IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-10-15

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mobertI set up 2.8.2 in a new VM and imported the sample_data.xls spreadsheet. I really like the new UI feedback on the upload progress.00:35
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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.17:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon17:30
th1aWe don't seem to have any release snafus so far.  :-D17:32
th1aWhere are you with the custom.css? Is that for 2.8.3?17:34
replaceafillwell, i just used 2.8.2-ubuntu217:34
th1aI mean, should I have it now?17:35
replaceafillit's in one of my test ppas17:35
replaceafillnot in schooltool-owners/2.817:35
replaceafilli sent Gediminas an email asking a couple of questions17:35
replaceafilli think we can hold that change in the meantime17:36
replaceafilli mean, until we have his feedback17:36
th1aWe can hold it for
th1aWe're going to have to start the 2.9 development branch.17:36
th1aFor the School page.17:37
replaceafillwhy not just trunk + a different ppa?17:37
th1aHowever you want to do it.17:39
th1aBut that will signify starting a new release, not revising this one.17:39
th1aI'm weighing whether or not to just call the December release SchoolTool 3.0.17:40
th1aesp. if the School page redesign goes well.17:40
th1aBut mostly to signify the overall change in SchoolTool, post-Mark.17:40
replaceafillgot it17:40
th1aAlso, we're almost to 10.17:40
th1aSo on to the PEAS reports?17:43
replaceafillah ok17:43
replaceafilllet me get that last email from them17:43
replaceafillgot them17:46
replaceafillnothing "too" confusing about these i guess17:47
replaceafilli guess my only question was about the fee date handling17:48
th1aI'd say these ones that have multiple tables should just be divided between multiple sheets.17:49
th1aLike teacher attendance.17:49
th1aI'm sure that's simpler for you.17:49
replaceafilloh my!17:49
replaceafillthere are multiple sheets on these!!!17:49
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th1aAh, yes.17:49
th1aI thought you had pointed that out to me!17:50
replaceafillAttendance Report suggestions17:50
th1aYeah, that makes it more involved.17:50
th1aThis'll take a week+, I think.17:50
th1aotoh, might be enough to finish the contract, time-wise.17:50
replaceafillso, for fees, are we using the school year dates to calculate the reports?17:52
th1aIf it isn't the week and term sheet, yes.17:52
replaceafillth1a, what's the clearance rate about?17:54
replaceafillthat's a new word for me :)17:54
th1aOh.... hm.17:55
th1aI was thinking it was -- for a group -- the number of students fully paid (rather than the overall % of money collected).17:55
th1aBut that doesn't make sense for an individual.17:55
th1aJust skip it.17:56
th1aUnless you get an idea of what it might mean.17:56
th1aI have no clue.17:56
replaceafillwell, there are more reports to work on17:57
replaceafillwe can leave a few blanks and ask about them later i guess17:57
th1aWhy don't we wait.17:58
replaceafillon fees?17:58
th1aI mean, wait on asking questions.17:59
replaceafillah sure17:59
th1aJust plow ahead for now.17:59
replaceafillgreat Gediminas answered18:02
th1aOh, I've gotten a couple emails from a guy who says he's going to start a phone app.18:02
replaceafilli'm not that lost ;)18:02
replaceafillah nice18:02
th1aSo... that MIGHT happen?!?18:02
th1aI'm not counting on it.  ;-)18:03
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:04
replaceafillok thanks th1a18:04
replaceafilloh btw18:04
replaceafilli have a doctor's appointment18:04
replaceafillit's been 6 weeks already :S18:05
replaceafillit's at 11 am (your time)18:05
replaceafilldo you mind if we meet until Friday?18:05
th1aAh.  OK.  That's fine.18:05
th1aYou've got your task.18:05
replaceafillkk, thanks18:05
replaceafilli'll go out for about 1h now, i need a blood sample :)18:06
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replaceafillth1a, you around?23:36
th1ahi replaceafill.23:36
replaceafilldo you think we should merge trunk with the ark branches?23:37
th1aYou mean to catch them up with the 2.8.2 changes now?23:37
replaceafillit's just that i need a couple of things from 2.8.223:37
replaceafillfor reports23:38
th1aThen yes.23:38
replaceafilli could duplicate them, but you know.. :)23:38
replaceafilltrunk tests are clean now23:38
replaceafillkk, will do23:38

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