IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-08-26

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th1aI'm going to set up my computer after dinner, replaceafill.00:52
replaceafilli'm going to go get some groceries00:53
replaceafilland will test tonight too00:53
replaceafilli'm downloading the ACC latest db00:53
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th1amenesis: ayt?16:49
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:53
replaceafillhey th1a16:53
th1aSo... we seem to have a problem.  :-(16:53
replaceafillevolution "works"16:54
th1aDo you have one other than the CanDo one?16:54
replaceafilli mean, you don't get an evolution error with the ACC db16:54
th1aStarting over, I found a new issue apparently with packaging.16:55
th1aFirst tell me what your issue is.16:55
replaceafillso, in order to prevent Glenda's bug (a key error issue when you have deleted terms/years), we delete unused group containers16:55
replaceafilli'm starting to wonder if the delete part is even necessary16:56
replaceafillin the ACC database16:56
replaceafillthey've created the 2014-2015 year already16:56
replaceafillbut the query the evolution script makes16:57
replaceafillto get a term returns nothing16:57
replaceafillwhich is the strange part16:57
replaceafilli can see the data in 2.616:57
replaceafillbut the script just delete the container16:57
replaceafillmaking groups "innaccessible?" for that year16:58
replaceafillfortunately, last night i was able to come up with a small selenium IDE test to reproduce16:58
replaceafillinstead of waiting 2 hours each time you want to test the ACC db16:58
replaceafillwhich is ~1.4 GB currently16:59
replaceafilland grows to 2.1 GB after evolution16:59
replaceafillso i'll pdb into the problem this morning16:59
th1aDoesnt sound too bad.16:59
replaceafillwhat's your issue?16:59
replaceafillwe can just remove the delete part17:00
replaceafilli guess17:00
replaceafilland just ignore17:00
replaceafilli'll let you know17:00
th1aYes, that sounds fine.17:00
th1aSo, I got this last night while upgrading my 14.04 laptop, but it was so weird I figured it was my screwed up peas setup.17:01
th1aI fixed it by basically purging the whole setup and reinstalling.17:01
th1aThen I had my desktop upgraded to 14.04 by this morning, schooltool worked, and I switched to your ppa.17:02
th1aNow schooltool doesn't work and for status I just get:17:02
th1aerror: <class 'xmlrpclib.Fault'>, <Fault 6: 'SHUTDOWN_STATE'>: file: /usr/lib/python2.7/ line: 79317:02
replaceafillyou had 2.8 already?17:03
replaceafilli mean, in your desktop17:03
th1aYes.  With PEAS.17:04
th1aIt doesn't appear to be a database related issue.17:04
th1a(that is, I deleted my Data.fs and it still is broken)17:04
th1aHere is some relevant info from the supervisor log:17:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:53,636 INFO supervisord started with pid 717517:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:54,638 INFO spawned: 'redis' with pid 720317:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:54,639 INFO spawned: 'zeo' with pid 720417:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:54,639 INFO spawned: 'celery_report' with pid 720517:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:54,640 INFO spawned: 'schooltool' with pid 720617:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:55,232 INFO success: redis entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 0 seconds (startsecs)17:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:55,233 INFO waiting for redis, zeo, celery_report, schooltool to die17:04
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:55,238 WARN received SIGTERM indicating exit request17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:55,338 INFO stopped: schooltool (terminated by SIGQUIT (core dumped))17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:55,438 INFO stopped: zeo (terminated by SIGQUIT (core dumped))17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:55,441 INFO stopped: redis (terminated by SIGQUIT (core dumped))17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:45:58,448 INFO waiting for celery_report to die17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:46:01,452 INFO waiting for celery_report to die17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:46:04,456 INFO waiting for celery_report to die17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:46:07,459 INFO waiting for celery_report to die17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:46:10,463 INFO waiting for celery_report to die17:05
th1a2014-08-26 09:46:14,053 INFO waiting for celery_report to d17:05
