IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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th1a_hi replaceafill.17:30
replaceafillhey th1a17:30
th1a_Looks like we just got some celery logs.17:32
replaceafillah yes17:32
th1a_Is that the same 'util' bug?17:32
replaceafillyes, seems so17:33
th1a_So the fix should be in 2.8.2, or is that a packaging thing?17:34
replaceafilla packaging thing?17:34
th1a_I mean, there are some bugs I think with 12.04 that require explicitly adding a package?17:36
replaceafillnot, it's a 2.8.2 thing :)17:36
replaceafillwell, journal release will be 2.8.117:36
replaceafillbut yest17:36
replaceafillit should be fixed after upgrading17:36
th1a_So mobert had an "interesting" experience with the dashboard.17:37
replaceafilldidn't work? :(17:37
th1a_Clearing his cache got the CSS working.17:37
th1a_And it also seemed to put a backlog of reports through?17:38
th1a_Like, he was hitting the link on the bad CSS version and nothing happened (not surprisingly).17:38
th1a_But I guess they all went through?17:38
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th1a_There is some weirdness floating around.17:39
replaceafillbacklog of reports?17:39
th1a_Maybe we need to do something to make sure the browser doesn't get the CCS confused.17:39
replaceafilllike they were scheduled?17:39
th1a_He hit the link a bunch of times and without the CCS wired, nothing happened at all.17:40
th1a_But then at some point they all went through.17:40
replaceafillgot it17:40
replaceafillyes, it's weird17:40
replaceafilli guess i should either enabled caching in my firefox17:41
replaceafillor start using chrome17:41
replaceafillin order to get the css bug17:41
th1a_Oh, right, if you have caching off.17:41
th1a_It is more something to note for when we return to the dashboard.17:41
replaceafill...writing it down...17:41
th1a_Not a drop everything and have a look issue.17:41
moberthey all17:54
th1a_Hi mobert.17:56
th1a_Did I describe your issue correctly?17:56
mobertJust confirming that before I cleared the Chrome cache, the link for the "People" report in the Dashboard wasn't responsive. After clearing the cache, eight identical reports came through.17:56
mobertThe Dashboard always displayed correctly, though -- the CSS bug only affected stuff on port 7080, not port 8000.17:57
replaceafillit's really strange, because the dashboard doesn't queue up things17:58
replaceafilllike SchoolTool does17:58
th1a_Ah, yes.17:59
th1a_Well, we'll see if that comes up again.18:00
th1a_replaceafill, mobert wanted a quick report system overview.18:01
th1a_So SchoolTool now uses celery for background task management.18:02
th1a_So when you request a report, a task is assigned via celery to... what?18:02
th1a_Is it a special kind of worker instance?18:03
th1a_I get confused at this point.18:03
replaceafilli should have written down the workflow when i started investigating about it :)18:05
mobertWhat do you use for Celery's message transport (broker)?18:06
replaceafill(i think)18:07
th1a_It does something!18:07
mobertI'm just looking at for the first time.18:07
th1a_So anyhow...18:09
th1a_celery passes it on to some other processes that do the long running tasks.18:09
th1a_The downside of this is that they're pretty heavy processes, memory-wise.18:09
th1a_So it increases the minimum memory requirement.18:10
th1a_You don't really need to understand much about that.18:10
th1a_The pdf layout uses reportlab, and specifically rdf.18:10
th1a_no rml18:11
th1a_replaceafill:  Do we have an example of a packaged custom report to point mobert at in Launchpad?18:15
th1a_He's just doing the user docs at this point, but I want to do the developer side this year.18:16
replaceafillhhmm sakeji18:16
replaceafillbut i'm not sure it'll work with 2.818:16
th1a_More tosee the package.18:16
replaceafillwe'll have schooltool.encinitas18:16
replaceafillfrom the developer's point of view, the workflow is usually:18:19
replaceafill1. add a reportLink18:19
replaceafill2. add a request view (pointed by the reportLink)18:19
replaceafill3. add a pdf view (pointed by the request view)18:20
