IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-11-18

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:33
replaceafillhey th1a16:33
th1aHow is it coming?16:34
replaceafilli started the reports part of the page16:35
replaceafillit's more complicated than i expected16:35
replaceafilli didn't take into account that the user was going to get the request dialog from there16:35
replaceafillso i need some specialized zpt and javascript16:35
th1aI figured it would have some extra twists.16:35
replaceafillfor some reason i was expecting that should only take you to another page...16:36
replaceafillnot get you the request dialogs16:36
replaceafillbut i figured a way to do it16:37
replaceafilli'm in the middle of it atm16:37
th1aI guess that's it.16:53
replaceafilldid you see? somebody complained about the student detail report change16:54
th1aOh, no.16:54
replaceafilli guess the problem is that the report card should not get the attendance data but the student detail report should?16:55
th1aI guess I missed that.16:56
th1aI thought in the student detail report it was a completely different part of the report?16:56
replaceafillwell, they use the same grades table16:57
th1aI may have never understood what we were actually talking about then.16:58
th1aOr, we may have not been communicating.16:59
th1aI thought there was a separate attendance section in the detail report, that went over each absence or tardy by date?16:59
replaceafillno, it was me missing the shared grades table16:59
th1aOK, you missed that the same table was used in both reports?17:00
replaceafilli think so17:00
replaceafilli haven't actually checked the code yet17:00
replaceafillbut from his pdf, it seems like it17:00
th1aOK, have a look at it, we can correct it and release this and the Thai bug next week maybe.17:01
th1aBut let's get the school page done first.17:01
th1aOr close to done...17:01
th1aOK, Glenda has another bug report, which I think is just adding the PPA back in?17:02
replaceafilldid she cc me on yahoo?17:02
replaceafilli haven't been able to see yahoo the whole morning :(17:02
replaceafillcould you fwd it to my gmail please17:02
th1aWe told Glenda about that but perhaps not emphatically enough: "CHANGE YOUR DOCUMENTATION TO SAY..."17:05
replaceafillbut shouldn't they have 2.8.0?17:07
replaceafilli mean, after the upgrade17:07
th1aNo, 2.6 is what's in universe.17:07
th1aIsn't that what we just went through with Glenda?17:07
replaceafillGlenda did have 2.8.2 running17:08
replaceafillshe just couldn't upgrade to 2.8.3 because the ppa was gone17:08
th1aWhat was Rob Landon's problem?17:08
replaceafillthe deleted term reference problem17:09
th1aRight... shouldn't we tell him to try switching to the 2.8 ppa anyhow?17:10
replaceafilllet's try that first17:10
replaceafillalso, Rob's instance probably took a lot of time to evolve17:11
th1aI'll email.17:12
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th1areplaceafill:  Sunesh gave the go ahead to push the changes -- just do all of the updates to date.19:02
replaceafillth1a, ah ok19:03
replaceafillswitching to it19:03
th1aLet me know when it is done.19:09
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replaceafillth1a, last package waiting to be published22:29
replaceafillthe rest are ready22:29
* replaceafill is trying docker to get rid of the virtualbox process :)22:30
replaceafillso far so good22:30

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