replaceafillcould you paste error.log in
replaceafilli don't see anything drastic in error.log17:09
replaceafillexcept the database conflict17:09
replaceafillbut that shouldn't stop the service from starting i guess17:09
th1aThis is from the celery log:17:09
th1aThe paste log is completely blank.17:10
th1aCould this be because we've got other versions of something in the regular 2.8 ppa?17:11
th1aDo I need them both!?17:12
th1aThat's probably it.17:12
th1aok adding.17:12
replaceafilland you don't want to purge peas?17:13
th1aI already did that on the laptop.17:13
replaceafillyou want to find "the issue"?17:13
th1aThat is not on the desktop (what I'm doing now).17:13
th1aIf this fixes it we're done.17:13
replaceafillit's like, you can't use the 2.8.1 test ppa without the standard 2.8 ppa17:14
th1aOK, done.17:15
th1aAll right.17:15
th1aAlso, schooltool starts way faster on this box.  ;-)17:16
replaceafillthat's your big tv like mac in your living room?17:16
th1aThis is my home-brew double monitor pc.17:16
th1aNice to be back on it.17:17
replaceafilli recommend you to set a couple of 12.04/14.04 VMs17:17
th1aI have space now!17:17
replaceafilljust default installation17:17
replaceafilland start cloning those17:17
replaceafillevery time you want to test something17:17
th1aNo more maxed out mini-SSD.17:17
th1aI should jack up the memory too for that reason.17:18
replaceafillok, i'll go get something quick to eat17:18
replaceafilland start with this17:18
th1aOK.  I have to take the girls for some last minute school shopping,17:19
th1abut starting tomorrow I should be unburdened from 9:00 to 3:00, every day!17:19
th1aNo mid-day pickups or babysitting!17:19
th1aYou will have my undivided attention (nearly), replaceafill.17:20
replaceafillgood to know :P17:20
replaceafillwhat's next after 2.8.1?17:20
replaceafillback to ARK?17:21
replaceafilli guess we still don't have any feedback, right?17:21
th1aCleanup, testing.17:22
nedosagood work on the 2.8.1 guys17:22
th1aTake a breath.17:22
replaceafillah ok17:22
th1aThanks nedosa.17:22
th1aTidy up.17:22
replaceafillnedosa, still unstable :)17:22
nedosareplaceafill, i think I may have found a bug with Profile report :(17:22
nedosaI can elaborate after you guys finish your plans/scrum :)17:23
replaceafilli think we're done nedosa17:25
replaceafillgo ahead17:25
nedosaThe Profile report doesn't seem to bode well with non-latin characters17:26
nedosaand if a person has a picture attached, it doesn't appear at all17:26
nedosai think the html that spits out doesn't get converted to rml17:26
replaceafillgive me a sec, checking that code17:28
replaceafillnedosa, hhmm17:31
nedosaif you enter some non-latin language, say russian, bulgairan, greek, etc. in one of the person fields, and then generate the Profile report17:31
replaceafilllike this right?
replaceafilli can see the photo though17:37
nedosayeah, that's weird, I get a html snippet instead of the photo17:38
th1areplaceafill:  I'm taking off.17:49
replaceafillth1a, kk17:49
replaceafilli'm checking nedosa issue17:49
replaceafilli just want to find out what's the problem17:49
replaceafilli think i have17:49
nedosathanks replaceafill17:49
replaceafillnedosa, it's about the paragraph style not being set17:49
nedosai think so, yeah17:50
replaceafillfor text widgets, when we use just @@rml17:50
replaceafilla simple <para>...</para> is set17:50
replaceafillbut text2rml is capable of setting a para_class17:50
nedosayeah, i saw that17:51
replaceafillwe should just tell the paragraph to use a specific style with Ubuntu_Regular set17:51
replaceafillhacking a quick fix... just to make sure...17:51
replaceafillnedosa, thanks for reporting this17:58
replaceafilli'll file a bug17:58
nedosafantastic replaceafill, thanks a lot for the fix18:00
nedosawill it make it to 2.8.1 you think ?18:00
replaceafillnot sure nedosa18:01
replaceafilli'll try :)18:01
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replaceafillth1a, found the issue19:32
replaceafillth1a, since i don't want to mess with ubuntu versions/suffixes, i just created a different ppa to test the fix19:57
replaceafillsorry for the inconvenience19:57
nedosareplaceafill, are there any instructions somewhere on how you build debs ?20:01
* replaceafill has started to fall in love with LP...20:01
replaceafillnedosa, ubuntu packaging guide?20:01
replaceafilllaunchpad packaging docs20:01
nedosasure, but I meant schooltool specific :)20:02
replaceafillno :(20:02
nedosaso it's still a dark art :)20:02
replaceafilli've learned from menesis explanations20:02
replaceafilli hope we can document it at some point20:02
