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replaceafillth1a, you around?00:23
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replaceafillth1a, you there?00:50
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th1ahi replaceafill.17:00
replaceafillhey th1a17:01
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th1aSo those are pretty minor.17:11
replaceafill"your documentation is awesomely good" :D17:12
th1aOK, so you could fix those and just update CanDo.17:16
th1aIf you'd like.17:16
replaceafilli can't reproduce the IEP issue17:16
replaceafillabout the inactive student record17:16
th1aWith her database?17:17
replaceafillusing her demo17:17
th1aOK, well, ask a follow up than I guess.17:17
replaceafillyeah will do17:17
replaceafilli also just noticed the cando gradebook got the average row17:18
replaceafillwe should remove it, right?17:18
th1aThey wouldn't want % right?17:18
replaceafilland it's a discrete scoresystem17:18
replaceafillwhich we currently ignore17:19
replaceafillso the whole row is empty17:19
th1aYou could take it out in the next release.17:19
replaceafillnow that i have packaging branches in place, making releases should be easier/faster...17:21
replaceafilllike ARK17:22
th1aYeah.  You know the drill.17:22
th1aSo I'm going to take the paperwork to the bank today.17:22
th1aAnd as soon as the account is set up I'll re-invoice ARK (again), and try to get some feedback/new reports.17:23
th1aI'd say it is unlikely we'll get enough stuff from them to do a full month's work before October 8, particularly since they aren't using the multi-school system at all.17:23
th1aAgain, the Oct. 8 deadline is pretty much set by me, so this time I'll bring this up early in the conversation.17:24
th1aWe don't care if it is later if it works better for them.17:24
replaceafilloh, i thought oct 8 was the beginning of the year or something17:25
th1aIt may be around that point.17:25
th1aBut it is pretty much just reports that are planned.17:25
replaceafillso, in the meantime we keep fixing bugs?17:26
replaceafillwe could focus on the tests17:26
th1aI guess just two weeks of reports and iteration on fees.17:26
replaceafilli mean, while we get feedback from ARK17:26
replaceafillsorry for the context switching :)17:27
th1areports - 2 weeks; iteration on fees - 1 week.17:27
th1aSo I guess we really just have to start on Sept 8.17:27
th1aAlso, 1 week packaging.17:27
replaceafillah ok17:28
th1aLet's assume that Sept 8 we switch to multi-school reports -- a custom export -- and probably Sunesh can send us reports that I thought he already had a month ago.17:28
th1aAnd that puts us in line for an on-time release.17:29
th1aAnd you have 8 days to focus on tests.17:29
th1a(hopefully)  ;-)17:30
replaceafillfor oct 8 we don't need to move them to 2.8.1, right?17:30
th1aTo be clear, I'm ok with jumping everyone to 2.8.11 at some point.17:31
th1aI'm meeting with hotwebmatter tonight.17:32
replaceafillbook i18n17:33
replaceafillnot a priority?17:33
th1aUh... what do we need to do?17:33
replaceafilland some gettext-foo17:34
replaceafillbut if you currently ask me between the book and the tests...17:35
replaceafilli don't know what to say :D17:35
th1aThere is some research I need to do, right?17:35
replaceafillwell, you kind of did17:35
th1aI recall there were some recent developments in sphinx i18n.17:35
th1aI just have to get back up to speed on it.17:36
replaceafillyou suggested integrating that sphinx tool in the process17:36
th1aThanks for reminding me.17:36
replaceafilli'd like the book to have i18n screenshots too17:36
replaceafillthe mahara guys messed with my head :)17:36
replaceafillthey do stuff like that17:36
th1aOK, I'll check that out.17:38
replaceafilljelkner is requesting some help17:38
replaceafill"Do you have any time tomorrow or Friday morning when we could meet to17:38
replaceafilltalk about getting Sean's quiz data into our system for this year?"17:38
th1aYeah, understood.  Now's as good a time as any for jelkner help.17:38
replaceafillgood timing ;)17:39
th1aOK.  That's all I have.17:40
replaceafillme too17:41
th1aTomorrow, 9:30?17:41
th1aThanks, replaceafill.17:42
replaceafillthanks th1a17:42
nedosareplaceafill, any idea when the fixes for and might be available ?17:55
replaceafillnedosa, i plan to work on those next17:57
nedosagreat, thanks a lot for your help17:58
replaceafillthank you for reporting the issues :)17:58
th1abtw, we can keep doing quicker bugfix releases.17:59
th1aThe ARK situation just created a backlog.17:59
th1aSince they found a bunch and we didn't have time to deal with generally releasing the fixes at that moment.17:59
nedosaout of curiosity, what's the plan with ark, merge back into trunk ?17:59
th1aEventually ARK features will be in trunk.18:00
th1aEarly next year at the very latest.18:00
replaceafillmost of the 2.8.1 features/fixes come from ark18:01
nedosamakes sense18:01
nedosanightmare to maintain so many branches though18:02
th1aIt is a temporary issue.18:02
th1aThere are some issues with Mark's requirements related to his funding, signing copyright assignments, and generally being able to change things for ARK on a hourly basis based on feedback while they were doing the rollout.18:03
th1aThe fixes "come from ARK" in the sense that they reported them.18:03
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