replaceafillthe complexity of 3. depends on the report layout18:20
replaceafilland the functionality you want to reuse18:20
th1a_Basically I'd like a skeleton of this.18:20
th1a_That might be a bit too ambitious.18:21
th1a_(and not now)18:21
mobertI see "class RequestSakejiStudentReportView()" and "class SakejiStudentReportPDFView()" in report.py18:21
replaceafillyou can see the reportLink in report.zcml18:22
replaceafillthe reportLink tells the system where to display the link to get the report18:22
replaceafillthose Reports sections in the sidebar18:22
replaceafillthe request view is the one that actually schedules the report18:24
mobertI see the "<report:reportLink [...] />" stuff.18:24
th1a_So anyhow, you can poke around that mobert.18:27
mobertIt looks like "flourish" does a lot of the work for both HTML and PDF layouts18:27
th1a_But it is beyond what you need to fully understand for the current task.18:27
mobertYeah, I'm getting that loud and clear! :)18:27
th1a_That's the codename for the 2.0 skin.18:27
replaceafillthe <flourish:... > directives are custom handlers in SchoolTool18:28
replaceafill<report:...> too18:28
th1a_OK replaceafill, where are we on the release?18:30
replaceafilli need from you two things:18:31
replaceafillwe have two xxx description xxx18:31
replaceafillfor the last two reports18:32
replaceafillAbsences for Range of Dates and Journal Data Export18:32
th1a_Journal Data Export is An Excel workbook with three sheets (homeroom, attendance, scores) for each section in the term.18:34
th1a_Journal Data Export is An Excel workbook with three worksheets (homeroom, attendance, scores) for each section in the term.18:34
th1a_Is that right?18:34
replaceafillwell, some sections may not have the homeroom sheet18:34
th1a_Journal Data Export is "An Excel workbook with multiple worksheets (attendance, scores, homeroom if relevant) for each section in the term."18:36
th1a_Absence totals per student, per period, for a range of dates.18:39
replaceafillfor the Absences for Range of Dates report i dropped the tardies logic18:40
replaceafillthe Absences by Day prints tardies as part of the report18:40
replaceafillthat works18:40
replaceafillok, second thing18:41
replaceafillcould you make me an Administrator for schooltool-owners18:42
replaceafilli want to create the ppa for encinitas18:42
th1a_There you go.18:43
replaceafillgreat, thanks18:44
replaceafillso, i'll release: core, gradebook, journal, cando and encinitas18:44
replaceafillfor core18:44
replaceafilli learned about quilt18:45
replaceafilland how to do patches18:45
replaceafillso after releasing 2.8.2 with ubuntu1 suffix18:45
replaceafilli plan to give the custom.css a try18:45
replaceafillto put it under /etc/schooltool18:45
th1a_Ah... ok.18:45
th1a_We'll need release notes.18:46
th1a_I'll write the announcements.18:46
replaceafillah yes18:46
replaceafilli have the ones for core now18:46
replaceafilli'll send you all of them once i'm done18:46
replaceafillthat's it from me18:47
th1a_OK.  Cool.18:47
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.18:47
replaceafillthanks th1a18:47
th1a_Thanks mobert.18:48
mobertThanks all18:55
replaceafillth1a, all packages waiting to build:20:15
replaceafillth1a, just sent the release notes20:22
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.20:28
mobertDo we use the word "reports" interchangeably to refer to the process (that you run to generate a PDF, XLS, or CSV export) and the result (the downloadable file returned by running a Report)?20:36
th1a_Do you have any other suggestions, mobert?20:38
mobertI think it would be clearer to define a Report as the process, and refer to the downloadable file as a Result (or an Export, or something).20:38
th1a_For example?20:39
mobert"The Report Overview tells you what Reports can be run on your system."20:39
th1a_As opposed to?20:40
mobertIn my notes from our meeting last week, I have "The Report overview tells you what exists on your system. If you add Reports they show up here." but that seems ambiguous if the term can also be used to refer to results.20:40