nedosait seems you guys keep a separate repo you use for builds20:03
nedosaand on each minor release you merge to the build repo the commits ?20:03
replaceafillif by build repo you mean PPA, i think yes20:04
* replaceafill is not very skilled at packaging :)20:04
nedosanp :)20:05
replaceafilljust enough to get it done :P20:05
nedosai wonder why the separate ppa though ?20:05
replaceafillto avoid ubuntu packaging strictness i guess20:06
replaceafillor wait time20:06
replaceafilli mean, it gives us a little more flexibility20:06
nedosais that some LP rule, that if there's packaging in a repo, it'll always build debs ?20:08
replaceafillyes, i think you can build debs automatically from recipes20:08
replaceafillyou just specify which branch20:09
replaceafilltrunk debs are generated that way20:09
nedosaI see, in the universe outside canonical, the repo and build services are typically separate beasts :)20:11
nedosano, i mean [github,bitbucket] + [circleci, jenkins, whatever]20:12
replaceafillgot it20:12
replaceafillth1a, packages are ready20:14
replaceafillwill test with the ACC db again20:14
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nedosa@replaceafill think I found a bit more about the image issue on the Profile report22:10
nedosawhen quiz is enabled I think it triggers the issue22:11
nedosathe widget configuration in fee overrides the default configuration me thinks22:11
nedosaIt'd be interesting to see if you can reproduce it also22:12
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replaceafillnedosa, ah, nice finding22:15
replaceafillcould you please file a bug?22:15
nedosawill do22:16
replaceafillthanks, i was able to confirm your i18n issue22:16
replaceafillwith inline templates22:16
nedosagood stuff22:16
replaceafillnot so good :D22:16
nedosaoh ? :)22:17
nedosadifficult fix ?22:17
replaceafillthose issues22:17
replaceafilli think we'll need to evaluate our use of inline22:17
nedosai have a bunch of those fixes sitting somewhere22:17
nedosaall i18n issues based on inline templates :)22:18
nedosai didn't realise the report issue was also caused by inline template22:18
nedosabasically, avoid them would be my suggestion22:18
nedosait means littering the template dir with a lot of small .pt files, but so be it22:19
replaceafillwell, we could use a different approach when i18n is needed22:19
replaceafilllike using translate() on the class directly22:19
nedosaah ok22:19
replaceafillwe do some of that for the dialog title translation22:19
replaceafillfor jquery22:19
nedosamy knowledge of zope 3 is v. basic :)22:20
nedosayeah, i've seen that22:20
replaceafilli don't think is that basic!22:20
replaceafilldo you work on zope 3?22:20
nedosaok, i'll file an issue later on and maybe we can discuss tomorrow22:20
replaceafillah sure22:20
nedosanot really, this is something for a small contract22:21
* th1a is back from many back-to-school errands.22:21
replaceafillhey th1a22:22
replaceafillevolution is still running22:22
replaceafillbut i tested with my small sample selenium IDE22:22
replaceafilland the fix works22:22
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replaceafillthe issue was that we were using schoolyears for boolean decision22:23
replaceafilland schoolyears are containers22:23
replaceafillso, if they're empty (no terms inside)22:23
replaceafillthe thing blew22:23
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th1aAh.  OK.22:34
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th1ahi hotwebmatter.22:45
hotwebmatterhi th1a.22:46
th1aWe should have a bugfix release out tonight.22:47
th1aWhich will require a few changes to the docs.22:48
hotwebmatterAh, cool. It might take me a little while to get back up to speed.22:48
th1aDo you want to get together tomorrow?22:49
hotwebmatterSure! Louis' closes at 3:00 pm, so I'm free after that.22:49
hotwebmatterYou can either meet me there at 3:00, or arrive at 2:30 and have a cheeseburger special first. ;)22:50
th1aI have to pick up the girls at school.22:51
hotwebmatterOr take this to /msg for further planning ...22:51
replaceafillgreat! thanks nedosa23:00
replaceafilli thought you said quiz was the issue?23:01
replaceafillah ok, i see where the problem is23:05
nedosaoh balls, did I say fee in the issue23:06
nedosaapologies, will update23:06
replaceafilllol i updated it too23:07
nedosaso, some rml specific rendering needs to be constructed23:12
replaceafillfor the image issue?23:12
replaceafillnot really, that part of quiz needs to be more specific23:19
replaceafillor the inline/download logic changed for images23:19
nedosaor that, indeed, it's type specific lookup23:19
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