see if I can get the dynamic dns up today.17:15
th1aOK thanks replaceafill.17:15
replaceafillok thanks th1a17:16
th1aOK, so 45 minutes for the import, basically.17:22
th1aOK, this may be a little slow from the micro-sd card.  ;-)17:23
replaceafilltime for an SSD!17:24
th1aWell, first a good USB stick.17:25
th1areplaceafill:  Perhaps one of these:
th1aIn practice, it could be a big problem because you just have to DO NOT REMOVE THIS USB STICK.17:43
th1aYou'd want to just put the database on both the usb and micro-sd.  Maybe use zrs for failover?!?17:44
th1aOops, someone pulled out the sd card...17:45
th1aActually that'd kill you.17:45
th1aBut you'd want to survive "Oops, someone pulled out the usb stick."17:45
th1aYou need tweezers to get the sd card out.17:45
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th1areplaceafill:  Anyhow, can you set up a blank instance with the new school page?18:02
th1aFor Matt?18:02
th1aThat's probably easiest?18:02
replaceafillbut i should finish the empty schoolyears task first18:03
replaceafilli'll switch to it18:03
replaceafillth1a, you there?18:15
replaceafillsections was the only conditional part in the old manage view, correct?18:16
replaceafillyou needed terms and courses18:16
replaceafilli'm just double checking18:16
replaceafillit wasn't rendered if you didn't have terms or courses defined18:19
replaceafilli just added that ability back18:19
replaceafillbut i was wondering if there was something else like that...18:19
th1aI don't think it is necessary.18:20
th1aFor it to be conditional.18:20
replaceafillyou can't select term or courses in the add section form18:21
th1aWell, whatever make sthe most sense.18:21
replaceafilli'll just keep the "old" functionality18:21
replaceafilland i think it's the only conditional part in the old view18:21
replaceafill(code confirms it too)18:21
replaceafilli think my memory is messed up :P18:22
replaceafillth1a, empty instance for Matt18:31
replaceafillgoing to get Camila now, bb in ~4018:32
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E-werdwhere would ldap web configuration data be stored?  I had a bad query, installation is bricked unless I remove "python-schooltool.ldap"18:40
E-werdif I remove and install package again, same issue.18:41
th1aAh, you just missed the developer, E-werd.18:41
th1aI assume you've read this: ?18:42
th1areplaceafill should be back in about a half an hour.18:42
E-werdyeah, manual config doesn't seem to be doing much for me.  i'll play with it a bit more18:42
E-werdweb configuration seems to override /etc/schooltool/standard/schooltool.conf18:45
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E-werdwell, turns out a complete reinstall takes care of that... as it should19:03
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