IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-11-17

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th1a_hi replaceafill.16:41
th1a_Sorry I'm late.16:41
replaceafillhey th1a_16:41
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th1aI had to get some dishwashing detergent...16:41
th1aWe had some weekend bugs.16:44
th1aLots of people work on SchoolTool over the weekend.16:44
th1aLet's see... mark mcdougall's continuing thread...16:45
th1aOK, so I filed a bug for multi-term scheduling.16:45
replaceafilli saw it16:46
th1aWe don't need to discuss that further atm.16:46
th1aDo you understand what he is talking about with this second instance?16:47
th1aHe seems to have some weird underlying package issues?16:48
replaceafilla differente server?16:48
th1aI can't tell what he's talking about.16:49
th1aAt all...16:50
th1aIf you can't, I'll follow up.16:50
th1aOK... no, you can't batch load photos...16:51
replaceafillwe'd need zip files for that16:51
th1aWe would?16:51
replaceafillhe talked about exporting, right?16:52
replaceafill"The "Export School" functionality doesn't seem to export photos either."16:52
replaceafilli meant for that16:52
th1aWe should remove the csv import links.16:52
th1aDefinitely before the end of the year.16:53
th1aOK, I think I got all those.16:56
th1aHow is the school page coming?16:56
replaceafilli'll work today in the last piece16:56
replaceafillthe reports area16:56
replaceafillthe rest of the managers are in place16:57
replaceafillthey're still unstyled16:57
replaceafillthe reports area will need a different form16:57
replaceafillschool year tabs work now16:57
replaceafillbut i noticed the course/section search is looking at all years16:58
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replaceafilli think the catalog needs an extra piece of information about the container16:58
replaceafillso i'll fix it today16:58
th1aAh, yes.16:58
replaceafilli think i'll have something working for tomorrow16:59
replaceafillalthough not sure if styled ;)16:59
th1aThere's nothing so complicated about the styling that it might be a blocker.17:01
replaceafillno, not really17:01
th1aSo we're looking pretty good then?17:02
replaceafilli think so17:02
th1aNext Thursday is Thanksgiving here.17:02
replaceafillalmost done17:02
th1aSo getting it settled before then would be great.17:02
replaceafillsince i don't understand english i have to ask...17:03
replaceafillnext is the 27th, right?17:03
th1aYeah, not THIS Thursday.  ;-)17:04
th1aThe NEXT one.17:04
replaceafillah yes, i think we'll finish it this week17:04
th1aWe'll have to think about what is next.17:05
th1aWe could just do bugs.  We could focus a bit on Calendar.17:06
replaceafilli was thinking the same17:06
th1aSince PEAS seems to want to use it more.17:06
replaceafillit'd be nice to leave the bug list somewhat clean17:06
replaceafilli mean, before the end of the year17:06
th1aLet's try to focus on calendar though, first.17:06
th1aI'm going to spend some VAT-focused time today, and update PoV on the money situation.17:08
th1aAnd I'm going to have to write an overall report for Mark, so I'm going to be starting on that.17:09
th1aWe have to pay the VAT to the UK for the ARK work, remember?17:09
th1aWe included that in the price.17:09
th1aOh, and I guess my CuBox shipped.17:09
th1aIt was a week late.17:10
th1aOK, I guess that's it.17:12
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:12
replaceafillok, thanks th1a17:13
replaceafillbtw, Camila started summer school today17:13
replaceafillso i'll be picking her up at 11:30 (your time) every day17:13
th1aAh... ok.17:13
replaceafillit'll take me around 30 mins i think17:13
th1aSo we need to keep meetings this time?  That's fine.17:13
replaceafillyeah, this time works for me17:14
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replaceafillth1a, imho, the pdf issue should be next18:05
replaceafillah nm, you already said so ;)18:06
th1aYeah, especially if it is a more general issue.18:06
th1aIt would be a 2.8.4 thing, btw.18:06
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