IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-10-30

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kwakanyone awake?10:39
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th1ahi jhirschey.20:41
jhirscheyQuick question.  Can I scrape school tool for student pictures to be used in a digital project for our school?20:42
th1aI'm not sure what you're referring to?20:42
th1aWhat would you be scraping?20:42
jhirscheyAll student pictures are in school tool.  Could I have them all downloaded to say .jpeg files?20:42
th1aAre you the server admin?20:43
jhirscheyNo, a principal./20:43
th1aThey're all in a directory on the server, so you don't have to do any spidering if you have access to the server (or the server admin works for you).20:44
jhirscheyWould they be labeled by student name?20:44
th1aGood question... I don't know offhand.20:45
jhirscheyOk, thank you.20:45
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