IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-10-03

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:30
replaceafillhey th1a17:31
th1aI guess I haven't completely internalized the later meeting time, because I have to meet these newspaper people at 11:00.17:31
th1aSo I need to go in about 10 minutes.17:31
replaceafillah ok17:31
replaceafillReports -> Mailing Labels17:31
th1aI would make them left justified and bump the font down I think.17:32
th1aAnd make the spacing even.17:32
replaceafillah ok17:32
th1aOr... maybe same size but let them use more space.17:32
th1aUS is line 4?17:33
replaceafillthe uneven spacing is because the address 2 line is empty17:33
th1aOr is that running over?17:33
replaceafillit should be:17:33
replaceafillperson title17:33
replaceafilladdress 117:33
replaceafilladdress 217:33
replaceafillcity state postal_code17:33
replaceafill5 lines max17:33
th1aComma after city.17:33
replaceafillah ok17:34
th1aYeah, I just thought at first glance the city line was just being pushed into the next line.17:34
th1aThat it was too long.17:34
th1aDisregard what I said before...17:34
th1aJust make it left justified, and preferably collapse the second address line if there isn't one.17:34
th1aCan you do that easily?17:34
replaceafillhold on17:35
replaceafilllet me try17:35
replaceafilli think we could add some left padding17:37
replaceafillinter line space should be even now17:38
th1aOK, it is further than I thought.17:38
th1aIneed to go...17:38
th1aI'll catch you later.17:38
replaceafillgood luck at the meeting :)17:38
th1aI just put it in the gps...17:38
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th1aok replaceafill, I'm back...20:14
replaceafillth1a, ah ok20:14
replaceafilllet me update the instance20:14
replaceafilli added half an inch left/right paddings20:16
th1aLooks good.20:17
replaceafilli'll add the section version then20:17
th1aCould we add this before releasing these new reports:
th1a(assuming it isn't possible now...)20:18
th1aI think we just have day and year attendance reports now.20:18
replaceafillthat question is from last year :D20:20
replaceafilldid we change "Attendance Report By Day" to:20:20
replaceafill"Absences By Day"?20:21
th1a"Report" is kind of redundant.20:21
th1aWell, we're finally grinding through some of these!20:22
replaceafillok, assuming this is the Absences By Day report (i think it is)20:24
replaceafillwe need two dates now20:24
replaceafillinstead of just one20:24
replaceafilli'm trying to generate a report...20:28
replaceafilleither my sample data doesn't work...20:28
th1aOr the report doesn't?20:29
replaceafillyeah, it's the report20:40
replaceafilli have 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 data20:40
replaceafilli want september 2013 attendance20:40
replaceafillbut the report uses the current_term functionality to get the year20:40
replaceafillcurrent_term is based on date20:40
replaceafillso it gives me 2014 Fall back20:41
replaceafillit breaks from that point20:41
th1aWell, fix that too then.  ;-)20:46
th1aI'm thinking we could push these new reports next week?20:46
replaceafillyeah, i think so20:46
replaceafilli think we should review this "absences by day" report20:46
replaceafillit's confusing imho20:47
replaceafilli mean, the output20:47
replaceafillit's currently:20:47
replaceafillStudent + Periods where there are absences20:48
replaceafillif we allow multiple days, will we repeat each table...?20:48
th1aOh, true.20:48
th1aI guess it is a different report.20:48
th1aOK.  I'll take a look at it and we can discuss it Monday.  Seems a reasonable thing to throw in.20:49
replaceafillcool, we'll discuss it Monday20:49
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.20:51
replaceafillthanks th1a20:51
replaceafillholy s**t20:56
replaceafilli just used
replaceafillto test the output of our report20:56
replaceafillwith the avery sheet :D20:56
replaceafillinstead of printing both :P20:56
replaceafillpdftk group_mailing_labels_group16_14-10-03-11-03.pdf multistamp avery5163.pdf output foo.pdf20:56
replaceafillworks like a charm20:57
replaceafilli feel like i just discovered the wheel :D20:57
th1aYeah, we've talked in the past about just using that kind of system to replicate complicated reports for people.20:58
th1aJust put in the output and merge it with their pdf.20:59
replaceafilllike to use their "official" forms20:59
replaceafillwith ST data on them20:59
th1aWe've never needed to resort to that yet.21:00
th1aOK, I have to go get the girls.21:02
th1aEarly dismissal day.21:02
th1aLater, replaceafill.21:02
replaceafillsee you th1a21:08
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