IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-08-19

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replaceafillhey th1a16:07
th1aHi replaceafill.16:08
th1aGood morning...16:08
* th1a is a bit sleepy.16:08
replaceafillmorning :)16:08
* replaceafill too ;)16:08
th1aRemind me if we know what this is and if it is fixed:
replaceafillmaybe it's taking a while to evolve the database16:10
replaceafillACC db takes around 1 h 10 minutes to evolve16:11
replaceafillif you ask the service, everything is listed as RUNNING16:11
th1aOK, so for that, the reply is "It seems like everything is working... perhaps it was taking a long time to evolve?"16:12
replaceafilli think so16:13
th1aOK, so where are you in general at this point?16:13
replaceafillok, i checked the ARK fixes/features, as single commits16:14
replaceafilland these are the ones i plan to merge today16:14
replaceafill- Added leave school view and stest for students16:14
replaceafill- Added relationship states to jstree for groups accordion in person view16:14
replaceafill- Fixed row indexing in group importer after relationship change in sample data16:14
replaceafill- Used student-enrollment states in remove temporal relationship table and state dialog16:15
replaceafill- Set None as default for integer columns in importer16:15
replaceafill- student/teacher adapter16:15
replaceafilland my question here16:15
replaceafillyou wanted to move the custom.css change into core, right?16:15
replaceafillthat's in schooltool.peas now16:15
replaceafillare we going to do it in this release?16:16
replaceafillah ok16:16
replaceafilland these are the changes i don't plan to merge, unless you want me to:16:16
replaceafill- Substitute teachers16:16
replaceafill- Teacher attendance states16:16
replaceafill- Set log in/out messages in access log (requires change in debian folder?)16:17
replaceafill- Student level changes16:17
replaceafill- Set active accordion on person view16:17
replaceafill- Made gender required16:17
replaceafill- zrs configuration template16:17
replaceafill- Added viewlet extra parameter to reports links manager16:17
replaceafilli think the student level changes could land16:17
replaceafilli have a sublist:16:18
replaceafill  + Added view for editing student level16:18
replaceafill  + Added accordion to list student level16:18
replaceafill  + Showed level subtitle only for students16:18
replaceafill  + Removed parentheses around grade level subtitle in person view16:18
th1aYes... those would be good.16:18
replaceafillcool, i'll include those16:18
th1aWhat about the active accordion?16:18
replaceafillnothing uses it and i'd like to improve it by using the viewlet id16:19
replaceafillinstead of a number16:19
replaceafillcorrect me if i'm wrong16:19
replaceafillbut the idea is to move these to core16:19
replaceafilland change the ARK branches to use that?16:19
th1aNot immediately.16:20
replaceafillfor october, right?16:20
th1aI'd say by the end of the year.16:20
th1aI mean, at the latest.16:20
replaceafillah ok16:20
th1aWe just don't want to trip ourselves up either rushing it or taking too long.16:21
replaceafillgot it16:21
replaceafillso, most of the commits are easily "extractable"16:21
replaceafilli should be done today16:22
replaceafilland will create a ppa under replaceafill to test16:22
replaceafillthat's it i guess16:23
replaceafilli investigated about sending you the page16:23
replaceafilli'll try to send it this afternoon16:23
replaceafillit should take 3 days to get there16:23
th1aKeep the receipt.16:23
replaceafillah ok16:24
th1aIf it takes three days you could wait until Wed or Thurs and send it to Providence.16:24
replaceafilli was thinking the same16:24
th1aBetter to get it there on Tuesday than some other out of sync thing.16:24
replaceafilli'll wait then16:24
th1aDid you see this: ?16:25
replaceafillhhmm font issue?16:26
th1aSomehow they just don't have the fonts installed?16:27
replaceafilland i think report errors do appear in logs...16:27
replaceafilli thought that font was a core package16:28
* replaceafill checks16:28
replaceafillmaybe it's not in the server version?16:28
th1aAh, could be.  What is it called?16:29
th1aI mean, I would have thought menesis would have kept it in mind.16:29
th1aI'll suggest they just try installing that package?16:29
th1aI just forwarded an email to you.16:32
replaceafilli was recently checking schooltool.rest16:34
replaceafillby accident i found the lazr packages16:34
th1aOh yeah...16:34
replaceafilland somehow i remembered you discussing it at some point16:35
replaceafillthanks for the logs ;)16:35
replaceafilli didn't try it though16:35
replaceafillmaybe that's the way to go16:35
th1aSure... if things are quiet we should have a run at a basic API.16:36
replaceafilladding activities to the gradebook is not difficult16:36
replaceafillthat's what we did with pyquiz16:36
replaceafillbut using xmlrpc16:36
th1aBut getting to the specific question.16:36
th1aAdding an average row to the gradebook.16:37
th1aI guess it is straightforward.16:37
replaceafilli didnt remember that bug :)16:38
th1aI tried to look at it last night while exhausted and it made it confusing...16:38
replaceafillwell, "extra column" should be "extra row" i think16:38
replaceafillin the bug description16:38
replaceafillshould this include the average of the average column?16:39
th1aI guess?  Why not?16:39
replaceafillis that the "class average"?16:39
th1aIt is all class average for the activity.16:39
replaceafillgot it16:39
replaceafillit would be a nice feature16:40
th1aYeah... I'm just trying to think of if we could do it next week and push it to them.16:41
replaceafillyeah probably16:41
replaceafillif we're not doing ark16:41
replaceafilland we release cando tomorrow16:41