mobertSee what I mean? It's not a list of files you can download, it's a list of processes you can run to generate files.20:41
replaceafillin some rare cases a file is not even generated20:42
th1a_So when would you say "results," then?20:42
replaceafillthe link just takes you to another html page20:42
replaceafill(sorry for interrupting)20:42
th1a_I'm just trying to clarify.20:42
mobertreplaceafill, I don't mind the "interruption" -- thank you for clarifying.20:43
mobertIt's good to know that the result of running a report could be HTML as well as PDF, XLS, CSV.20:44
replaceafilldo we have csv reports...?20:44
mobertGood question! Also, how does a SchoolTool administrator add reports to the system? Or is that something only developers can do?20:45
th1a_It generally isn't HTML.20:45
th1a_Those packages we looked at earlier add reports.20:45
mobertSo they are added via Debian/Ubuntu packages?20:47
th1a_I mean, you could just add them manually on your system too.20:47
th1a_But you'd essentially want to copy the structure.20:48
mobertschooltool.encinitas and schooltool.sakeji are examples of custom reports you've created for different sites.20:49
mobertAnd it's possible to copy that structure to create your own custom reports, but that is a matter for a Developer rather than an Administrator.20:50
th1a_We're at least going to point at that for developers later in the process.20:51
mobertI guess it was just confusing for me because last week's notes also talk about "Where to find reports online"20:51
th1a_At least enough to, say, change around the format on an existing report.20:51
th1a_Just, through the website.20:52
th1a_Not online in general.20:52
mobertBut that is where to find the downloadable results of running a report -- not where to find more "Report" types20:52
mobertWhich is why I sort of think it would be clearer to distinguish between the process that generates the file, and the file itself.20:53
th1a_I think literally the file itself could be referred to as the "result" or something similar.20:53
mobertI mean, if everybody is already used to overloading the word "Report" I guess I could just stick to using it that way.20:54
mobertYeah, "result>"20:54
mobertGlad you agree. That seems to make the most sense to me.20:54
th1a_It makes sense.20:56
th1a_I'm just used to drawing the discussion out to make sure we're talking about the same thing.20:57
mobertAlso, I'm already using the ppa:sielibre/ark version of SchoolTool instead of the vanilla one. Does it have all the same reports? (I mean, apart from the one in the Dashboard)20:57
th1a_Uh... you should just use the plain 2.8.2 which is coming out in...20:59
th1a_Well, it should build in 10 minutes.21:00
mobert3 ... 2 ... 1 ... :)21:00
th1a_Definitely use that.21:00
mobertShould I start from scratch with a new VM, and just scrap the two that I used to set up data replication?21:02
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mobertI'll just mothball them for now if I can make room for another one. And I'll set up a new 2.8.2 VM later today. It should be ready after lunch!21:07
th1a_Don't delete your VM's unless you need space...21:29
mobertI've got enough space for another one, for sure. 21G free.21:35
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h21:42
th1a_replaceafill:  Should the 12.04 package be ready?22:24
* replaceafill is back22:25
replaceafillth1a, not yet22:25
replaceafilli was expecting for the 14.04 to be published22:25
replaceafillah nice, all of them seem published now22:25
replaceafillth1a_, i'll request the 12.04 packages22:26
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replaceafillth1a_, packages for 12.04 ready22:50
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th1aThe 14.04 work for me.22:52
replaceafillah ok22:52
replaceafillare you contacting Rick to tell him about the encinitas ppa?22:52
th1aI can do it.23:00
th1aIs it ready?23:00
replaceafillit's ready for 14.0423:00
replaceafillshould i make it available for 12.04 too?23:00

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