IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-08-20

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replaceafillmenesis, are you around?16:08
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th1ahi replaceafill16:52
th1aCan we catch up this afternoon?16:53
replaceafillhey th1a16:55
replaceafilli was preparing my breakfast ;)16:55
replaceafilli'll be here16:55
replaceafillwhat time?16:55
th1a1:00 your time?17:01
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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:03
th1aHow is it coming?22:05
replaceafillmerging finished22:05
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replaceafilladded an evolution22:05
replaceafillfor making the leave school demographics "not deletable"22:06
replaceafillthat was not necessary in ark because we started from scratch22:06
th1aah, ok.22:06
replaceafilland updated the changes/versions on the other two packages22:07
replaceafillcando and virginia22:07
replaceafillbut yesterday, when i was about to actually start packaging22:07
replaceafilli noticed menesis has some 2.8 branches22:07
replaceafilli was about to follow the same procedure we used for ark22:07
replaceafillbut the schooltool.cando branch menesis has for 2.8 is very different from the 2.622:08
replaceafillthat's why i sent him an email this morning22:08
replaceafillalso, while reviewing some of his commits, i remembered about translations22:09
replaceafillhe usually merges the latest translations before a release22:09
replaceafillso i also asked him about that22:09
replaceafilli'm still waiting on his reply22:10
th1aYes... OK.22:10
replaceafilli feel like a packaging newbie again :(22:10
replaceafillark, no problem22:10
replaceafillbut core,  confused me22:10
replaceafillit's mostly not having a 2.8 source package to start from i guess22:11
th1aOK.  Do you want to work on some other small bugs in the meantime.22:12
replaceafilli was reviewing a couple of issues reported on the gradebook22:12
replaceafilland started playing with the averages22:12
replaceafillfor the activity average feature22:12
replaceafillit's not like i've been sitting waiting :P22:13
replaceafilli think i told you, i wanted some time off these weeks22:13
replaceafillbut i think i'll postpone that22:13
replaceafilli can work on bugs22:14
replaceafillanything i should prioritize?22:14
th1aYou can take some time off.22:14
th1aI guess you could do the activity average so we can just stick it in the release.22:14
replaceafillno ark at all, right?22:15
replaceafillwhile i was merging stuff i started thinking how to improve the active accordion part22:15
replaceafillto use viewlet ids instead of sequential numbers22:16
replaceafillbut i guess i should leave that for later22:16
th1aNo ARK right now.22:16
th1aWe don't know what we'd do for them.22:16
replaceafillgot it22:16
replaceafilli left a couple of loose ends22:17
replaceafilllike attainment fieldsets22:17
replaceafillwhen adding/editing22:17
replaceafillbut never mind22:17
replaceafilli'll focus on the gradebook22:17
replaceafilli think that's all i have th1a22:18
* replaceafill learned about bzr shelve/unshelve, really handy22:19
th1aAh, advanced bzr.  ;-)22:19
th1aI'm going to be visiting my friends in Pittsburgh on Friday.22:20
th1aIf we don't hear from Gediminas today, we should probably just push to next Tuesday.22:20
replaceafilloh ok22:20
th1aWell, Monday.22:20
th1aWe're driving home Sunday.22:21
replaceafilli'll mail you the page tomorrow22:22
replaceafillto Providence22:22
th1aHopefully my brain will be back to normal functioning this week.22:25
th1aI am recovering.22:25
replaceafillyou sick?22:26
th1aFrom when we started packing last Saturday through when we arrived here on Friday was pretty intense.22:26
th1aOK, that's it for me.22:28
replaceafillthanks th1a22:28
th1aThanks replaceafill .22:28
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