th1aWe haven't gotten their reports yet.16:41
th1aOK, so I'll tell them this month.16:42
replaceafillfor the average row, right?16:42
replaceafillnot the API16:42
replaceafillor both?16:42
th1aYes, just the row!16:42
th1aOK.  Cool.16:44
th1aKeep me posted.16:44
th1aAnything else?16:44
replaceafillno, that's it16:44
th1aWe can meet an hour later tomorrow.16:44
th1aOK, I'll reply to these things.16:46
th1aThanks replaceafill .16:46
replaceafillthanks th1a16:46
th1aOh, I didn't see that Gediminas replied to Patrick Dela Cruz already.16:50
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nedosa@replaceafill would it be hard to make a schoolyear report accessible by users in another group ?18:46
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replaceafillnedosa, you'd need to add some python code and zcml18:48
nedosasure, can you point me to a sample if it exists already ?18:50
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nedosait's the request_absences_by_day report that i'm trying to make available to a group18:52
replaceafillthat's how group crowds are defined18:52
replaceafillthen you give it a name:18:53
replaceafilland finally, you set the permission on something for the crowd:18:53
replaceafillnedosa, i hope i'm not forgetting something :)18:54
replaceafilluse carefully ;)18:54
nedosaawesome :) thanks a mil18:54
nedosaI might have a couple of follow-up questions :)18:55
replaceafillhope i can answer them :P18:56
nedosaso, if I wanted to enable the request_absences_by_day.html link to administrators19:12
nedosawould it suffice to add a security:allow directive19:13
nedosashort answer is it doesn't :) but there are probably things that I'm missing19:13
replaceafillimho what you describe is a bug19:15
replaceafillwe do allow access to the failing report19:15
nedosafailing report == absences by day ?19:18
replaceafillnedosa, did you register the new crowd?19:20
nedosaah sorry, i see what you mean, you allow access to the failing reports, therefore you should have allowed access to the absences by day19:20
nedosado I really need to register a new crowd ? I would like to give adminstrators access to the report19:21
replaceafillbut they have access, don't they?19:21
replaceafillwhat version are you using?19:21
nedosaonly managers have access afaics19:21
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nedosa@replaceafill bbl19:57
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replaceafillth1a, we need to review our report accesses20:05
replaceafillwhat nedosa just reported is a bug20:05
replaceafillclerks have access to the "link"20:05
replaceafillbut not the viewlet manager20:06
replaceafilland they even can get to the school year view20:06
th1aOK, those are bugs.20:07
th1aDo you want me to try to find more?20:07
th1aIs there some particular reason for these?20:08
replaceafillyeah, we used to protect everything with schooltool.edit20:08
replaceafilli mean, before roles have any functionality20:09
replaceafillclerks, etc20:09
replaceafillnow, we need security:allow directives for specific thing20:09
th1aAnd the default manager just powers through?20:09
replaceafillbut clerks can't20:10
replaceafilland sometimes administrators20:10
th1areports specifically?20:10
replaceafilli also just tested the one Rena reported20:10
replaceafilland even the teacher can't get the printable worksheet20:10
replaceafilldidn't go deeper though20:10
replaceafillit's just a permission problem with the task __name__20:11
replaceafillwhich i don't understand yet because the interface subclasses IContained20:11
replaceafillan idea20:12
replaceafillnah, it's not that :(20:13
replaceafilli'll need to pdb through it20:13
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replaceafillthat should give admins access to the report20:25
replaceafillfirst part is for schooltool and the second for schooltool.gradebook20:26
replaceafill(this is from a dev sandbox btw)20:26
replaceafillbut i hope it gives you an idea :)20:26
nedosaawesome, will try it out20:27
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th1a_replaceafill:  Do I need to actually generate the reports or just get to the dialog?20:38
replaceafillfor the printable worksheet issue, yes you need to generate it20:39
replaceafillit's at the task level20:39
replaceafillfor issues like the one nedosa reported, you just don't see the options enabled20:39
replaceafilli mean, visible links20:39
replaceafillclerks can't access the school year view for example20:40
replaceafillbecause the link above People in /manage20:40
replaceafillis protected20:40
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch20:47
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nedosathat's really cool, it worked21:09
nedosawill you put it on the next release or you want me to send a patch/issue pull request/whatever lp uses :)21:10
th1aWe'll put it in the bug fix release we're making this week.21:10
th1aThanks for the report nedosa.21:11
nedosanp, thanks for the pointers and the patch actually21:12
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th1ahi replaceafill21:53
replaceafillhey th1a21:53
th1aI found one thing.21:53
replaceafillnoticed you began finding issues21:53
th1aAs usual it is kind of tricky because you don't know of the lack of data is influencing things.21:54
th1aBut aside from the things you mentioned (no years for clerks and admins), and the bug I reported, I didn't see any other issues.21:55
th1aI don't think there are a LOT of these.21:55
replaceafilli remember filing a similar bug some time ago21:55
replaceafilllet me check21:55
replaceafillnot sure if it's still an issue21:56
replaceafill kind of similar21:57
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